You're in charge of creating a sex-themed prison system for arrested college girls to replace the normal prison

You're in charge of creating a sex-themed prison system for arrested college girls to replace the normal prison.

What kinds of features will it have, and will innocent girls ever accidentally end up in there?

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>Step 1: Install their lower bodies in public middle school boys bathrooms
>Step 2: Surgically readjust their bodies so they shit and piss back out of their mouths instead, as well as a nutrient paste feeding tube going down their throat
>Step 3: Inject them with experimental libido enhancing "nymphomania" drugs
>Step 4: Add public device on the wall (with $5 fee) to allow people in the bathroom to choose what plays through vr headsets and headphones the women are wearing
>Step 5: ???
>Step 6: Profit

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They will do nothing but eat the shit of men

>innocent girls
No such thing

I should specify, the $5 fee is for 2 minutes of video/audio. There will also be a monitor & headphones mounted above each woman to show what is playing/to play along.

are any girls falsely accused and sent there?
why middle school boys bathrooms?

how would this work?

I tip 1000 dollars for isis beheadings

>are any girls falsely accused and sent there?
no, it's only legitimate criminals.
>why middle school boys bathrooms?
1. High libidos, and a guaranteed # of people visiting most days
2. Immature and unfinished empathy means most will be very disrespectful/rough with the women, and play awful things through the womens headsets. However I've realized they may not have much money to pay the fee, so that might need to be cut from the plan.
3. Woman-boy is hot

how do girls react when they're told they'll be installed inside the walls of middle school boy bathrooms?

what normally happens to girls who are installed?

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i'd prefer if they were turned into smegma cleaners

>strip them
>torture them
>gangbang them
>thorough enema (to keep the next step clean)
>hang them
It's all recorded and on public record.
Winds up happening to innocent girls a lot. There's barely a court case, just needs to be an accusation, unless there is really hard evidence that she didn't do it. Judge looks at the report, has a 5 min talk with the accused, and signs the death warrant.

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>how do girls react when they're told they'll be installed inside the walls of middle school boy bathrooms?
They won't be told beforehand. They'll just be installed while anesthetized and wake up confused(and horny)
>what normally happens to girls who are installed?
well considering the experimental-ness of both the digestion rerouting operation and libido drugs, most will likely die before the next school day even begins and just be taken back out. The survivors will awaken and have a relatively comfortable time, until they first realize they now piss and shit out their mouths. Their heads are locked into place and directly below them there's toilet piping for their waste. Their headphones will be soundproofed to block any sounds from outside and they of course can't see into the bathroom either. They'll initially enjoy the sex, and most women will soon realize they're being fucked by boys; For most this will be demeaning, but some amazing. They'll be in a position they can comfortably sleep in. The video requests may start mild as the boys do have some empathy, but it'll qiuckly degrade into thinks like said, isis beheadings, scat/vomit/gore etc. and slowly degrade the womens minds until they're hyper depraved everything-philiacs.

Onto something

Do they have to die though? Why not just sent to a permanent degradation facility?

Nah we just sell them to the slavers. Everybody wins (except, you know, the merchandise).

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what kind of permanent degradation facility?

would they struggle? how would the boys use them?

Listen, liberal, maybe in your socialist utopia you can keep the girls fed and happy for the rest of their lives. We have a lot of cases to get through and not so much time. Also they look pretty with red faces and feet kicking.

what kind of slavers?

Make them all eat bowls of sawdust with my piss in them

what about blood clots from being in one position, surely you'll let them excercise?

like this?

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>would they struggle?
Initially they all would, if just to test the strength of their bindings. After discovering they're effectively buried in inescapable solid concrete they'd all stop struggling and just try to make the best of it.
>how would the boys use them?
The school system would likely try to paint it as a 'teaching tool' for boys, giving complementary condoms and lubricant, stools for shorter boys who couldn't reach. The women would be sterilized at that point, and any with stds would have instead been sent to a different facility. Practically none of the boys would actually use the condoms. They boys would do vaginal sex, anal sex(lubricated and dry), hotdogging, some might quickly swap between different women to compare, they'd spank, spit, bite, punch, cut; however every few hours a school faculty member would check in on the health of the women and any boys that did too much harm would be (mildly) punished. Some boys might buy massive strap-on dildos to fuck the women with. Generally anything you could think of, they'd do.

