Waifu 4 laifu

Waifu 4 laifu

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*picks up phone*

Devil May Cry?

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I recommend you borrow.

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My new waifu, courtesy of a cool drawfag

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Could someone explain to me what a waifu is?

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Oh hey, I saw that thread. Small world.

"I don't have a wife, so I'll make an anime girl my wife."

Mabel is real in my heart

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The female counterpart to husbando which is what that sexy hunk you posted could be considered

I love this adorable gamer
Hello Atolfo. Holy shit that is pretty dangerous...
Do you think you can take care with that?
And where are you from?
for Dante
Well there are "demons" they are pretty savage, I think

Waifu is someone you like from your chineesee cartoons
No this is Patrick!!
for Mordred(?)
N-no u...

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Guess I'm here!

almost got some sick quads.

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I knew it all along.. you like dicks.

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A waifu reminds you of the happier times in your life... Someone who chooses you, you don't choose them :)

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I know man, so close. Let's see who got those sweet digits

yummy foot flesh

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maybe that was a mistake.

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>she was posting cutes

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Time will tell, hope things will stay under control and doesn't cause a panic.

Pretty sure I'll be fine, more worried about others.

I'm from California.

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Damn that is a cute fuhrer
Prett much this but with my adorable gamer
Yes you are!
How are you doing Yukari-chan?
N-no I do not!!

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do it yourself coward

you too

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This soreness is tolerable

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tell the truth or I shall smite you

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>Damn that is a cute fuhrer
She's even cute than you realize. Her naughty bits are swastika shaped. I'd post but not sure if I should in this thread. Lurked them for awhile (this is first I've actually posted in) and don't really see much lewd stuff

Yeah. Those digits were not blessed

yeah I'll enjoy my water

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At least you got dubs, eh?
But at what cost...?

Other than having to see that shit, how's life, nerd?

I'm alright, taking a small break from Sound Voltex.
How's about you?

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i wonder what akari poster this is

Hi nanami!
Yeah, do you also like Zelda?

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i wonder what tomo poster this is


Life is great, thanks for asking user.

I'm in rehab, and I get to post my waifu Mabel on Cred Forums

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What is Ui going to do to Yui?
I really hope it turns well, here there were suspects of corona but it was a fake happening, but then I heard that is some region some person has it...
Either way, what would you do if someone near where you live has it?
I kneel to Kaguya-sama
Did something happen?
I-I am telling the truth, I-I swear!
>Her naughty bits are swastika shaped.
Well take your time if you want to pst more kawaii fuhrer
Do you think she would won the war?
Nice dubs
Sound Voltex?
I am just drinking soda and waiting for the spoilers of the next chapter of Kaguya
Hi Relm!!
>that pic
Beautiful, simply beautiful

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Mine isnt. Thinking on skipping family dinner.

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akari poster is bets poster

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Thanks! The art style is little bit simplistic, the next time I will try something more accurate.
How are you today?

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u damned liar.. I saw u look at astolfo's ass

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Great to hear, dude. At least the part of you saying "life is great".
What else you doin', other being on here?

Poop rhythm game, as I always play!
Well, it's Unnamed_SoundVoltex_Clone, but still. Same game.

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Yeye! Never beat any of the main games, though...

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damn, how's your kung flu

what's good ultimate gamer claimer

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She's going to make Yui sooooooo happy :)

Hey Rory, how are you holding up?

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lole not misato

why is there a fire in that pick?

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I would do the sensible thing, have them get me sick so I don't have to work.

Seriously though, not sure what I would do if someone near by me had it, avoid going outside for as long as possible maybe?

Nice hoodie.

My favorite picture.

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Tough but manageable calisthenics

At least you're almost free

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almost gone but still have to take stuff

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Trying new medication, therapy, running, working on my diet and sleep. Socialising with the other people in here.

You are welcome!! I really appreciate the effort to put Earth-chan and Yui-chan there, there are really kind after all.
>the next time I will try something more accurate.
Well then I will look forward to it!
I am doing really good!
It is not that hot here so that is a relieve
Listening to OP right now and waiting for spoilers
Nice dubs
W-well it is not my fault that Astolfo has a nice-
W-wait what am I saying?!
Is that you moot?
I am doing great! Some people are dancing now in front of my house for some reason
That is cute
How are you doing?
Well the world was as terrified with ebola, AHN1 and many more virsuses before so we can only wait
Yeah, I would do that too, maybe I would order delivery to eat, even though it would be really difficult to make someone go near the place of someone with corona
Thanks, that is one of her looks after all!
Nice suit
Ah I know how that feels, are you getting fit?

