Fb ig 2

fb ig 2

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Who wants more of Lexi the plump whore?

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moar of both


left is my sis, verybrutal wwyd?

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Left or right

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lexi the plump whore is gonna get so much fucking cum from me

More of this whore?

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Please tell me someone has more of her. user a few days ago said name was Sierra

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sisters, which one would you rather

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love her

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damn. am also interested

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left for sure

Good! Shes begging for it so bad

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me too


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Facefuck her roughly
Cum on her face / tits
Lick it all up and spit it on her face

holy fuck those chocolate tits are so fucking perfect and juicy

Damn I wanna give her a good pounding

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I want her twerking those fat ass cheeks up and down on my cock so bad

her ass is a jiggly fuck pillow


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so tight

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Give me moooore

mmm fuck wrecking her by force

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more dakota pls

don’t blame you she’s fucking built for it

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She’d beg for you to cum in her and make her a mommy

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more of this cutie!

Fuck yeah bro

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friend from class got her pictures BLACKED..

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She’s got my dick hard asf.

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only if she lets me cum over and over and over with her fuckmeat ass

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super sexy! Love the stomach

choose slave to own

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theyre built for tittyfucking

delicious! continue!

Oh yes, love her fat ass

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Moar heels



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She’ll make a great sex slave. Ready to breed whenever you want

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you got a kik or want an unsee?

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Need more!

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i'd fuck her from behind. spanking her perfect ass, and pulling hard on her hair

Fuck yeah. Kik is mikebandicoot

very nice! continue

what do you think of her?

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Left in clubbing outfit

any prom

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was posting her in last thread

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Make get nips pierced and the fuck her hard

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i want a lap dance from her so bad

yes kik

I agree. I would oil them up and her to work.

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mmm i like'em young

mm what kind of outfit is that

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fuuuck yesss

i want her face permanently in the ground with that fat slutty ass up and twerking on my cock

I'm so close

whats her sluttiest pic to cum to?

She deserve some good, hard, rough pounding.



mmmm cum all over her face

Slutty night

what’s your user

Cousin got her pics BLACKED..

Wonder what she would think if she saw what BBC's were doing to her picture

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A lap dance from Lexi would easily end up with her full of cum

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mmm that ass looks so fucking slutty too
fuck her tits while she twerks it for you

any tight dresses or clubbing outfits?

Make Lexi a mommy with your cum

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mm god yes rape her

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some guy is taking pics from these threads and uploading them to his twitter page then advertising it here and deleting his posts when he gets caught

dumb faggot scares off OPs from posting girls and could get his page deleted for stealing pics

twitter is vscobabes

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mm almost naked slut

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She needs a face fucking

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Ass shots? Thong?

bodysuits are so sexy. and look at those tits!

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Go onInnocent girls trying to be sexy

gladly shove my dick down her throat

fuck, i'd love to fingerblast her on the dance floor then cum all over that black dress


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Moar feet/heels remember?

fuuuuck pease tell me there's more of that ass in a bikini I want her booty to make me cum so bad


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Pick one

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She's the kind that likes to be tied up and choked

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looks promising

Goddamn, she is fine af

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ohhhh I'd be more than happy to do so

I’d cum all over her ass if she twerked on me

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She’s begging for cock

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great body!

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nice, more

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yyesss glue her slutty cheeks together with cum

omfg so tight

made to grind and give lap dances

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dick is out

She’s obviously a hooker

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ass looks amazing

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i'm strokign for dakota


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hnnnnggg omg

Big giant whore

I need this ass grinding on my cock


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what a great slut

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Attached: CBF8491F-23F5-4E48-B524-8325F7AE7D0B.jpg (749x1354, 692K)


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so hot

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fuuuuuck more!!!!


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3. Would absolutely destroy that slam pig

Where is she from

right pls

she looks like she has potential

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have her grind on me in that dress while i feel her up

pull out my belt knife, cut open that dress from the back and fuck her senseless

im not giving her loc but if you mean like her heritage she's latina and white.

Attached: 16.jpg (1536x2023, 475K)

I love her belly

I've known her since 8th grade. She's into older men and sugar daddies now

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you can follow the thread up

Ayy Anons

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those lips tell me she's great at giving head

I wish I was her suger daddy


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facefuck queen

you just know she was on her knees sucking later that night

goddamn dakota is a goddess

Save her pics

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god i'd love to bite into her ass

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Same here, her ass has gotten really good over the years

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i am

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so fucking tight. i love fit chicks

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Oh that’s a great ass

Attached: FB_IMG_1582937995947.jpg (1080x1440, 76K)

omfg yesssss

Can one of you tribute her cute face

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I definitely agree

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keep posting her fucking amazing body and i might

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great ass

You enjoying her user

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hell ya



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Good to hear

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holyyy fuuck

Get your dick as hard as her hard body

Attached: FB_IMG_1582930829421.jpg (960x960, 99K)

fuuck ya

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Attached: 66_n.jpg (937x1171, 128K)

damn straight!! been strokign for a bit now

Attached: 4.jpg (1080x1350, 192K)

Attached: 9655C69C-2017-4030-9ECF-9E5213A64B2C.jpg (647x880, 98K)

Attached: 36486109_453651361769898_4428776147408388096_n.jpg (1080x1349, 1.49M)

I did earlier, blew a big load

Attached: FB_IMG_1582930823149.jpg (768x960, 74K)

Dump ?

fuck nice

Attached: 178_n.jpg (1080x1080, 179K)

im gonna soon



Thread image Limit damn