Who said anything about ‘happy’ and ‘fed’ ? it’s a degradation facility meaning the bare minimum to keep them alive and conscious

are the girls set up just like in ?
maybe there could be feet holes for the boys who have foot fetishes

Exactly. They would receive many lashes for every cock they refuse. Every once and a while a random poor girl would be selected to make an example out of in order to keep fear instilled in the herd

where should we install them?

You're right, it would be better if their full lower body, from below the waist and down was exposed instead. This way thigh, calf & foot access would also be possible.

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Up to you, I don’t think it matters really, any public restroom would be a start

i was imagining something more like this except maybe without the hands. this way they cant move their feet away

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what about a grimy gas station washroom in some rural run-down town?

i'd impregnate all of them, make them house-wifes and call it christianity

Even better, truck stop gas stations are standard

Specialized merchants. An agent comes and appraises the girls. Examines every inch of her body, does several measurements, medical physical, some lashes to see pain reactions, vibrator to see her cum, and a background check to get a sense of her talents and experiences.
He then names his price, and after some negotiation the money is wired to us and the girls are shipped over.
There they are branded and "broken." A combination of discipline, reward, conditioning, and sexual training makes them suitable. To be honest, the results aren't consistent. Some girls take to it like a horse to water, and end up eager and thoroughly submissive. Some end up more angry and resistant than before. A lot just end up tired, humiliated, and accepting of their fate.
They are then prepped for sale. Prices depend on a lot of factors. Attractiveness, health, virginity, sexual skill, compliance, age, etc.
Also specialized training is common. Depends on the girl or what's in vogue at the moment (it always seems to come in waves). Ponygirls, pain slaves, lez subs, muscle girls, gimps, belly dancers, LG's are all different examples of specializations that take extra training and will raise the price of the girl, especially if its in high demand.
They are shipped around to places of varying pedigrees. Anything ranging from high pedigree auction houses to flea markets.
As for the girls, after sale, life depends greatly on who buys them. Some can expect a pretty nice life, as the concubine of some rich and powerful guy, or a high end call girl for example. Some will have a really horrible existence, like a living doll or human toilet. Everything in between too.

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how do you think she would react? lots of struggling?

listen man write a letter to your county legislator if you want the law changed
girls are cutest on that stool

what kind of fate would a girl who gets turned into a living doll have?

Arms and legs amputated, made blind and deaf, vocal cords cut, teeth removed and very soft rubber put in to keep mouth shape. An o-ring surgically attached to one of the limbs so you can hang her as decoration or chain her to something.

what about a girl who is turned into a human toilet?

That description is already happening in the thread. I'm not into that so I don't inquire.

How about these two?

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i can imagine a living doll being purchased by a rich man for his geeky teenage son to use as a fuck pillow at night

This is complete ancap right here

Oh yeah. It's also a great addition to a mancave.

would there be any girls bought by fat virgin neckbeards?

Oh of course. Believe me, incels don't exist in this world. Especially if he has the money, they can be sent to training facilities and be trained to act exactly like a chosen anime character.
Or he can go full human doll. Or anything else, she's his once the deed is signed.

what about a magic collar that forces a girl to physically obey the owner's commands?


bumping cause interested in thread, anyone have more pics?

Would love to see this. Middle School boys issued a powerful shock collar. If they can get it on a girl, she is legally his slave. Disobedience gets them shocked, but middle School boys are assholes. Of course, college girls and 20s professional women are most saught after. Since the program is for fertility reason, BC and condoms are outlawed. What sort of girls would dread becoming a middle school boys Fleshlight?

It is rigidly disciplined. Any infractions rack up a number of points. At the end of each month the warden gives out punishments fitting the number of points.

Only a few points has a girl mandated to wear latex or perform strip shows for members of the public.

For a moderate amount of points she's whored out, forced into bdsm films, forced to take oversized dildos in her holes etc

Larger amounts of points will end with her locked in a cell with a number of violent convicted rapists, forced to service young boys, tied up to be mounted and fucked by horses, forced into cosmetic surgery, etc.

Huge numbers of points lead to them being sold into sex slavery or snuffed

Lower the age of admission to college, make it easier and free to go to college, more prison sentences for the smallest of crimes, no checks on prison staff.

Lowered to what?