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>Well take your time if you want to pst more kawaii fuhrer
Well I only have three images and 2 are lewd
Maybe I should try requesting non lewds in drawthreads
Should I post her naughty bits though?
>Do you think she would won the war?
She would have won the hearts and minds of all who witnessed her.

Okay, I think I get it now

That’s not a girl.
Look at the jaw structure.

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Back from my bike ride. Thank Kami-sama for hot chocolate

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biggest smug I have too

hope you'll survive

is there a party nearby?
ehh, i'm tipsy. so probably great too

with marshmallows?

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Listening to OP

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Man, sounds like you're doing far better for yourself than I am for me. Very nice, man!

Wb, floof. ding ding!

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Is this one of them waifu things you guys are talking about?

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Lolno. Still have work for 3 days after today.

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Yep, now welcome to the point of no return.
At least get comfortable in hell, eh?

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I noticed that I have gotten significantly smaller, so yeah

I meant from your poo bag

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that is the gayst of the US
but i am cool with it
no homo

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I'm doing very well, but work is exhausting tonight D:

how are you doing?

Don't grouplink me

i read that as butt ride...


I see :(
um... how are you doing medically?

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Still a whole month off from that

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A month until Im bag free


To be fair I did choose a honey badger so not like I give a dam

I already did

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so what is everyone's plans for the holiday tomorrow?

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was fun pinky, I'll get to bed. u lil fag

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That's really good to hear. I hope you feel better soon after... Any plans for when you're bag free?

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You think or you know?
Kami-sama is pleased. Bike rides are good
Nah, there are are some guys practising their dance for some festival on their schools or something, they can be annoying sometimes
Glad to hear that! Btw did you read the last chapter of Kaguya?
I know right? In afternoon it is unsufferable that I took a shower for a long time
OPenings, well right now it is related to OP's with Yuru Camp's opening "Shiny days"
Let me see: do you love her?
Ah, well you are not alone buddy, even though most of my family is like that lol
Maybe I should do exercises too, I am getting weak...
What kind of work do you have?
I am doing kind of well, the guys dancing are a kind of a nuisance
G-goodnight Mordred, s-sleep well
Maybe play vidya or watch anime

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literally spending as much time on my computer as possible

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What’s so bad about that?

Also, nice guitar, but mine’s is better.

I can play it better too I bet.

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I'm a baker

eek... don't let them break your floor..

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Good eye, Dante.
A smug to rival Sachiko.
I remember when people were making a big fuss over swine flu.
Hope people won't panic in my area.

Lots of Asians in my neighborhood as well.
Still think back to the photo of her compared tp the dog, makes me chuckle.

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nice guitar :o
I'm more of a dummer irl

Its just rude to grouplink people and you can make your replies longer :)

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You tell me.

I don’t have a waifu anyway.

The only girl I like is constantly taking my money and keeping me in debt

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good job, proud of you

at least they aren't blasting music, right?
course I did! Ayasaka will be missed if she truly leaves

trips of truth right there

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Nami Claimed

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Let me tell you a tale for a penny
One that you can not hear anywhere else
Not anywhere else
I heard from a birdy it doesn't end purdy
It doesn't end well
No it never ends well

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no roods

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i have no idea

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What holiday?
That text wall looks like was made by Earth-chan =p
Ah... and why did you say you were waiting for spoilers?

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The fires been put out yet?

You'll feel better for yourself. What do you have in mind?

Go down the cicada rabbit hole

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I got it after I fought this vampire woman, and she turned into it!

Drummers are cool, need the back beat to carry the riffs and shreds, also the bass as definitive lining.

Bass players never get the amount of respect they deserve.

Also what’s with the cat outfit?

You going to a party?

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Fair enough.
How's life, user?


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cutes~ or lewd~

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Readjusting my life to no longer about changing the vag, getting used to pooping again and slowly reintroducing foods I had to stop. Almost nothing changes outside if that.
A dozen, a gross and a score
Plus three times the square root of four
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine squared and not a bit more

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Attached: Velvet (3).jpg (1280x1139, 1.02M)

>vampire woman,
i into vampire waman

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thanks babe
how goes with the chugs

Attached: krc1912106.jpg (321x354, 21K)

dad life update

anytime sweetie
4 down, 6 to go

Attached: 1570579279288.png (361x389, 163K)

Yeah well she wasn’t exactly very nice.

Plus the human girl I like has a bigger rack.

Attached: E0015977-4BAD-4070-8107-04949A5AFF46.jpg (500x359, 106K)

any OTHER vampire waman
no homo

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that's not what makes them hot.
it is there darkness


rp fag


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I’m not joking when I say the girl I like has a big rack

I get that, but she’s just not the hot kind

Like as previously mentioned, more like a surprisingly friendly/gentle one
Sears is more like this .

