First sexual experiences thread - it's been a while edition...

First sexual experiences thread - it's been a while edition. Share your sexy stories of anything including but not limited to:

>your first time
>experiments with friends when you were young, sleepovers etc
>wincest (if it was your first time)
>that weird uncle or neighbor down the street who deflowered you
>flings at summer camp, scouts etc
>online hookups or straight up hookers
>etc etc, anything goes,straight or gay, and usually more taboo = more better

Greentext it or write actual paragraphs, however you want. Whatever it was for you, when did you first start having sex, user?

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haha :(

that bitch needs to change her hairstyle. See how wide the part is? in a year it will be worse, it will look like a reverse mohawk

I was 13. Told her about all the sex I'd already had (had a shitty moustache that made me look older, so believable).
We had a service tunnel under a road that we had boarded up on both sides and dragged a bed frame into. Everyone would smoke and drink there.
We got super stoned, dragged a door on top of the bed frame, and started going at it. Told her I was actually a virgin before we got started. Best 2 minutes of my teenage life.
Started fucking there pretty consistently. Started calling it the tunnel of fuck lmao.
That door was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever laid on, but man did I make some memories.

to be fair I think the pic is about 10 years old so yeah her hair style is dated as fuck.

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That's so trashy I fucking love it. How old was she?

She was a few months younger than I was. Chubby goth, which was my thing back then.

>be me
>have twin sister
>rape her

She started my stockings/heels fetish
God bless her

Hnnng for big tiddie goth girls! BRB imma go play Bella Lugosi's Dead on loudspeakers to attract some goth girls.

She looks fucking horrible today

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from the other thread: one of the guys my mom was seeing did me while he was meant to be watching me overnight. Guy btw.

I was raped when I was in third grade by my moms friends son and didnt know what was going on. He literally called everything a game.

Total 'tard. Why would you even type this out?

I hope that's just a really unflattering picture

Google jennipixl. Decide for yourself

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>be 17
>hang around with my lil bros(15) friends
>he hangs around mine
>no one cares
>one of my bros friends is a retarded spanish kid
>homose-has a cute 14 yo sis
>straight up fat
>take her out a couple times
>know another friend was fucking her
>dont care
>fuck the shit out of her in my truck as a date
>didnt even take her like previous dates
>gets wierd
>wants me dick her 24/7
>refuses me to dick her
>acts hard to get
>im depressed user
>N O P E
>dump her fat ass for a chick with bigger tits
I saw her kick a dog once too and to make it worse my wife is the big tit chick and says she is depressed. Sometimes I wish I just fucked dudes...

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Studied abroad junior year of college and had turned 20, figured I probably had no hope at that point. Met up with a group of people from my college in Spain for spring break. Managed to somehow luck into fucking the best looking girl on the trip (5'3, former gymnast, C-Cups with a great ass all in all 9.5 out of 10). Then she made out with one of my other friends right in front of me the next night we went out and fucked him. All in all 6.5 out of 10 probably would do it again

Yeah it's kinda stupid to be disappointed when a chick who puts out so easy turns out to be a slut. Just enjoy the lay and be happy for the next guy.

>work at mcd, live in shitty apartment
>18yo girl from my old street works there too
>start hanging out
>start drinking together
>start making out
>start fucking
>she's a lesbian now

thread dead already? where'd all my writefags go?

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I was a 17 year old high school student, didn't want to turn 18 while still being a virgin, my cousin asked if i wanted to go to go in the brothels with him, i said sure and we made plans for next Sunday, i wake up and prepare to meet him in the middle of the city since he lived in the other side, on my way there the city looked like a ghost town, i realise that the date is 17 of November, a day that each year anarchists conduct attacks all over the country, all the streets were deserted except from the police patrols that were all over the place armed with submachine guns, i was stopped and searched 3 times overall, at least when i reached my cousin and we went to the brothels there were not any other customers there, once there i lost my virginity to a girl from Romania

Pic related

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Where are you from?

Yep, was a bit upset the next day mostly because my friend was being kind of an asshole about it, but now after I've had a few more it doesn't really bother me

What happened, are u okay?

