Getting pretty tired of the word socialism meaning whatever the shit people want it to mean until consensus on a...

getting pretty tired of the word socialism meaning whatever the shit people want it to mean until consensus on a coherent definition is totally lost

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Go to google. Definition 3 is a stepping stone to communism. You won't say Google is shilling, will you???

it's not that complicated..

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They tax corporations . They tax corporate news media . Hence the media deception .

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Google ia shilling.

Well you tried to say it, I'll give you that much. Better luck next time.

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its only means one thing if you can remove all emotion from your definition

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Socialism = tell big daddy government to make my problems go away

A crybabie socialist crying like a little bitch. that's new.

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lol you misspelled crybaby

so I guess 'socialism' now means 'crybabie'

Yay you need daddy government to take care of you like a little baby.

so where do you draw the line where government is okay to implement and when it's not? you stupid fucking child.

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go back to /foxnews/

It's pretty much an empty blanket term now. Like a lot of words: Nazi, gay, feminist, racist, extremist, toxic, outrage etc. Just buzzwords to angry up the blood.

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What equally bad is the word Racism. People apparently have zero fucking clue what the definition is anymore.

Everything is racist now because they cant fucking differentiate between racism, prejudice or stereotypes. Fucking god damn retarded fucks

ok boomer

ok peter pan

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no different than populism or democracy or fake news. it's in the eye of the beholder.

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socialism is high school stoner politics. I speak from experience because I was a stoner in high school that thought shit should be free

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ah the ol 'free shit' argument lol