Daily reminder that civil war 2 is going to happen in the United States soon because of the liberals and the Democrats

Daily reminder that civil war 2 is going to happen in the United States soon because of the liberals and the Democrats.

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The north assraped the south once before. History repeats itself.


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Hell the plague is popping up everywhere. I live in the south and lots of people are getting sick. It's about to go crazy


I question the sincerity of your stsnce and the conviction of your nationalism. Would you pick up a gun to defend the yankee strongholds? Because I would pick up a gun to destroy them.

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lol stop larping
also that's a map of land not population, the right would be outnumbered loser

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Hahhaha. Okay, Cletus.

Seriously, this weekend will be a tipping point for coronavirus in the US. People are sick all over georgia and south carolina. There are no tests. It will be bad.

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Oh yeah I would and I'm properly armed and trained. Just like my grandfathers did over 100 years ago and destroyed and humiliated your forefathers. We'd do it again. And don't underestimate how well armed we are up here. Believing your memes will get you killed.

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my ancestors clapped your ass and ill follow in their footsteps to do it again, cousin fucking redneck

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Lol @ the seething over this post

300,000 yankees is stiff in southern dust
We got 300,000 before they conquered us
they died of southern fever, of southern steel and shot
I wish they was 3,000,000 instead of what we got

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damn Oklahoma not dealing with no fuck shit

Red indicates the poorest regions

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and the least populated, otherwise known as flyover country. Translation: there's nobody there, it's land not people.

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i see what you did there...
the red areas on the map point out the uneducated and poor populations.
It's crazy how well that matches up to the Republican populations, huh?

haha, dumbo

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>respectful towards higher education
Well to be honest universities are liberal breeding factories that indoctrinate people

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3142 counties. 3047of them are in the 97% that are poorer than the other 3%. that's a neat statistic.

anyway, people of color and stupid liberals are still suffering from the 2008 crash. i don't blame presidents or politics, it's all just business. now, we have coronavirus which has destroyed the market and trade with china. people of color and stupid liberals rely the most on trade with china to have their stupid service jobs.

i guess, it's just, the defeat of the left doesn't require words; it's just bound to happen.

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sit back down
seems like you are having a tough time with the English language today

Bullshit he donated his salary to the military

Yeah, best to stay retarded amirite?

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These are rational clear thinking people.

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President Bernie Sanders

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Let me guess you're confused about your sexuality and gender?

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The south had a 2.0 kd my little faggot.

You won economically because you had all the factories and put a blockade on the souths naval ports. The south had to start it’s own currency and there wasn’t any faith in it. None of those factors would be applicable in a war between the north and south these days and the left are the biggest pussies in pretty much all of human existence. I’d expect the war to last less then 48 hours before half of you are dead and the other half give up.


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Trump is my favorite president and trump jr will be president in 2025

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Warships? The navy hadn't been invented yet.


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We pay more than his yearly salary every week to pay for dumpy's travel and golf.

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This is you.

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Land doesn’t vote trumptard, but people did and nearly 3 million more voted against Trump.

You seem salty. Are the grandkids no longer visitng you in the nursing home?

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Not to mention the north was illegally interfering with trade and occupying towns before war was ever declared. And by "occupied" I mean ordering their soldiers stationed there to starve to death.

Lincoln had to promise the slaves freedom and suspend the rule of law (habeus corpus if you recall) before they even turned the tide. Unironically the beginning of the end for the US.

Left are pussies
Left are violent sociopaths

Pick one, faggot

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ah hahahahaha
that's a good one

now are you talking about the money that the military had to pay out of their own pockets when they were forced to spend 5 days at Trumps hotel in Scotland??

Man, Republicans are gullible AND stoooopid.
i guess the two things go hand in hand though. gotta be stupid in order to be gullible in the first place.

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But they existed and were used, retard.

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lol now you're getting the Republican motto! ignorance is bliss

Most likely russian bot posting. sage grows in all fields.

I Hope so.

The only thing you're trained on is gobbling the cocks of liberals

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They why you still crying like a bitch fatty?