I was 12, sister was almost 11, irish twins as it were. I'd just had "the talk." Explain it to my sister. Mom made it sound like sex is awesome (she's not wrong) and ask my sister if she wanted to try. Had no fucking idea what I was doing. So we went to her room and kissed. We got naked and I was instantly hard. Rubbed my dick on her pussy while touching her all over. She started getting wet. She freaked out a little, but before she could stop me I slid my cock into her, I could tell the feeling was confusing to her. And I just started fucking her. Of course I didn't last too long and busted inside her.

We fucked until she was 14.

I am from Greece, it wasn't always that bad, our new government elected this summer promised to combat antifa by militarizing the police

Pic related

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I have a special place in my heart for those leggings.

do you are have stupid?

Any restrictions to fucking her? Condom use etc?

Did you know you could get her pregnant and just didnt care? How did she react to you spilling your cum inside her?

this faggot again

>Rode my bike over to the girls house with some booze
>Made out by her fireplace and started making out
>Moved into her bedroom, got naked, I ate her out
>She wanted me to fuck her but I couldn’t get hard
>Ate her out a bit more and then she was done
>Cuddled for a bit and she said she was gonna end up with a girl (she is “bisexual”

Haven’t even kissed a girl since.

Young and stupid. Sister went on birth control soon after, mom's insistance to get her into the habit at a young age. So I didn't have to worry.

The very first time, she had no idea what to expect, obviously. I still remember the look on her face when she realized something was leaking out of her. I pulled out and looked at my cum dripping out of her and eased her fears, telling her it was normal. I got lucky. I never did anything but creampie her while we were fucking.

>social circles where I live have some weird as hell crossovers between each other
>routinely hung out with people anywhere from my age to 18 just loosely either in the same area like the park or the local forest or at someone's house
>hanging out with my close circle of friends at my buddies place because his parents were gone for the next 2 weeks
>invited a few other people who invited a few more
>just 3 of us and about 9 other people ranging from 13-17 just kind of sitting around in various levels of his house with nothing to do
>for some reason end up with the older kids and my 2 buddies are off somewhere
>2 really high chicks I barely remember probably 16-17 and 1 14 year old redhead who was blooming early
>its the goth girl circle
>older chicks start teasing me in the messing around kind of way not the sexual kind of way
>generally know how to hang out with older guys in a sort of little brother big brother sort of way but my interaction with girls up to this point was tomboys my age more or less so I didn't quite get that it was just fucking around
>obviously uncomfortable sitting on the couch between them
>redhead tells them to lay off me a bit and scoots me onto her lap
>shortest kid around till age 12 when I grew like a weed so the entire time my head was resting between her tits while she had her arms drooped over my shoulders in a sort of hug
>don't even think it was sexual she just seemed like she wanted to be protective of me
>was probably the first time I ever blushed from physical interaction
>don't remember what triggered it even just that one moment we were on the couch while I tried to stop my face from lighting itself on fire the next she was leading me towards the bedroom one room over
>awkwardly undresses both of us followed by what felt like an eternity of just weird groping and grinding because neither of us really knew what to do and I honestly had no idea what any of this way just that I liked it

Soon after? She knew you guys were fucking somehow? Also at 11 and 12 birth control?

Sister got her period about 6 months after we first fucked. That's when mom put her on the pill. Sister was almost 12. We grew up in a pretty sex-positive home, mom was very vigilant about stuff. I just never bothered with protection with my sister.

>Gf and I were 13 watching Friday After Next in a movie theater.
>Gf and I wound up talking about sex for some reason wondering what is like.
>I jokingly say "want to try?"
>Oh shit.
>Long story short she gets on the floor of the theater (it was dead empty in here at 1pm on a weekday in NYC surprisingly)
>Proceed to insert it. We get nervous and I stop. There was resistance from her hymen I would imagine.
>We go back home talking about it and want to give it another try.
>She gets on top of me wet pussy and all and I just slide right in. She lets out a little gasp a moan.
>First time I ever experience that so I'm about to cum immediately.
>Start fucking alot after that. The 4th time after we were fucking like jackhammers and she started to orgasm. Like a loud yelling moan.
>Dont want to impregnate her.
>But the urge and lust is too strong and shes turning me on too much. So I fill her pussy up.

