ITT: Faces you want to cum on

ITT: Faces you want to cum on

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rate her face /10

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its a toss up between tits and face tbh

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nice, needs thick ropes

rate / wwyd?

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GF's sis

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>this pose for any other reason but cum

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7/10, but 9/10 with this expression

the devil speaks
anyone saving?

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she's such a teasing little slut. I just wanna tie her down and use her before unloading on her face for all of the years of anguish she's put me through. she's much more conventionally attractive now, but I want to cum all over her jewy HS braceface

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do you think she's ever taken cum on her face?

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I want to corona all over her virus

no sorry that ain't her

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neeeds to do BBC facial

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What does she look like now?


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these are pretty cummable

I am, gimme everything


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I am she sort of looks like my gf. She’s hot

ever repost?

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With a face like that she definitely has

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First time I see her. Korean? She's gorgeous

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lol I think she glowed up ok. I just prefer her in the past when she had braces and perky little titties. lefty here

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Korean, correct
Feel free to repost

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Is she your gf? I want to slam that little ass.

Holy shit dude where did you find her?

Holy damn more

no, firend
who else is saving her?

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There's 2 of us at least now I think

I'd rape her and chain her in my basement.

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She’s your friend and sent you that? Can I be her friend too? Seriously she’s great

wtf... she's mad disgusting...

honestly looks like a boy with long hair.


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Don't leave us hanging bro, you got more?

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a wizard never reveals his secrets..
that's hot, any degrading comments welcome

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I would love to bind her to a wooden chair and shoot rope after rope of cum onto her face as she sobs, helpless to do anything. Wbu?

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Holy fuck more

these, tbh

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She looks like she'd be able to take it though

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want more?

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she can't even take seeing a picture of a cock though lmao

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She's your friend but you've never destroyed her or even fucked her silly until she can't remember her name?

she talks a big game but she's an uptight prude from affluent suburbia at heart

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Agreed would look great wearing it

Keep going, her face with long hair looks great

no, but I'd gladly buy the ticket to that show


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more of this cutie.


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Holy fuck I'm sure she turns into a real slut when she gets in the mood.
Her friend looks great too, I'd love to see both on each side of my dick begging to suck it

fuck more

How do I access that?

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Katharine would go right for it. Megan you'd probably have to tie up and rape lol

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Damn i'd love to be part of the show

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Which one is which?

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Megan is the one I've been posting solo

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"Requested page not found" bro

.io / r / ...

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yeah, umm... more??

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Seeing her crazy eyes makes me wanna choke her with my dick

I want Katrine

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Hot bimbo

Oh ya! Gag slut!

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wait till you see her now

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Would you

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Holy Fucking shit holy Fucking shit she wants a lot of cock Fucking whore

I love slutty bimbos

More bro

Attempting to add. Got a FB pic of Megan's

you in there?


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Cute newsgirl who's public and awful at deleting pervy comments. Always a good time

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You’d never guess her dayjob

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then chat

There's no files

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Teacher or something? She looks like she's suck well

garbage man

Like a vacuum, I drop my pants and she collects evidence

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No answers bro
Volafile org

She does this often? Got more pics without the uniform?

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not org, (dot) io

Try her Halloween costume, she has no problem showing off her assets to the public

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ok, you make a room and like it


Helen Cruz
University of California Campus Police

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It automatically redirects to org though even when I type in io in the browser
volafile org


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dont refresh the page

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** Helen Schulz

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We ran a train on her last semester but she didn’t keep fucking us so the secret is out

spoiler alert: ive done it

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Didn't refresh it though
Are you still on the original one? Or on this one? I see 4 people in but no chat

You got more of her though?
How did you get her to fuck several dudes on the row?

are you on mobile?

She’s so used to being a dom in her daily life that she became submissive in bed

My friend had a thing with her, brought her to a party one night and we took turns. Everyone was kind of drunk but she consented at the beginning so fair game. Hell one time we fucked her from behind with her uniform pants just below her butt. It was cash.

It stayed secret for a while bc she’d lose her job if the office knew she was out here sleeping with people on campus

I can use either mobile or pc

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Great body, she works out a lot

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more of her body?

Where would you start?

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How can she see crime with her eyes closed?

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bending over and spanking that ass, grip it to see how firm it is

It’s bigger than it looks, wide hipped asianShe was deathly afraid of getting pregnant so we’d do her up the butt, sometimes we’d take off the condom without telling her

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any wins?

Oh I'd definitely make her work out


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Never got her pregnant but it wasn’t for a lack of trying

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Why try though? Was she your girlfriend at some point? Or just as a game? She really has a nice body damn

We were just horny dude, she is only like 3 years older than us. I was 19 at the time and didn’t really consider potential consequences

I see, well that's a shame that she's not available anymore

If we knew she was on patrol and there was a party we’d make enough noise so the office would send her, from there we’d have our usual fun to keep her secret. We’d take her upstairs, she’d pull her uniform pants down and we’d do backshots. Nobody ever heard us over the music. We used to cum in her butt knowing she’d have to pull her pants back up and go back to work right after. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in years.

Holy fuck you gotta tell me where that is. Next time I go to the US I'll definitely visit!

One of our friends tried to get her to fuck a dog once but she wouldn’t do it, admittedly we were stoned out of our minds

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University of California, this is her department

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She had her pants down just below her butt, on all fours on the bed, by this time she’d taken two of us already so she was pretty wet

Dude fucking picked up his dog and put him behind her

The flight tickets aren't even that expensive... Well I gotta think about when

more nudes or creepshots?

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She didn’t fuck the dog though, it sniffed her ass and licked her

She fucking squealed and turned red in the face when she realized what my buddy just did

what campus was she at? Im in the bay area and need to find this slut

I’ll let you do some detective work, when you find Helen just say “bark bark” and watch how her face will turn red, if you’re not ugly you can probably negotiate from there. Enjoy user

Helen Schulz

University of California
Korean American

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Used to give her back shots to the song “Knuck if You Buck”

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found some of her social media. is she a size queen?

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