Jus' passin through

Jus' passin through.

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whoa there


Stop, you’ve violated the law, pay the court of fine or serve your sentence, your stolen goods are now forfeit!

Not on my watch


Sage'd for freedom.

o no you dont

Back to the top boy


Watch it


Bumpity bump.no nigger will be free on my watch

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Sorry nigger, back to the front with you!

get back here nigger

Are we going to be having a party or what?

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Wow haven't seen one of these in a while. You ain't goin nowhere fucker!

Code nigger! The Iroquis is in position, and the mac guns are at ninety-two percent!


Not a chance

Nice try, Sambo

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Get the fuck back

Son, I'd be powerful mistaken if I didn't tell you to get yourself back to thum thar plantation

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You know you can't sage anymore, right? It's been years since you could sage threads.

And don't forget to vote democrat when you get there.

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You lost boy?

oh no, you, don't.

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Where in the nigger do you think you're going ??????

I am not a nigger.

I am not one.

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get back up there nig

nice try you slippery little snake sSsSsSsSsSsssss

slave patrol is slipping. Get back, boy.

Back to the top ye fiend!

Get outta here!!

nein kampf,op.

Get back here, you

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Good luck

oh no you don't cunt, get back here!

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Bonsoir blackie

Not so fast negro

Boop, bek to th top

Bumping with tigger nits

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Enjoy your stay

back to the top boaaa

delete this thread. he mustn't escape.