Felt amazing but she had a few pregnancy scares after that.

lol bullshit didnt bother with condoms. You just wanted to cum deep inside her cause it felt really good. Before and after the fact you dont want to impregnate her but probably in the moment you were so horny you probably couldnt resist the urge to risk it.

Also accurate, tbh she started liking me cumming in her too. She told me a few years ago that I turned her into a bit of a cum slut.

>nothing much really occured beyond her guiding me on things to do while I got really awkward handies after she figured out riding someone's leg only works well for chicks
>proceed to awkward blowjob
>a bit soft because I did cum earlier
>found out early during the awkward makeout session that she has braces and my tongue could get stuck in them
>turns out so can your dick and foreskin
>actually kept her cool for most of it because she untangled everything but the wire riding my pisshole calmly and carefully
>I'm panicking because not only does it hurt it's not coming out and anytime she tries to tug it out I'm one short step from screaming
>she starts having a panic attack because now we have to go to the hospital and everyone will find out etc
>high chicks the room over heard her and came in
>like fucking surgeons they handle everything and get us unstuck
>small bit off the tip of my dick is hanging like a flap just the merest slip of skin
>proceed to cry like a baby while one of them basically smothers my face in her lap so nobody hears it
>they all coach me on telling nobody about this
>somehow this segues into a casual sex buddy relationship with the redhead from then till I turn 20 and she gets arrested for moving something like 80lbs of coke or some shit
>even when I had girlfriends I'd hit her up at least 3 times a week
>find out later on i was basically her first everything and she was my first everything more or less so we just ended up becoming each others training wheels for a decade
>to this day piss like a shotgun rather than a stream because of the resulting scar from that blowjob

Its just primal urges. Even at that age, or especially with raging hormones the both of you were probably in the back of your minds fucking to risk impregnating her.

What would she do when you came in her would she go to the bathroom or lay there rubbing it in?

We didn't think much about cleanup at that point. Usually we would just cuddle a bit and let it leak onto her bed. She'd just put her panties back on. I loved the idea of her walking around with her panties wet with my cum. One time early on she came over and hugged me and said "I still feel you" and I realized it was my cum. That night I waited until my parents went to bed and snuck into her room and fucked her again.

I haven't seen her posted here in a long fucking time. Then again I'm not on too often. Thanks for the nostalgia!

They offer different services at different prices, not all of them do the same, i payed the basic price of 30€, which includes blowjob and sex in all positions, condom use is mandatory except for blowjobs, you have the right to ask to see the police license of the establishment and the girl which has to be renewed every 15 days(they need to do exams to renew them)

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Was 15, fucked my 14 year old co-worker in a storeroom on company time. (Can start working at 14 here). She went on to fuck our 35 year old boss a few months later. Never saw her again.

Did you enjoy watching her tits grow?

not first experience but pp in vagina virginity loss story
>be me
>20 years old
>meet qt muslim girl online
>she's 16, almost 17.
>summer is coming up, shes really into me, im really into her. she's hot. a virgin, wants to lose it
>im also virgin obviously, first time stories.
>she wants me to bring her camping inna mountains for a few days in summer
>meet up, she's stunning, cute, petite. tiny actually.
>we spend the day together travelling and hiking, she's super into me
>evening comes, tent is up, perfect ass sunset.
>she starts making out with me
>we go into tent
>starts rubbing against me, teasing the fuck out of me, rubbing it through underwear
>after a while she takes it out, tastes it, gives me oral for like an hour, keeping me at the edge
>she climbs on top, rubs her wet pussy against it, just teasing again, she's soaked. keeps playing with me, won't put it in
>says she's afraid its gonna hurt
>we move around and i tell her to lay face down ass up so i can be nice and careful putting it in,
>hard to get it in so have to use fuckloads of lube and finger for a while even though she's so wet
>eventually slide it in, super tight, seems to be going smoothly now its in
>slide it in and out nice and slowly making sure it doesn't hurt her,
>bit of blood, not loads but quite a bit
>she says its a little sore but keep going,
>stay slow for a while, she tells me it feels really nice now, moaning n shit.
>speed up
>fuck really hard and fast, cum in like 2min