You’ll be imprisoned by your concrete jungle. Anyone who steps outside will not come back alive

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You can be both at the same time. Pack mentality lets even the weakest link feel invincible, and they then act out their fantasies.

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Did I say warships dumb fuck? And there was a navy. The didn’t fight with ships so much as they did trade and the north prevented the souths ability to trade for supplies. Remember when I told you the north had all the factories? That means they had all the guns and ammo. Guess who has that now?
Protip: not the north

Come next year all traitors to trump will burn alive. So watch yourself I hear fire burns.

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One google search

It took you a couple of tries to spit that out.

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Remember: there are 1000 cousins you'll never get to fuck because we slaughtered your great uncles like dogs. And we'll do it again you stupid ignorant trailer park faggot.

lol, you faggots talk so much shit but never do a fucking thing. Nobody is impressed with your hollow threats about your hypothetical bad-assetry. You ain't gonna do shit.

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probably not. If it was going to it would've already. The US has been thoroughly infiltrated and conquered by Marxists. The war is over. And you lost.

are you falling asleep, old man?
try again.

I know this is just baiting but it really is funny how people still unironically believe 150 year old wartime propaganda

Putin isn't gay.

I’m not. I welcome the war. You need to be put in your place

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nice try

>Traitors to Trump
Found the subhuman slav vatnik!

>I hear fire burns.

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you like traps?
or you like getting fucked in the butt?
old dudes are fucking weird, man

Whats really telling is, you had no objection to being a boot licker..

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>I hear fire burns

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All this shilling and Trump's still going to win in Nov.

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lsft are losing numbers

left can't meme

I can assure you he takes black cock in the ass every night.

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Hitler stood on a podium and screeched It’s all the Jews fault. Doesn’t mean That was true either..

I find that very unlikely the guy is an alpha. Trump on the other hand ... I think he's sucked some dicks.

I'm not the guy you were talking to before, professor.

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Hindsight 2020

Vote the way you should have 4 years ago!

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Friendly reminder that both right and left are the dumbest, most hopelessly uneducated and lost pieces of shit on this planet, and neither of you will ever escape the chains. /thread.

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fuck off to /pol vlad

Daily reminder that each of those blue counties has more people in it than any ten randomly chosen red counties.

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Civil War 2? Naw. It will end up being the Revolutionary War 2, and lead to WW3.

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was this supposed to disprove my point? you took a joke that the right created (it used to say "cuck") and you slapped a maga hat on with >orangemanbad text

like I said, and you reiterated:

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Who are these gentlemen?

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The irony being that Jim Jones was a SJW before it was cool, and tight as fuck with the San Francisco Democrats.

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One ticket to Joker, please.

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literally did the same thing again...

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At least some of them are mass shooters.

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Odd that. I live in the north and work at a large institution (with literally thousands of other people). I do not know of anybody who is sick. Can you provide any other details?

the mean income is closer to $18,000

much lower than the average

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Fake news

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no way. It's on Cred Forums, it is definitely factual!

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Oh shit the army of the south is here!

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I wonder who is behind this post

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Zyklon Ben hits it on the nose here

Don't you mean civil war 3?

he's a fucking moron

> The real deep state

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No, sadly it isn't.

That's why popular vote doesn't win elections.

thats a good shoop.

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every single one of these guys could definitely get laid. A few of them are even above average. Just get into street wear, start listening to a lot of modern rap, go to bars and learn to talk to people without being cringy, and these dudes be gettin laid in no time.

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This is the correct map of last election, accounting for population density. You see a lot of red counties don't have much population at all. That is why Trump gained more electoral votes despite losing popular votes by almost 3 millions.

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But I like this

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Judging by this pic there wont be much of a war

Fucking bring it.

Vermont aint scared. We'll lay your asses out again like we did at Gettysburg.

Another version of the same kind of map.

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It's not about what they look like, it's that they're socially inept brainwashed retards.

The ayyy on the left looks stoned.


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Civil War?

