Texas thread 2

Texas thread 2

Bonus points for DFW

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Same girl. 817

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512 native representing

got any new wins or anything user?

or if any1 has any OC of K*ra drop em or your kik and i'll do the same

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thassa no then? i might have the uncensored of that in my caps i gotta look

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Bet. Post more!

want me to just post in order? lmao damn dawg there gotta be som1 with newer shit

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theres vids i havnt posted on user soc too but a lot are 2 big for Cred Forums i gota see if i can resize to post

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I have some wins of a girl that went to the same high school as k*ra

Any 512

Yup. Please leave my city it's overpopulated

Victoria R 214

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210 bump

vid still wont upload
nd i didnt go to the same school as her lol

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210 represent!

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1/6 of my wife from a couple nights ago.

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Anyone got this little thot Brianna D 210

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210 bump

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We're 210 btw.

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Any with dildo

I don't think I have anything, I'll check my old phone that we used to do Kik stuff with. I know we had taken some masturbation vids for one of her kik friends.

832 girls?

Please, for the love of God, someone have Tegan M, tattooed ginger nurse, West Houston area

Any Erendira G?

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Laredo, 956.

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Found a video, about 2 mins. Probably upload it in a couple mins.

Keep dumpn this slut! Any sauce/info on her?

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Lol got head from her friend Madison

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Nice. I'd bang your wife senseless

Well thank you for the compliment sir. Have another.

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Yo got any more ??

quads or drop kik nd show me tha responses she givs

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Post nudes

Nice. Smell those fingers for me.

damn who is she
she looks hot

Wish that I could, she's in Houston for the weekend.

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a few more.

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Too bad she's not visiting me.

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Either way my dick's in a cage until she gets back, so hopefully someone can bust a nut looking at all this porn.

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Do you have any of her ass hole?

I'll look but I don't think so.

Some slut I know

Looked through just about everything, didn't realize I didn't have any asshole pics. We'll have to remedy that when she gets home.

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God damn where's she from?

UT grad

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I would literally let her piss on my face if it meant I got to sniff that ass/pussy.

God damn.

Houston doctor

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Gonna need some evidence on that claim buddy.

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Oh yeah she is

reverse search....she is famous


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Yep. Hottest doc in Houston lol

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She's a star

Guess which one I have nudes of...

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Hoping for the asian flower


Hoping for 1, guessing 2

That would be quite a night with those 4

Anyone from Houston?

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Damn guesses for all 4! I'll give a consolasian nn... try again

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Someone got it right, so post up

rolling 4 a pic of her asshole instead

It got narrowed down. Try again and tell me why

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Wow she's is a fucking doctor and gorgeous

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Don't be a dick man, post the info.

Middle one. Has enough beads, but not TOO many beads.

God I wish you were wrong

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'cause he don't have 'em.

Who are they to you?

streamer from Texas

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I bet that cunt smells like heaven.

Already posted one so nice try

Because I resent her and I still love her

Just friends now

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Ally h? 830

I'd fuck her

Have a lot, huh?

Sounds like you got cucked my dude.

You're a scholar and a gentleman

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Top doctor hehe

Are her initials m.c.?

Any san antonio girls with onlyfans page?


no j.o

Leaving a lot of info out there for someone you say you care about. Got kik?


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More! any nudes?

Anymore 817? Dump all ya got

Extra bonus points for Waco...

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Need all the Kat 713 wins if someone’s got her collection

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Em a?

who is that? I've seen her around

Any taylor?

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what’s her name?


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Can't wait to go thru with finally having my sister get raped.

Nice. I'm 10min from taylor

Awesome bro. Score any chicks here?

No, mostly from RR

Any wins?

Catch her at PTs Mens Club

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Doctor of what?

any more pics of her?

initials MF?

Her pussy is seriously gonna get turned inside out.

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When your state be comes a fracked out wasteland, stay there. We dont want you in other states.


Go on

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I'd rape her

Are you in or near 832?

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I'm in 210
But I'd drive to htown for a good time

You got kik? Hit me up at bi_lateral so we can work something out

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214 CH

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some1 expose this slut im tired of only seeing teases

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Any 903's?

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More CH!!


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214 reporting in

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another one. You know her?

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i went to school with her. Pictures are hot! Hit me on kik Lgwill 40 if you know her or want more

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surprised more of her hasnt surfaced yet or at least her slutty IG stories

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That’s a nice tit

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>Dude def want more.. I know her well lol

CH thread ... keep em coming

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Any Vicky fans here?

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Go on

Damn, name?


please more of this austin cutie

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Still hoping for some peaks or hooters girls from 325

More CH

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Bump for 817/972
Azle/Fort Worth/Arlington/Grand Prairie/Mansfield/Midlo

yep used to have a folder with her

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Underrated post
Thanks for visiting Austin, please don’t move here.
Enjoy your $1400, 700 sq.ft. apartment on the east side with crackeheads two blocks away until you realize you can’t afford it just fucking move away. We need a wall around cities or some sort of check point to make sure we don’t get as overpopulated as Austin has gotten

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Ooh, yes. I know her and would love to see.

I know the place. What's her stage name?


Anyone have more of mia?

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I fucking hope so

thats in a person's bathroom you fucking mong

need them 281/713 wins

Calm down boomer, just vote for bernie

Failing this hard at reading

Vola BE3zvOh


She could examine my prostate any day

any maritza C, Vanessa T, Mercedes R or Elizabeth R from Houston?

Trading 512 drop kik

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Yoo I want that video lol

10/10 wouldn’t pull out

Fuck post more

I want it all

Kill yourself

or you could just post them instead of being a faggot. it isn't pokemon

Absolutely disgusting

got kik?


Any 325/San Angelo Wins?

Idk I’d titty fuck them

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My piggy slut from 832

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Thank you

Anyone have wins on lanette? 214

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10/10 would creampie

Anyone got Holli from Houston with big tits. She’s classy trashy but dated a gated up lil Wayne wanna be looking raper

Here's some more of her grabbing her rolls. She wasn't into being degraded but it turned me on more

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My 832 piggy after the shower

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That’s hot. I’d have to cum on her belly just for that

any Valley hoes? 956 rep

You think there's only one Holli in Houston?

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I got 3 from Tatum and two from longview

Any Charlley P?

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Post em. Im interested

With a wanna be rapper bf. Worked at hooters too in past so gotta be some out there since she loved the attention


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Any sugarland/pearland area

This server saved my friend from suicide

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This who got Helen

Bria from DFW with her giant fat tits

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SM 512

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KGerg 832

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Tx join up and post


Your dick looks shorter than her stubby fingers.

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Taylor B 817

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think i fucked this slut in fort worth
made a big fuss when i came inside of her n never talked to me again lol

You now remember this youtu.be/2YBGfHZniz8


Damn I'm close. Any nudes?

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Anyone have more of her?

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