Full exposure thread

Full exposure thread

Ask what you want to know about her - will answer everything

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Just more pics

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Why is she fucking a dude 2with a big fat gut?

How did you get all those?

Got any with her taking dick / asshole?

She fucked so many guys ...

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Only one of anal

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More nudes op lol

You have to have dildo in the pussy too?

Tell us more.. get more pics of her taking dick.

you need to grow up and stop reposting this several times a day. also you're ruining the life of yourself and your own family by doing this. karma will hit you back. I promise you!

Who was she putting the dildi

so what she's enjoying life. cute girl and pitty she wasted time on a neckbeard mouthbreather like you

Ask what you want to know

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Pic of pussy well spread?

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She fucks guys in order to work as model?

Pic of her rimming a young

Yes pretty sure she does

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How many pussies has she licked?

Most degrading stuff she did?

No idea ...

I think getting fucked by a fat guy for a job is very degrading

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Any pic of her and the fat pig?

Her city?

Halle Saale

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[email protected]

So she knows Harvey Weinstein, too.

why did she dump you and what about that makes you sad?

>so many
Not very specific.

She's too short to get work as a model any other way.