90 percent of the military, local, state and federal law enforcement, their families, friends, Red States..are Conservative and own and have access to all the firearms and hardware.
What's are few liberals and liberal politicians going to do?

Civil War? It'll be measured in minutes.

At least he owns it and the land.

Those are the same colors as the US flag. Red, white and blue.

>implying the right is south and the left is north

New England is surprisingly right leaning. You wouldnt think it with our politics but if you spend any time around the people it becomes painfully obvious.

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Vermont lost 400 people at Gettysburg. Those Georgia rednecks lost 2700.

And yet they will never get laid, and they will blame feminazis, blacks, and jews, and they will support fascism and white supremacy, and dream of a day when they can release their murderous rage. Just like OP.

u sure showed him

Shut up, Russia.

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How would you know that?

Another sequel? They're never as good as the original.

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That's cute bullshit. Cute.

This. People think its Right vs Left but the reality is its disenfranchised vs the govt. As per usual.

The media and social media pit the two sides against each other because if we actually realized that we agree that the govt is a bunch of fuck bags we would overthrow them in a fortnight.

Literally the same thing southern clowns were saying in 1860, before they went to die for the rich plantation owners.

Even more reason why the right would win. The left is geographically surrounded. Goodluck.

not really

>miami-dade county, florida
I'm from there originally. Here's my elementary school, today. I fact, every large blue spot on that map is overrun with illegals and non-Americans in general. It's almost like there's some sort of agenda going on.

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.......what the fuck kind of lazy ass attempt at an argument is that? Republican policies extensively fuck over workers.

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trumptards are spread out and unorganized

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putinposting in a putin thread
>english translation: putin loves the cock

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Like anyone's worried about a bunch of retarded rednecks driving up in their pick ups...

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Incels don't understand these are the people who actually probably don't have a chance of ever getting laid in their life. Facial disfigurements, or people who are paraplegic, but even then you might be able to pay a prostitute high dollar to still do it to ya.

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then bring on the war user.

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Wow, I thought after 2016 the left might spend some time in meme research and development but I was wrong.

10 years ago, people called those guys, nerds. Now they are sexually deviant terrorists? You people are fucking crazy.

Their memes are perfect for making people hate them more, don't discourage it.

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> get into street wear, start listening to a lot of modern rap
>without being cringy

pick one

Do your research we fucked your whole shit up at Gettysburg.

normies love that shit

Who you calling crazy again?

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These aren't the same people user. Nerds were smart and socially awkward. These morons have been brainwashed to literally hate women - not to want them.

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It wont be left vs right thats some MSM bullshit it will be Right vs Govt who is trying to infringe on their rights.

You faggots won't do shit. You never do. Talk talk talk talk. I'd bang you in your fucking mouth and you would fucking cry, go home and make up a story about how you just fucked up a lib and post it here. Pussy.

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>because of the liberals and the Democrats.
This is a lazy lie and only betrays your own craving for violence.

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Your reading comprehension must be fuckin terrible. The north isnt leftist you moron. The only leftists are in the cities.

No, lefty people have been brainwashed to hate them and themselves by proxy.

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Ok boomer



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because those areas are also very rural

Why would I "bring on the war"? My life is good. You're the one crying like a bitch. Do something about it or fuck off, incel.

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I'll just state this once not as a response. The mainstream media wants to pit left vs right but as you can all probably imagine the left wont fight for shit. The real enemy is the government.

The confederates werent fighting the opposite political faction they were fighting the United States government.

Stop pretending Civil War 2 would be a fight in the streets right vs left. Thats just....retarded...

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Attached: putinposting2.jpg (615x615, 73K)

Thats why i said they are geographically surrounded you stupid fucking piece of shit. Are you really that fucking retarded?

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> most Republicans are closet gays and swingers

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I voted for trump for the luls back in 2016.

Didn't realize how bad it would fuck up my financial life. Dmi was making good money so I didn't care, but shit happened and I'm making half of what I used to make and it shook my family up a bit.

