Be honest, what do you guys have against loli content and loli posters...

Be honest, what do you guys have against loli content and loli posters? How can you possibly hate and not fap to pic related unless you are homosexual?

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Because we are homosexual.

>How can you possibly hate
I don't hate loli porn or loli posters.
>not fap to
It doesn't get my dick hard.

AKA faggots.

gays and christfags. Real men like loli

why would someone hate lolis

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I don't think anyone has anything against loli content and posters

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Thats not a loli faggot, thats a Lalafell

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girl in the supermarket really made me happy. she kept asking me questions

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my girls are horrible on privacy. they hear the shower running? they jump in

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you are worse than furries

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not true, i dont want to fuck animals.

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I wanna fuck both.
FUCK bronies though, they suck ass

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shit just got real

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no it didnt.

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captcha getting hard

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its still a cool thing to say

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captcha is easy

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mah nigga. almost everything 2d and female i'd stick my dick in.

yeah, kind of.

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why post the censored version

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a lot of the people who post in these threads drop stuff that's waaaay too young for me, or realistic 3d shit
a lot of them are trolls trying to derail, but still

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i'm just thankful that my daughter exists. whatever comes next is just gravy

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I'd be thankful as well if i had a daughter.

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i'm super spoiled cuz i have 2. but the second one had some bad medical stuff going on

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My sister and i were molested and raped as kids so aboose and loli shit isn't in my interests. So i got that going for me..which isn't nice.

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Got nothing against artists who want to depict underage porn without actually exploiting any children, nor the people who consume such material with no intention of ever behaving even remotely in any sexual manner with children. Keep these healthy outlets to their private circles, and keep the kids safe, then I'm happy.

But if anyone ever crosses that line, they should be publicly executed. Personally, I'd like to see something like a Chris Hansen, but costumed vigilante that sometimes crosses the line while interrogating and murdering known offending pedophiles. That would be very entertaining.

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Lucky man. I'll try my best to get a daughter.

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if your cock throbs for lolis, come join! gg/8tZmNtC

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Mama! Mama, I was looking for you.

Now you're the only one left. Maybe then.... Maybe then I can rest.

Mama, why are you running away?

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I really think that people on ALL sexual spectrum's struggle, or can't empathize or accept the legitimacy of other attractions.
Eg: Gay's not accepting that people can be truly straight, the opposite end not accepting someone can just think about dick.
To people that are aroused by loli, it seems instinctual and it doesn't compute when people say they find it wrong, as it doesn't correspond with the modern form of the social contract.

I personally see loli as a positive outlet for hebephiles who I would argue aren't paraphilic, but are inline with natural attraction. Pedophilia is a little different, but if this outlet saves a young girl or boy from a predator than why not?

I suspect in the near future, if either advanced VR or sex-service roo loli's are allowed, that we will have a further decrease in child abuse.

the secret is to cum outside her pussy and let them swim in

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too long, posted another loli

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You should try Reddit. They'll appreciate your sense of humor more, and I think there's even a subreddit for commiserating with other kiddie molestation victims.

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bad captchas

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because the murder of innocence is so much more heinous than the murder of a body stupid faggot

That's some bad advice lolilover. Visiting would leave me feeling more unclean than the childhood trauma.

how is it traced or something

nigga got hurt

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I was referencing the response, not the picture

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Has anyone made any content of the honey badger Loki yet?

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Because there is something inherently unsettling about jacking off to a ten year old.


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I'd rather be raped than murdered, but I'm sorry you were born retarded.

No there isnt

there is something inherently unsettling about NOT jacking off to a ten year old.

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captcha-free post

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Too Long : Drew Loli
The best TL:DR

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Very nice...
Brown > Nigger

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I seek to entertain

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brain washed

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she loves it every time?

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Different strokes for different folks.

Why do some images not appear in the archives?

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No!! I'm sorry...I've been bad... Please don't...

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as long as its not actual rape and molesting which IS bad.

>honey badger

wow you are a fucking degenerate.

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Looks like a goddamned skunk to me.

Why are women so attractive at age 7?

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They are just perfect. 6 - 9 years old girls are literally perfection.

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Little girls pussies are perfection.

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I wish I had a 6 year old gf

Me too user, me too.

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did count draw today?

Because that's a fat midget, not a loli

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i was introduced to loli at like 10 years old so ive always liked it

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is that genderswapped marco diaz?

because cloudflare changed the rules and there are no active archive developers

That just makes my dick harder

dam u got me

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lolis are flat and boring

ya but they get tall and hot sometimes

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Flat is justice

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Where to find best cgi Loli videos?

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Everyone loves lolis, some of us just don't find the "loli" part attractive. Like I sure think some of these are fine, but the fact they're so young is what puts me off, specifically. I can't count the times I met a real life loli and thought "damn, I can't wait for this little girl to grow up".

self hating pedo in denial huh

holy shit those hips

There's no such thing as a real life loli.
Lolis are cartoons.
Do not fuck children.

My degeneracy drives me to fap to all sorts of things, but there's always that feeling that something's not right when I look at lolis or other shit like traps and furrys. I can't deny my disgust, same way I can't deny my lust.
You the word police?

tell that to the fat white tourists who go to thailand every year.

Children are sexy
I wish it was legal to fuck children

>How can you possibly hate and not fap to pic related
she doesn't look young enough.

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Wickr knk2, I wanna talk about my loli fantasies

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Why are they naked?

please explain? :)

why not?

It’s a sign of child grooming.

It's fine, the guy doesn't even have a boner

w lmaoojoyhahadg chat

1. it's a school student health checkup
2. it's a fucking drawing
3. you're an actual faggot

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masturbating to anything is for faggots, fuck your hand or you're a nigger
lust is a deadly sin but if you're to be afflicted do it in a manly way goddamn

You’re a faggot lmao

Vagina Inspection Day

nothing, i love little girls and the fbi they go great together

>lust is a deadly sin
it's only deadly for the millions of tadpoles who are being constantly evicted from my balls.

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Huh.....human pictures.... I like it

So you wish it was legal to traumatize children? They don't have the mental capacity to comprehend neither the consequences nor the implications of having sex; i.e. they can't consent. Just buy a child sized love doll and never go near a real one ever again. Also, get therapy.

I love you corona-chan

Finger washing

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The tongue is better.....

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SJW here. You do know what you're doing causes indirect harm to children right?
Your filthy days are numbered. Democrat feminists will cooperate with the UN to finally ban your disgusting fetish globally.
You right wingers are fucking disgusting.

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OK boomer

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Prove to us that we are indirectly harming them. And tell me how indirect sex trafficking is ok as well

i want to finger a child

stfu fbi

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Thats WHY I like loli though. Youre just a pussy

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that's just a potato?

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I fucking hate that program, nothing ever looks good in it

>be me
>been raped
>actually better than dying 10/10

Is it because you enjoyed the rape? You did...

Humans ARE animals

*tips fedora*

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keep jerking off to cartoon children you see on the internets, see where that gets ya

because we're not pedos.


So far no where great. Been having to this stuff for 15 years.... Nothing but pleasure

im a dog so i can selfinsert there

For dogs

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moar gifs

also, where do you all find your vids/pics?

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*smacks your retarded ass over the head with a 12lb biology textbook*

What if i'm just into the body-type and not the drawings age?

Is the author of a murder mystery novel a killer?

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