Odos filis, athens

Glad to see people with the same experiences

You bet! She never ended up with big tits, but they were nice and perky. She ended up loving having them sucked too. The other fun thing for me was that I was the first person to give her an orgasm.

did you like it?

so what you got your ass pummeled by some other kid. quit being a fag about it

>she's now been my gf for a year and a bit, just turned 18
pic related

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How did her first orgasm go?

That picture is so 2006 it hurts

Great body. More?

Honestly, neither one of us knew what to expect. I basically rubbed her clit, she started shaking and used my other hand to finger her while rubbing her clit and it was all over. I felt her tighten up in a way I hadn't experienced before and then there was the release. Once we got her off, she looked at me and was like "More!" Stuff like that is what made the experimentation so much fun. Learning about each other's bodies together.

When I was 17 I was a kissless virgin. The most I had done with a girl was slow dance at a school event. I started going to the porn store in town and jerking off in video booths. Some of them had glory holes. I got sucked off there once. My first sexual activity was a blowjob at a glory holes

sure user

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How dare women age!
She's fine for a chick in her 30s. Married, nerd, looks like a fun chick.

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>best friend mad at me
>both drunk af
>starts trying to physically dom me
>I laugh, have enough roll her over and >fondle/suck her tits
>remove her pants and eat her out
>she asks me to put my dick in
>we fuck

I didn't cum, but I lasted like an hour and a half thrusting. She loved it and came plenty of times.


Do you ever talk about it now or have a one last fling later on?

Like this:

how did you get a teen muslim girl to go camping without parental supervision?

She is gorgeous. Here have a shot of my wife's boob

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what do you wanna see

she's a naughty lil girl user. muslim dads create daddy issues

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I want to see her dark nipples

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Any pussy shots?

the fucking pipe meme is so damn real
Women will slut out to spite oveprotective/strict fathers
Also they'll do it naturally if their father is more permissive
And if they never got any attention whatsoever from daddy, they also seek sexual validation

>t. more female than male friends all my life
>t. fucked some

Any pics of you sucking on her nips?

Where is the wildest place you've fucked?

I just want to say damn this photo brings me back. I haven't seen this photo in years and I didn't know there was more than one.

That's wholesome, she's like an anime brown girl.

its older than 10 years, its at least 2005.

We have talked about it in our adult years. There's a fondness on both of our parts. We're both married with kids now. (in our late 20s) I doubt anything would ever happen again.

>it's been a while edition


no pics but she loves it, suck on em all the time

wildest place? we've fucked on a bunch of different mountains, a pod hotel, several bathrooms, next room over from her parents, a blowjob in a church
idk what id rank as craziest
she is. bit of a weeb too and we have a lot of anime style lingerie

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Yeah, gonna say. That mousepad I had in 2003 and the wireless mouse was very recent since his is stashed to the right. It's windows xp and of course early WoW. The CD drive I bought myself in 2005 and the digital screen on the PC tower was a big '04 meme.

What happened that you guys stopped? It sounds like you two were having a great time.
Did you guys have trouble being naked around each other after you stopped?

Lots of fun. Got more tits?

Your job now user is to try and not be jackasses, have a healthy relationship, get her a very very small discrete queen of hearts tattoo and give her a baby.

She liked a guy at school and they started seeing each other. I just bowed out at that point because I was in the same position. It was just a nice time to grow out of that phase.

Do either of your spouses know about your past?

>Literally playing WoW classic
>See this picture

WoW was big 15 years ago. It's just having its comeback. Like this girl.

No, we've only ever talked about it together.

I bet you still fap to the memory

>be me
>meet a gril
>go on dates
>have sex
>feel special
>find out she's been around
>the very essence of the term attention whore
>don't feel special

sounds like your a sissy

Sweet baby titty fucking Jesus Christ in a chicken basket, I'm old.

red eyes gives it away too, early 2000's camera tech.

