Professional rapist here, ask me anything I guess

Professional rapist here, ask me anything I guess

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Why can't you get pussy

What's your type?

How is this a profession? Do you get paid to rape by “victims” or are you a burglar/ mugger who doubles as a rapist

Came here to post exactly this

People pay me money to rape someone and I rape them. I’m basically a hitman specializing in rape instead of murder. A lot of my business is people who want to intimidate someone, so they pay me to rape that person’s wife or daughter. Also a lot of guys wanting revenge on their exes. I get other random reasons occasionally too.


Also, how many pineapples do you think you will be able to take when Satan call's your number?

I'll take Things that never happened for 800, Alex.

Sounds like fun, how do you prep for your hits? I must learn the secrets of your trade

How does one become a "professional" rapist?

How long did you work the amateur rape circuit before turning pro?

I spend a lot of time observing the target first, making a plan to get her when she's most exposed at the least risk to me. I typically do only 5-8 jobs a year, each one involves weeks or months of prep.

How is it possible to be so virgin and insecure that you have to imagine this shit?

I did a job for someone I knew and realized I could turn it into a business. Already had the contacts to get clients in touch with me from dealing various other shit.

There is a roster.

OVAR 9000!!!!!!

OP here, you start by getting a BA in rape science. Then 4 years as an apprentice rapist, then 4 as a journeyman rapist.
It’s all in the rape guild handbook.

let's see pics

Have you ever raped Asian girls? Chinese or Japanese? When they’re being raped do they smell funky? You ever smell ass while raping a woman?

not sure you can openly talk about the guild, Brother.

So basically, join a frat and work your way up to become president of the frat?

Do you take viagra before you do it. Just to make sure you can "do your job"

OP here, no my dick is too small, even for Asian pussies.

Better question is, do they cry in pain while you rape them?

Youngest you’ve raped

Can you teach me?

What kind of girls you get paid to rape?
Any limits to what kind of girls you would refuse to attack?

First, you will clean windows.

I'll play along.

What percentage, fight back, scream or just give up and take it?

>Have you ever raped Asian girls? Chinese or Japanese? When they’re being raped do they smell funky?
Not any different from other girls. You get lots of different smells.
>You ever smell ass while raping a woman?
Yes. I try to time it so I'm not taking her when she has to shit, but I've had plenty of targets lose control of their bladders, etc.
>Do you take viagra before you do it. Just to make sure you can "do your job"
>Better question is, do they cry in pain while you rape them?
That's my job, yes.
>Youngest you’ve raped

OP here, I failed to mention that all the people i've actually raped before have all been guys

And they didn’t seem to mind very much

Question: Role play aside, do you think you'll ever actually lose your virginity?

Hope you get a 9mil to the testies.

I watched you on the pro-am circuit. Wild stuff man. That time you took on 5 chicks at once. That one girl managed to break away and hide in a dumpster, but you went in right after her and raped her with a two day old cabbage. That's when I knew you were ready for the pro league. I saw Robert Kraft cum to that video, slap Epstein on the back and go look for his agent to sign you.

13 is your current age too.

When I was first starting out I took pretty much every job that came in, young or old, pretty or ugly. Now I have enough potential clients to take only the jobs I want, and a younger attractive target goes to the top of the list. I won't do very young girls, famous people or their families, there's too much risk involved if the case becomes too high-profile.

That's fuckin hawt. Got videos?

Do you also rape dudes?

They pretty much all scream. Most fight a bit at first until I hurt them a bit, although I've had a few who were either so terrified they just submitted or kept fighting despite everything.

oh shit! was him!!!! A legend! Even if we can see, at the end, that he was empty.

No. Never been that desperate for business, though I might if I really needed the money.

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OP here, I am the biggest faggot ever. So yes.

Is it true that wiminz, while getting raped, orgasm harder than when having casual seckz?

When you’re done do the women try and hit you or do they just cry? Do you ever keep their panties as souvenirs? Ever make them suck your cock?

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Are you in with the mob or some shit? This job sounds like it will take would make you a lot of enemies

Also how much do you make per hit?

Give us a number, rapey boy. How many "jobs" did you do.

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famous?? What kinds of people are giving you these jobs?

Ever had one you overdid because you liked her body? or one you liked enough to take a reminder from?

do any of them enjoy it like my anime waifus?

OP here, don't now. Never fucked no one.

Yea this a manga called....rape man. Your little speech is almost word for word his opening speech in episode one. Larp harder millennial, the 80s weren’t long enough ago to be forgotten yet.

Why don't you just become a full on hitman at this point

Would you fight me? I think you're a fucking scumbag. And I wanna fight.

What's the youngest you have been asked to rape?
Any example of a famous you have been asked to rape too?

i got a job for you op

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As someone interested in all aspects of psychology I find this interesting even if you are full of shit.
> What was your first job?
> Do you take them somewhere? Ever go do it in their houses?
> Have you ever been made and had to abandon the jobs?
> Do you ever visit the "girls who need to be raped" etc threads?
> Do clients get you to record it?

OP here, because I am 13 years old and just full of shit.

It's not real, newfag, and nobody is scared of a 16 year old whiteknight posturing.


This is roleplay of the Manga "Rape man".

Youre fucking disgusting and the scum of the earth

Here comes OP

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24. 210 lbs. Got a problem?

Stop crying

more than this, he is a man with internet and too much free time.

Dammit I found this interesting, now OP has given up the LARP.

Fom the guy interested in psychology;
> What made you want to make this thread? Were you hoping for validation or outrage?

Im only an amateur.


could I literally hire you to grope my mom while I watch in secret?. being serious, here.

the town rapist here...dont believe this nigga

There are always these faggots

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people pay you enough that you only have to work 5-8 days a year? who do you do when you're not working, your wife?

The day you die should be celebrated as a holiday

how do you make money by raping?

do you make enough to have to pay child support if one of your victims ever finds you?

Op, do you wear a condom or bareback them?

>worrying about child support instead of being thrown in the slammer and being ass raped

Big brain

How badly did you daddy beat you or how early did he leave

why do you ruin the very act of love? how do you not want to kill yourself? what makes you human?

I know of a slut who spent a lot of cash to have a rape hit on herself because she was a degenerate who wanted the thrill, and also for the bonus oppression points in her social circle
was it you? NY '15 in the Spring I believe

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Are there applications for a job like this?

I tried to rape a bitch once, but when I started pulling her jeans off she helped me get them off and spread open for me.

fucking sperglord
it was a joke

As a "professional" rapist, do you have to be "state certified"? If so, how much qualifying education does one have to have? Do you have to pass an exam? Take continuing education to keep your certification?

How come every day there are rekt threads filled with murder vids but no rape vids?

OP here. I exclusively rape dudes.

Good question

source on the pic, m8

Well not many people know this but you have to be able to take a rape before you can give one. The reason being some have "feelings" and stop when begged and that's just a bad rape by a bad rapist. Some refuse to fuck kids or the elderly, both of which are potential mark's. When you can take a few dozen traumatic rapes, you're ready to try to try it out on others. It ain't easy

You are stupid

Do you deserve to die?

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No but you do. Hypertension, diabetes and a slew of cardiac related issues. Someone so rotund should not larp at being tough. You're not tough, you're fat and I'd push you down with my keyboard

Have you ever filmed your jobs?

Kek i started this meme

whats your sign?

You ever worry professional criminals might see you as a disposable asset? Though op is a lying faggot