Fb ig 3

fb ig 3

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college sluts.

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damn thats a great body

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Anyone got the album ?

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Ain’t it though

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More 4


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is this mia?

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more of right


full body pic

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fuck yea

damn! what a hot emo/goth slut. would definitely talk to her in a club

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time to fap

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you seen her before?

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hakuna matata

probably have a decent chance at taking her home. trips gets her name: Ashley

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GODDAMN! got anything with more skin or her fb? I am married, but fuck it.

yeah from a previous fap session, she and her sister have insane bodies

holy fuck more

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have kik at all?


I love Alexis hot fucking lips. More

does she have kik? want to get into contact with her to have a shot at her

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The one on the right is lady(dot)sylph on ig. I think she would hate it if you told her about her nude

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idk if she does but i do have her socials i can provide on kik dont necessarily want to call it out here

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you save any pics?

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Right here

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but why do you help me. whats in it for you?

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just being a bro, honestly nothing in it for me

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holy shit, more

more 4

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Interest in nursing student Rae?

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come on. there always has to be something in it for the provider. do you secretely imagine being her and create fake profiles of her pretending that you are her? just be honest

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post some shy college students for me to cum for

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Fuck they’re so perfect and wet. More


lmao no, have a crush on her, think she is hot. honestly you probably wouldnt get very far even if you did end up messaging her. its all good man i'll just post her some more on here if thats better?

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ok, i'm in

perfect to cum on

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More. She looks so slutty

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any love for thick pawgs?

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she made her insta private so you have some pics that i dont have.

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Omg Id dump the thickest load if she sucked me off and then got into this position ready to recieve my cum.

She’s yummy

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sure go ahead mate

fapping to her, tongue out?


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yes more face


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more of right?

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how is she from behind?

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Christ what a hot slut. Could you imagine dumping your load on that face? So sexy

this is probably her most revealing pic

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Lol does she only take selfies like this? I love it. It’s like they’re stuck that way from sucking so much dick

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she has something slutty about her. love it

yeah it's like 90% of her pictures and it makes m so hard

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Such a sexy stomach

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Need name

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God yes

This is hard all 3 of them are sluts

agreed, and she has to realize she is a cocktease

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These putas made me cum

Agh it’s makes her look so fucking slutty. Her eyes in this one almost looks as if she’s choking on a cock

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I'm gonna join in on this fap

goddamn what a hot emo slut....dreamgirl

She makes me hard


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does robyn get you hard?

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Rape her then toss her in the water

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Fuck I’m stroking hard for this bitch more

i'd be surprised if she wasnt kinky af

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Oh damn what sexy body more

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fapping nicely to her. such a fuckable face


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I love them it would be a amazing 4 some

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I wouldn’t get more than ten strokes in her hot fucking mouth before I drained my balls in her throat

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her and her sister couldnt be more opposite in this pic

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10 is impressive. I'd probably blow gallons into her mouth the second I made contact with her fat lips

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Discord dot gg /


I love this whore

Jesus Christ so fucking perfect more

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Fuck underboob is so hot

Fuck she’s got a nice ass too. Love how she’s got her tongue out

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Lol I probably wouldn’t but I’d try so hard to last as long as I could to enjoy being inside that hot little mouth of hers

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Left on her back and right on her stomach over her so I can fuck both quick but don’t have to look at rights face

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A ruff start there user

even if I came I'd stay in until I came again

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Those thighs would looks so good wrapped around my head

How does she have perfect tits and pussy?

Fuck more?

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because that bitch IS perfect

We could just take turns face fucking her til her mouth is just overflowing with cum

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plenty of room for two

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Bikini pics?

Goddamn I’d love to grab this slut by the ponytail and face fuck her til I dumped my load down her throat

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Mm would love to see this bitch on her knees with her hands behind her back just working her mouth hard alternating between our cocks. Spitting all over each of them

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Potential tits

Nothing hotter than the soulless look in her eyes

you right

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Shes a beauty. Any pussy pics?

If any girl deserves a paper bag over her head, it's right.

Fuck lefts ass, then stick it in the slam pig on the rights mouth. Repeat.

More of this busty slut in the next thread!