All. The. Time.

One of the last times we fucked, it was particularly memorable, not for any one reason. But we'd really hit our stride sexually. We came home from school and went right to it. It might still be the most passionate lovemaking I think I've ever done. After we finished I remember just looking down at her, and the love in her eyes while I was still in her. I dunno, it was so hot. I've never had that since.

Funny story about whore in OP photo.

There was this ugly slut that would come over and suck me off while I looked at photos online. One time after I finished she looked at the monitor and asked how I knew her (referring to OP photo girl). It was the ugly sluts cousin. She refused to come back over and the OP girl ruined free semi regular head from a ugly retarded chick.

When i was a little girl my daddy diddled me. It started when I was like 2yo, i don't know a time before i was sucking his dick on the regular. I thought it was a normal thing all daddies did with their daughters. It was hreat being so loved by my daddy, every young girl should experience her father's love

shittiest fake & gay ever
tits or gtfo

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Yeah, that some times throws you off as a lot of cameras since the ye olden days had that problem. The minor power bank on the bottom left also tells us the year, this I would say is either 05-06, but I'm leaning on 04 or early 05.

Why is this so wholesome and delicious? I mean ya she was your sis but the way you describe that is like the kind of love I wanna feel for a girl. Tell me more about filling her pussy with hot cum while staring lovingly into each other's eyes!

>join the swim team freshman year of high school, would look good for college apps my mom said
>we don't have a pool on campus so we have practices/meet's at a private club
>i get dropped off early for practice because of mom's schedule, but can't swim early because it's adult swim hour
>spend a lot of time hanging out in the locker room/showers by myself waiting for practice to start
>shower's are communal but there's a handicapped shower that's got a curtain around it, a bench in it, a shower wand
>being horny, bored, and 13, and stupid I jerk off in the handicapped shower
>get caught by an older guy in his 50's
>he corners me in the stall, and jerks me off I bust my nut all over my chest in like twenty seconds
>he pushes his dick into my face and tells me its my turn
>I tell him im not gay, he moves it closer, i tell him to just let me leave, he moves it closer, i tell him it's too big he pushes it against my lips, tells me to open my mouth
>I dont know why, i still don't know why but I obeyed, i didn't scream, i didn't fight, i didn't threaten to bite him, i opened my mouth and he slid inside
>he puts his hand on the back of my head and starts bobbing it up and down on his cock, soon i'm sucking more and more of him in my mouth and I realize he took his hand off my head, I've just instinctively been doing this
>I'm feeling sick to my stomach my eyes are welling with tears at the thought of sucking a dick, being a fag, even if the overall experience isn't bad, his precum tastes oddly good, and feeling him throb and hearing him moan in my mouth gives me some weird sense of satisfaction
>his moans start to pick up, and he is thrusting into my mouth a little more
>I realize what's about to happen and try to pull my head back but he holds my head firmly as he erupts in my mouth and makes me swallow it
>as he leaves he points out my renewed erection and tells me for someone who isn't gay I sure enjoyed sucking dick
>never saw him again, part of me wishes i did

It's weird, right? Very taboo, not the thing we should pursue. For us it just kinda happened because I was a hormonal near-teen. She played along because we were close and it ended up being something very special. We learned a lot together and we're still incredibly close. Like I said, we're both in our own situations and very happy. Last christmas she kissed me right on the lips and pulled me close. We said nothing, but there's little moments of "remember the good times?" I like it that way.