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Ive gained over 10% of my previous weight

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Ah! What are you baking? Cake? Bread?
I will not for sure
Lol, same here but with ebola, someone was joking about having it and that was terrifying
Well we can only wait to get better
Do you live in like a diverse neighborhood?
Damn, and does she at least loves you?
Kind of, I can listen from here even with the windows shut
>Kaguya is now stuck to Hayasaca
She is like telling her that she is hers only
I have heard in Cred Forums spoilers are coming
Great navigator
Ah well... Nice satanic trips
It is exciting to see it with Cred Forumsnons, it is also pretty fun!
Maybe I will start with sprinting, any reccomendations?

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and rudes?

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Watch This!


Attached: F34C6D08-A5F2-4A1C-AE8E-9143E316ACD9.gif (240x135, 886K)

No she probably doesn’t.

I like three girls, but none of them seem interested in me.


Attached: 7B6767EF-CFFC-495C-9E37-9D469489150D.jpg (728x410, 27K)

It must be if you are enjoying so much!

Im sleepy now, see ya later, farewell!

Attached: A proper farewell.png (1607x294, 299K)

Sorry for not replying for a while
>Should I post her naughty bits though?
W-well if you want
>She would have won the hearts and minds of all who witnessed her.
Based and fuhrerpilled
I see...Really feels bad... Have you thought of looking for someone who really loves you?
Night night Relm, sleep well and thanks again for the pic!

Attached: 45185179_p0.jpg (745x900, 449K)

No. With mint, though. Mmmmm.
Woah that's kinda gay
Very much so. I didn't do very many over the winter, though, so I'm beat. What's up?
Here, you can see it. Spaniel Waifu! I got a spaniel, but not a brown one

Attached: spaniel_waifu.jpg (1072x552, 182K)

you can have some of my stuff if you run out
k-ons a cutes

Attached: krc191215352.png (594x530, 274K)

sorry to hear
well she's the only positive thing kaguya has in her house, if anything her leaving will be positive for Kaguya in the long run.
I'd rather not get spoiled on Cred Forums unless they have a full translation

what, never saw anything like this.
does it taste weird?

ship all your spirits to me thanks

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Thanks user. My waifu Mabel inspires me to be the best man I can be. Her love is all I need to accomplish anything. My

Attached: cfab6238ac75483e47cbca60c6f9b0d5884f522dr1-1200-1560v2_hq.jpg (787x1024, 55K)

Dad life good life.


Fine, let the rock off begin.

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Attached: 005-1.jpg (189x284, 41K)

She probably doesn’t exist.

Attached: 02037F2D-AA19-48F0-9DBE-8E2C636E2453.jpg (1100x1152, 74K)

I wish here it is winter, I hate the sun this season
I am doing good, watching dumb videos on the meantime. Yourself?
Ah do not worry, I can get use to it, someday
What makes me wonder if Hayasaca hides something from her, I think that is why she was crying, or maybe because she is tired of doing that routinary stuff over and over again
True, true, it is still fun to enjoy though
Not with that attitude

Attached: 70216883_p0.jpg (1000x1262, 964K)

enjoy it fam, how's the mother

I don't think she does, she's lived like this for all her life. I understand why she'd feel guilty about resigning like that. but honestly she needs to, she gotta live her life too, y'know?

Attached: ocZy2jKwe.png (399x250, 54K)


No, really, what?

We're on speaking terms and that's about it.

Attached: Velvet (20).jpg (816x978, 76K)

I don't remember if that's an improvement or not

Attached: 73237984_p0.jpg (900x900, 503K)

Don't tell him I said that though.
Honestly it's mostly Asians where I live there, not that diverse. Of course there are others too, but overall Asian.
Chinese and Vietnamese mostly.
lol thanks for that. Got a doggo myself and cats.

Attached: __astolfo_fate_apocrypha_and_etc_drawn_by_imizu_nitro_unknown__sample-8e1157aeb5b091f3584f9ca7b19d01 (850x806, 176K)


Attached: 004-2.jpg (246x468, 76K)

Attached: JPEG_20190901_110730.png (245x245, 64K)

now that you said that, I will

Attached: Ou2MYfktXh.png (880x500, 455K)

Attached: 1531995023_1e09ae50b85a01a1d017389e28604d0f-2.jpg (564x701, 42K)

>W-well if you want
I am actually particularly proud that my degeneracy produced something this beautiful. I hope the lewd doesn't turn people away though.

Attached: SwastikaPussy01.png (1600x1200, 514K)

would cost more than the stuff

Attached: krc191405.jpg (824x770, 71K)

You know like, those andes mints?
Imagine that but a warm liquid. You can find it at a lot of convenience stores.
I hate the cold ngl
Playing vidya with a friend right now. You must live in the southern hemisphere.
Just two dogs. Actually only one. The other is my cousins. He's a bit of a pill.

