What conspiracy theories are actually real?

What conspiracy theories are actually real?
Which ones are red herrings?

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>What conspiracy theories are actually real?

None of them. 9/11 wasn't an inside job. JFK was killed by a lunatic. the US landed on the moon for no fucking reason whatsoever. Area 51 develops military aircraft that they want to keep secret. The royal family are humans and Trump's of less US descent than Obama







I like to take all conspiracy theories and claim whatever they’re based on isn’t real.
Moon? Just a projection, there is no moon.
JFK? He was never real, it’s all fabricated, happened before I was born so it’s a possibility.
9/11? The towers never existed to start with.

It's always the Jews


Well, any theory is a real theory, just like any idea is a real idea.

If you ask which conspiracy theories are TRUE, you are asking the wrong people, except there really isn't anyone better to ask.

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You do realize that there are about 35 actual people on Cred Forums at any one time and all the other posts are just chatbots?

not necessarily conspiracy, but there's a thought that I or you are the only person that's actually here and everything else is imaginary. sometimes I get super paranoid and existential about this and I feel like there's no purpose


It's ridiculous to think conspiracies aren't happening since conspiracies prove themselves every day? Which ones are real and which ones are fake?
Why not make your own? Prove your own conspiracies. Look into what makes a conspiracy a conspiracy, then try to find evidence for every conspiracy. Then once your good and deep down that rabbit hole start disproving your own conspiracies until you don't believe them.
Then start the cycle again.

I can honestly believe this

Do you guys believe in solipsism or is it just me?

No one on the planet believes that anyone died at Sandy hook

just looked it up and that's kind of what I was getting at so yes

Conspiracy Theories themselves are red herrings, they were invented to distract you from the real shit that's going down.
Do you really think the Jews control the world and yet operate in plain site, with such ridiculously obvious names as "Rosenberg" and "Goldstein" and just hope no one notices?
Hanlon's razor is even scarier, when you realize that 9/11 is just gross institutional incompetence and that it could happen again, that the Coronavirus is the result of the absolutely horrendous standards of practice in China.
This shit can happen again, and worse... the world is on a knife edge, and the people in power don't even know what to do about it!
jews are a front you silly

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If you do Lsd, Psilocybin, or most any other powerful psychedelic then solipsism can be easily refuted for you experientially

We're all stuck in our own 'Truman show', being watch by beings who are all around us, yet in another dimension.

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>real conspirscy theories
climate change is fake
there is a cabal running western governments pushing agendas
epstein suicided

>red herrings
obama is from kenya

>don't know
moon landing
kennedy assassination

We're in a "people zoo" so to speak. Only we can't notice it because it looks exactly like the observable universe

Conspiracy theory is a useless shutup word. There's plenty of theories that are bullshit, unfalsifiable theories with no evidence, plausible but unproven theories... and those are states that can be shown, rationally. Only retards and spooks resort to buzzwords as an argument. If someone dismisses something as a conspiracy theory I hear, "I am afraid of what that would mean if it were true," nothing more.

>epstein suicided

You could not be any more full of shit

This idea legit spooks me

Trump wears long ties to help cover up his random erections

bump for the trooth

"you can't handle the trooth!"
No one can.

Literally the opposite is true.
Except for the moon thing.

The USS Liberty incident was a conspiracy for the US to find a reason to nuke Egypt

Epstien didn't kill himself

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glow harder

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LOL I want this on a t-shirt.

So where did they bury Kennedy’s body?

Vegas. Notice the empty brass shell casings are on top of his blood, indicating that he was dead before the shooting began.

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Or the blood flowed around the casings you fuckin idiot, do you not understand how pooling liquid works?

Dude, the U.S. landed on the moon because of a dick measuring contest with the Soviet Union, not just for “no reason” Come on m8, this is Cred Forums, it’s known for its dick measuring.

>imagine creating a "Truman Show" so that you and all your other dimensional buddies
>imagine having to watch a bunch of retards argue online about memes
>imagine having to watch the same retards masturbating to cartoon children
>imagine having to watch the same retards spam YLYL threads

I don't think this theory holds true unless they're beings of infinite patience or they can be entertained by literally nothing.

All you retards are so nose deep in your own bullshit that you didn’t even check this man’s quads..?

B-b-but 9/11 was just terrorist-

Shut the fuck up. This man got quads.. QUADS.. and you did NOTHING. You ignored him when he needed you most, you were more interested in talking shit about the moon landing and JFK!! HOW DARE YOU, HOW DARE YOU!! This truly is a black day for Cred Forums.. I’ll show myself out.

No one gives a shit about quads, dubs or trips anymore buddy

Then explain the gets threads in 2 words or less.

Project MK Ultra, where the government tested harmful drugs on unwilling people to the point of mentally damaging them beyond repair. It's said the purpose was to break down the human mind into separate personalities so that they could be mind controlled and turned into sleeper agents and spies. It's horseshit that they succeeded, but they definitely did succeed in breaking people's minds. Just not quite usefully like they hoped for.

There was also a similar thing going on with the Edgewood Arsenal experiments, only that one involved soldiers. They were used as guinea pigs by the government. Not for the first time either, there was also the nuclear test sites where soldiers were put in place so that the effects of radiation and fallout could be observed.

There's plenty of other instances of governmental organizations damaging their own citizens for the sake of science. Like giving a community of black citizens syphilis in Macon County, Alabama. Or that story of all the triplets and twins separated at birth in order to study nature vs nurture (see the Three Identical Strangers documentary for more on that one).

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