What’s the filthiest sex thing your wife/gf has ever done?

What’s the filthiest sex thing your wife/gf has ever done?

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Take the kids.

Pooped a frozen turd in a condom into my ass from hers

ass to mouth.

Blacked. I didn't know until after I married her.

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Pretend to be my daughter. Put on her panties and clothes and acted like her. It was insane and so fucking hot. I came so hard.

Go on...

This is hot. Mine wore her neice's panties while she jerked me off with her pantyhose.

With your nieces pantyhose

I would have divorced her instantly.

not being my wife/gf

A few things:
ATM (one of the greatest things ever)
Double penetration (she took it hard in the ass, only toys not no cuck fag)
Golden shower
Wanted something gave that ass up knowing she was going to be abused
Ass eater (she enjoys it)
Dressed up like a student of mine and pretended to be her

Ive had a blast in life. Boys you find a good one who doesnt cheat and is there for you keep her. Im over 40 shes been great.

I wouldn't know where to begin with.

One time she was invited to an orgy by two guy friends of us who were high as fuck. Not only did she accept, but she put on her finest lingerie and nothing else but a long coat over it.

We took a cab to their place and had a beer with them before they began to caress her legs and tits. They took her to the bedroom and she immediately started to suck dick while the other guy played with her pussy from behind. When I was about to join, one guy stood up and closed the door on my face.

They fucked for an hour or two, and she got out the room a few times to wash herself in the bathroom before going back.

At the end we were all relaxing on the couches and she asked me what should we do. I told her to give a bj to one of the guys while I watched, and she did it right away. Then I told her to suck his friend, and she obeyed again. Finally, I told her to suck me off, and once again, she gave me head. She swallowed all three times.

Pissed in her ass and asked her to hold it as long as possible. She lasted maybe ten seconds.

Oh forgot another good one.

Shes not into road head worries to much. We had a date night her gf got her all dolled up. I go to get her to go out her friend in front of me dares her to give me road head. One of the best blow jobs ive ever had. She swallowed it all. That was a great experience.

My girlfriend's done blowbangs and orgies.

LOL this fag jerking off to his own erotica

No need to, since I've had plenty crazy sex experiences.
Just a bit bored and drunk,

Let me watch her fuck her boyfriend.

Pic related is what this makes me think of

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Next morning she got up, showered and went to help at the church bake sale.

>implying I have a...

Back in the days when I could stuff get my dick hard while drinking and doing coke, my wife and I used to fuck around with this older married couple. They were like mid 40’s we were late 20’s.
We used to do all kinds of crazy shit but probably the craziest was one night I got my wife to put her wedding dress on and watched him fuck my wides brains out in it while his wife gave me a slow handjob.

I don't remember much of the day after. It happened a while ago and we were high on speed and weed.
We've had threesomes and the such plenty times tho. I mentioned this one time because it was more screwed up than usual.

Her best friend was trying to get pregnant. The best friend's fiance's swimmers were derpy. So she asked me if I would fuck her friend until she got pregnant. Friend is hot, so I agreed, why not. I must've fucked her friend 30 times over the course of a few months. GF would masturbate and would get off so hard she would squirt half the time watching me fuck her friend. Eventually her friend got pregnant from fucking me and that was that. I kinda miss those times.

Have sex with me.

My ex. After we broke up she stayed in LA for a couple of weeks to shoot a couple low budget porn videos. She stayed with a guy with a chaturbate channel doing shows with him.

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nailed it

I have to ask, why did you break up

She kept eating off of my plate and as we all know, Joey doesn't share food.

id watch her get fucked. any material floating around?

Threesome with Thai hooker. Getting blown by her while she cleaned hot prostitutes pussy/ass juices off my junk. Busting nut on their faces. Not our first threesome but definitely in top 3 for dirty.

Nothing interesting. I thought she was needy, she thought I was distant so we just agreed we weren’t right for each other. We stayed friends though. Mutual friends is how I found out about her.
Supposedly but I haven’t found any. The guy she stayed with is a porn star named Sam Shock.

This is hot as fuck. I have a crazy pantyhose/foot fetish and I’ve always thought there was something incredibly hot about a woman wearing another woman’s worn pantyhose. I want to have my wife wear a pair of her sisters tights and leather ballet flats like all day long then let me cum on them.
Idk how she would react to me asking her to do this though

a girl pooped on my chest

sucked off a dude she just met in a bar bathroom

dating this tiny girl with an insane ass. she wasnt into anal at first, but after the first time i made her cum with a finger in her ass she was hooked. she would cum like a fucking maniac from anal

we did ass to mouth (her idea), and she begged me to nut all over her face

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Cute! And all girls love anything that makes them feel submissive

And then your daughter said?

Prolly lick my ass and suck my cock after I fucked her and another woman in the ass during a 4sum. The other guy and I then proceeded to dp her and cum on her face.

Im dating a girl right now and weve done all kinds of filthy stuff, but just the two of us.

she wants to involve another girl and mentioned having sex on cam for a girl as well. anyone have any experience with this/tips for finding a girl online to watch?

pic related

pretty true from my experience. especially this girl

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Be raped


fingered her on a barstool at a gay bar in San Diego