Attached: 1548033283986.jpg (647x927, 189K)

Attached: cxvv2b6d2k731.jpg (1004x944, 336K)

All you had to do was follow the damn train.

Not really an improvement, things have just kinda been going steady.

Attached: Velvet (22).png (350x540, 128K)

you're paying for the shipping of course :)

probably not where I lived then because I've never seen mint hot chocolate in the 3 places I've lived

at least you get to see your daughter. she tried to stop that happening, right?

Attached: rVhe0oTl.png (478x474, 222K)

True, true... I wonder if Kaguya will have a happy ending after all, even Aka did not though about that yet...
No what???
So kind of like a Asian street? Interesting...
Nice dubs
But I like cold! Ah anyway. Hope you have fun playing vidya
Yes I live there

Feeling sleepy now so goodnight everyone!
Hope you all had a great day!

Attached: 58045187_p0.jpg (800x1163, 796K)

C'mon don't do that.
Tell him I also said Kachigga.
Had professor that had a whole pack of dogs, pretty she lived on a ranch though.

Attached: __jeanne_d_arc_nero_claudius_nero_claudius_astolfo_jeanne_d_arc_and_4_more_fate_and_3_more_drawn_by_ (724x512, 630K)

Looks like I win

Attached: tumblr_o0o17kLklO1r0h614o2_400.png (390x521, 208K)

Attached: krc1912014.jpg (713x624, 61K)

Yes, I believe it's how I caught yellow fever.
Also that swastika is cursed, would slightly less weird if the pubes were shaped like that instead.

Attached: __astolfo_and_astolfo_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_yahako__8d021c00f87234556915c9d61be6c455.jpg (768x1228, 183K)

I sure hope she does, she's had it hard enough

my nigga


Attached: 5ey4D0iC.png (795x549, 437K)

back what i miss?

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Attached: Kao8.jpg (555x784, 247K)

How often do you into convenience store hot chocolate? Them machines
That makes one of us lol. Good night
Dog ranch? Sign me up
Nice eyes

Attached: ep8fzmrxuaedfo9.jpg (1566x2194, 1.55M)

nice fingies

Attached: Kao29.jpg (564x797, 59K)

claim no touch

Attached: i4c0wnvaqs241.png (830x886, 744K)


admittedly never
I thought the machines were only for coffee

forgot image

Attached: blIpMoP.jpg (335x405, 49K)

how is she so perfect

Attached: 1558323764049.jpg (639x624, 43K)


Attached: krc19140234.jpg (1280x720, 81K)

What's good today?
Well yeah but there's hot choccy too. What kind of conv stores you got in canada, anyhow?
The fluff

Attached: kumiko-hair-ruffle.gif (498x278, 1003K)

already did and currently doing

the gas station ones!

Attached: SOKF9N.png (423x464, 139K)

the octofluff is very powerful

Attached: octofluff.png (1007x567, 645K)

Yeah but like what brands?
Found an image for that

Attached: 10252.jpg (2112x2283, 256K)

Attached: billposting.jpg (1224x1632, 360K)


Attached: 444.jpg (620x1000, 97K)

Attached: dd (3).jpg (294x304, 16K)

Attached: Jill (001).png (1181x1670, 871K)

Van Houtte mostly

slut shirt

Attached: ELd6MFSl9.png (860x492, 379K)

Attached: Jill (202).jpg (1500x1500, 149K)

I'd buy it

Attached: lTBI8j6wd.png (390x303, 115K)

it's official merch from the publisher
I still need to buy my own, but I wish it was a paler pink.

Attached: Jill (016).png (540x600, 99K)

really? I thought that sale ended

Attached: UKsfDhsvw.png (867x634, 398K)

No, like brands of convenience store

Attached: 1530428844690.jpg (553x778, 57K)

restock boiiiiii
probably riding off of hype for n1rv ann-a

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oh, then local brands like couche-tard

oshit, guess where my NEET money is going this week

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wish I had neet money
wish I had regular money

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only had to waste 3 years of my life to get 4 months worth of NEET money
after this I need to find a job again

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hope it goes easy enough
I'm still in school to become a hospital wagie for the next 90 years

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it's about to end, in autumn I'll have trade school for about 2 years to become a heavy machinery mechanic. but because all the big projects here require you to be away from family and don't have any roads leading to them but instead are only accessible from airplanes AND unions, that means 6 figure salary. I'll be set for life with that career. especially when I don't have a family to provide for and don't plan to

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sounds like a solid enough plan

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i want tentacle kumicute gf

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living the good life

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Why did they name a convenience store sleep-late