Greta must be open for business by now surely

Greta must be open for business by now surely

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>She's 17
>Swedish age of consent is 15
If there's grass on the field, homie.

nope, and if you even think of it you're a child molester

But she’s above the age of consent in most of the developed world, don’t your type claim to be progressive

Why would you want to stick your dick in Soros's used goods

i find that the mentally disabled are excellent in bed

Obligatory at this point

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legal in my country so fuck you nigger

You still stick food in your mouth, doncha?

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I don’t actually believe this is her, but whatever let’s roll, imagine if she actually thought it was a good idea to send lewds to whatever cuck boy she is interested in with all this attention on her

Can confirm. My first gf had aspergers and the sex was surprisingly good. Her aspergers made it a little awkward at first cause it was like she could understand that we could both be doing stuff at the same time. She wanted to take turns. If I was on top she would just lay there like a corpse while I went to town on her and when she was ready to take her turn on top she wanted me to lay motionless while she rode me like crazy.

*couldn't understand

AOC is 16 where I live, but 18 is as low as I'll go outside of my imagination

greta is love

Thats actually kinda hot

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She can always fall back on the progressive "my body, my right" or "stop slut shaming" or some such

...welp, I could have done without that

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I heard that one of the guys manning the sailboat she rides took some creepshots of her

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quelle débile

No doubt

No u

When the media starts to move to the next new thing and interest flags her handlers will make her do a sex tape.

For the future of mankind

All of you are child molesters

What child? There are no children here.

She is of legal age in the majority of developed countries

She's opened a shop? Where is it?

What proof do you have? Exactly. None. Sage the thread, and move on if nothing here interests you. I'm not into anyone under 21 myself, but I'm not going to lose my self if someone else is.

Between her of age thighs

Wait not even 18 year olds?

He's probably over 30

Derp Derp Derp.

Every time I see a picture of her, thats the first thing in my mind.

I mean even classical Greece had 18 as the age of consent and adulthood for girls

I don't think her picture has anything to do with that

All yall got triggered because its true. My cousin went thru sex offender treatment program and the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So just own up to it you chomos.

So what are you basing this off of considering even “progressive” European nations consider 16+ girls adults

Get a load of this faggot

Better safe than sorry. I'm not friends with anyone who isn't old enough to drink in the states. I don't look at children for any reason anymore. Not worth the trouble/paperwork.

There's a difference between prudence and paranoia.


I heard she likes it up the bum

Yes. Even so, in the US' current social climate, it doesn't hurt to be extra careful.

imagine spreading her cheeks open and eating her ass for breakfast

She has to have a nice shapely ass right?

I don't know but if there's any benefit to vegans it's they taste they best. Vegan girl ass tastes like whatever fruits they eat. Not bitter like girls who eat a lot of meat and dairy.

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