I'd rather not vote for Trump, as much as I love his meme material. At least someone who can undo some of his Bill's that harmed our way of living. Fuck the other shit involving the immigrants.

Earn it by getting killed? No thanks, but go ahead, if you want to.


Your life is doing good?
Great, I guess Trump is a good president after all and you can shut the fuck up then.
You’re welcome btw.
4 more years bitch

Some of us didn't need a president to fix their life for them. Loser.

Ten or rather twenty years ago, those nerds fled before these hatemongering proles. This is not the same population.

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No its not you idiot. The first civil war happened because powerful and rich people's fortunes were at risk with the abolishment of slavery.

extreme leftwing liberals are retarded but they are not threatening anyone powerfuls fortunes and a civil war would actively harm most people's bottom line.

Considering the general right leaning of people here and to prolific posting of dicks and traps, you have plenty of evidence to back up the gay part.

Daily reminder we have ALL the brains and dust can't vote or fight in retarded "civil wars" caused by white supremacist subhumans.

Attached: Dust doesn't vote.png (1660x1086, 809K)

The first civil war happened because you threw a tantrum over taxes and didn't want to be British anymore

It's not going to be north v. south.

you don't own the land
no citizens own any land
the gov't owns all of the land
why do you think you have to pay taxes on it...because it's their land!

how dumb can you republicans be...?

Man this is a big ol' Russky thread

you wish it was a shoop, sad boy

There's no Russians.

yes, very accurate. he was alive during the civil war.
congratulations! you met your acting like a retard quota for the day.

Don't worry, faggot. We WILL. We are voting 100% democrat to END the entire GOP and Get the enemy Trump the FUCK out of our White House.

We piss in your faces and laugh. Enjoy the golden showers from the Right for another 4 years faggot

Again with the piss fetish dumpster?

WTF does that even mean?

>u.k. 2.0


You realize that during the civil war Republicans were in the north and Democrats were the South right?

Blue collar factory worker. In a blue state, making triple what the same person makes doing the same work in a red state. Company work for makes more money in this state than any other in the country. (Only blue state they are in). Have lost more under republicans. Lost most of what I gained under Obama. Please go ruin some other country. Republican policy has failed over and over again.

Only a moron would believe this. It was the depression stupid.

If you go to a university in this day and age, you're getting scammed willingly, and thus retarded.

"fox news told me there wouldn't be any guns"

The financially concerned american yelled over the sound of his compound fuckbuddies gurgling on their own blood.

>thinking places like Niobrara County is poor
>not rembering theres like 3k people living there

You lost, move on pussy

So controlling whamen is a bad thing why?

tough guy OP posts on Cred Forums because... no school tomorrow mommy!

Have you heard a trump speech? He can’t even say a complete thought

>thinking the next civil war will be north vs. south

You make a lot of assumptions dont you.

Never actually happened. Or was that only in red states you pussies

You clearly has all the syndromes. His speeches are better than any other president in history. He talks better than anyone else, ever. No one talks better than he does. You're just butthurt and mad.

All we have to do is flood california and New York with more homeless people that they love so much. Fuck, they're shitting in the streets and bringing back the black plague all on their own, why not speed up the process a bit more?

Yea, I guess I assumed it would even come to bloodshed instead of you tools holing yourselves up in an Appalachian shack until you got starved out by the actual Americans. Or inbred yourselves the rest of the way into inconsequence.

Yes no other president has had better words. Clearly you’re a troll. Cause If not then wow you are deep in trumps ass and a moron

Are you larping? I seriously cant tell.

He's a troll, you fucking dumbass.

No, I'm deep in your Mom's ass though. Just straight gaping her ass with my big Conservative Cock. I fuck her while we listen to Trump's amazing speeches. The speeches that no one else can do better. They are fantastic speeches.

Only as much as any of the other shitters on this thread are.

Do you legit have fun faking being retarded or is it just impulse control issues? Genuinely curious.

These threads cap every time he posts one and the exact same "conversation" happens. We are a perfectly divided people and absolutely hate eachother. Thus confirming OP's notion. Death to the left.