>Be me, horny and tired of being a virgin
>Finally Download Tinder
> Match with some cute college thot
>Head over to her dorm, we decide to get some beer
>She puts on some netflix movie, and in my head I go (wow the fucking Netflix and chill memes are real)
>I notice she barely even drank any of the beer and im already like 4 beers in, (she bought the beer lmao)
>Offers me some bowl hits, so I go sure whynot?
>After that we start watching the movie
>Sex scene
>OhShit.jpg guess now's a good time as any
> Start making out, realize I'm crossfaded at this point
>Start taking off each others clothes, have trouble taking off her bra so she does it herself
>spread her legs, was about to eat her out first but she says "You dont have to user"
>I Kinda wanted to but I just shrug it off and think uhh alright I guess
>Hands me a condom, I pretend to know what im doing since ive never done this before. And dumbass crossfaded me takes a minute to get it on, but feels like an eternity
>That hold up and interaction kinda got me overthinking
>Try and stick it in but its hard to do, idk if she was just tight or im just tard
>We switch positions, she gets on top of me. Finally get it in.
>Go soft within 30 seconds, straight up dont know why just happened. She's pretty understanding though
> "are you a virgin user?", I lie and say no. Don't even know why I lied either, Pretty sure saying yea woulda been fine since she was really chill about everything
>She starts asking me about my past sexual experiences and i make up something about only having 1 past gf. It just seemed like she was trying to figure out why I couldn't get hard for her
> "do you wanna spend the night user?"
> Yea that'd be nice
>End up fingering her, felt like I could only get two fingers in and anything more felt like it woulda been too much
>We spoon and fall asleep, wake up the next morning and I dont really wanna try to smash again. She seemed like she wanted to though.
Why me bros, why like this



First was with older sister when I was 8. She let it slip to my next oldest sister who wants to try it too. Was better than the years of rape I would get from my brother when I turned 11.

Thanks for all this.

The master has failed more than the apprentice has tried.

Stories time!

damn such a great comment

>17 in hs
>wanna smash before i turn 18
>see this chick take the same bus as me that i dated for a month back when I was a freshman but dumped her cause i just wanted to hang with the bros lol, we didnt talk at all after that.
>shes got an insanely phat ass and ran everyday so shes fit.
>know she has a bf but fuck it that ass was so fiiiine i take my chances.
>so i start chatting her up often and getting a lil flirty, sit next to her on bus rides we end up taking together, n realize shes into me.
>she bumps into me at a concert i somehow got free tix to, which turned out to be her favorite band.
>this was 2007 so it was some shitty screamo garbage, i just went to mosh tbh.
>after that day she starts having problems with her bf, fuck yea!, they break up pretty soon after that.
>I swoop in and invite her over
>she knows im a virgin
>takes forever to put condom on
>we fuck for a while and it was pretty fucking good, shes insanely wet the whole time, and grabbing the phattest ass ive had in my entire life bouncing all up n down felt amazing.
>start to loose my erection after a while.
>get worried as to why i didnt cum.
>think somethings wrong with me.
>shes like its cool youll cum next time.
>we date for the next 2ish years.
>fuck almost every single day
>i leave her after i see my friends filipino roommate in her pjs... have a thing for fine lil asian chicks so you know i had to fuck the shit outta that.
>end up hooking up with the first chick a couple times after we broke it off.
>last time was about 2 years ago
>shes been married for like 5-6 years and has a 5 yr old.
>she got kinda fat so her ass was so much bigger, but not going to lie, fucking her while knowing she was married and her husband not having a clue was kinda hot.
>i should hit her up
>good little slut she is.

>be me, 15 virgin yrs old
>freshman in high school and meet an older 17 yr old chick
>she is horny 24/7 always wants to suck my dick/ make me eat her box
>uses me for sex till she graduates
>lose contact and end up together years later
>25 now she’s 27 and have a cuck relationship now

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13, with GF the same age.
We were backpacking with a large group of friends and set up camp near a waterfall so we got the genius idea to try having sex thinking the sound would be drowned out. It was weird how she knew exactly what to do, then i found out much later she was an epic slut.
It took a good 5 years before i stopped feeling dirty and was confident enough that i didn't have any germs before i got into another sexual relationship.
Next GF turned out to have severe mental issues but the sex was amazing and disgusting at the same time because she could only get off if i brutalized her by pulling her hair really hard and slapping her. It was really awkward afterwards when she wanted to snuggle and talk about our future relationship goals when all i wanted was for her to leave because i'd busted my nut and my head was starting to clear. After 2 years on and off i finally moved without even telling her and i've been single for almost 18 years.
I don't regret any of it in hindsight but you couldn't pay me all the money in the world to do any of it again.

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>early 2000s
>Be 15
>had spiky blue hair and a studded vest, thought I was the coolest shit at the time
>Go to buddy's place
>Drinking, smoking pot
>He invites a girl over from his school(different than mine)
>She shows up about an hour later
>Brought a friend
>She's pretty much your standard teenage stoner slut...Blonde hair in thin faux-dreads and braids, amber eyes, thin face, some piercings(three in left ear, one in right, one in centre of lip, one in left nostril, one in right eyebrow, and as I'd later find out, one in her tongue), flirty personality, big perky tits
>Her friend though, cute art chick, short, had dark brown hair in a bettie paige cut, thick rimmed glasses, blue eyes, bit of a rounder face, shy personality,
>hanging out, shooting the shit, talking about video games and music
>drinking heavily and smoking up constantly
>flirting with the girls jokingly, not expecting to get any puss puss
>eventually strip poker happens
>everyone's doing pretty well
>at one point I'm down to my boxers, stoner slut is down to her bra and panties, art chick is down to her skirt and bra, buddy has long since passed out, win a hand, stoner slut takes off her bra, art chick takes off her bra to reveal a pair of absolutely perfect, but slightly small breasts with very hard nipples
>my dick is harder than german spring steel
>lose the next hand because two pairs of really nice tits in front of me
>stand up, boxers off
>stoner slut comments on my size(pretty damn big) and licks her lips, art chick giggles and hides her eyes behind her hand
>embarrassed as fuck and feeling really self conscious, sit down again
>stoner slut makes cock sucking motions and laughs at how uncomfortable it makes me
>flirting, joking, etc
>eventually art chick actually takes a good long look at my dick and whispers something to stoner slut
>double blowjob happens
>living the dream.jpg
>apparently art chick had never sucked a dick before
>fucked them both over the next few hours
>creampied them

Oldest sister was 13 at the time and was supposed to watch me while family is away. Wants to play truth or dare. I always chose dare. She dares me to show ween, I do so. I dare her to show me hers, she does. Next she dare me to lick it, not knowing what is going on I do and immediately stop because it did not taste good. She snaps that I have to keep licking until she says stop. I lick until she is shuddering and screams stop. I am all fucked up at this point because I now have the first boner I remember. I don't remember next dare because it is some bullshit like so a flip. She dares me to hump one of her stuffed animals next (has to walk me through it). I go about this until she is satisfied, I am not because am uncut so just rubbed sensitive tip on coarse stuffed bear. She goes truth like a bitch and tells me some shit about the boy who tought her all of this. Next she dares me to hump her like the bear, I do so without know really and just slap my pelvis against her. She stops me and tells me I have to go in and guids me to her lips and tells me to push. I figure it out quick when my dick turns into a lightning rod. I go until I have my first orgasm and stop, sister demands it keep going. I am giving it my all and she is close when my mom who we had not heard return opens the door and finds me hilt deep in my sister in the middle of her orgasm. It was a lot of counciling and therapy after that.


Relate to this a lot


how was the therapy? I see alot of people here glorify incest, I am genuinely curious what happens after something like this goes wrong. I imagine real life isnt like some bullshit anime

>older sister has a little yappy piece of shit dog
>sister also has a smokin 9/10 body
>set up spy cam in her room
>check the results a few days later
>she's been letting her stupid dog lick her pussy
>get home from school before her because she has a job in afternoons
>take dog to my room
>peanut butter

My dick has been touched by the same tongue as her pussy

L8er virgins.

I think the therapy did mountains more damage than the incident. Had they left it alone instead of giving me a crash course in sexual relations and made all kinds of assumptions about how I saw my sister as my wife in association to my parents and loads more shit I might of just wrote it off as childhood experiments. They actually convinced me and my sister that we were in love in an unhealthy way but in love none the less. She grow out of it in a few years, I am still in love with her.

When I was 15, my friend and I took advantage of a barely conscious girl at a party. I was technically dating her but we were all drunk. My friend took her pussy and I put it in her mouth. She sobered up quickly and made us stop. acted like it never happened afterwards and never talked about it. My first blowjob was me being cucked and it is fucking disgusting to think about.