Why aren't you muslim?

Why aren't you muslim?

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didnt get invited. as per usual

Because I shower

Because I like bacon. I dont want to smack head against the floor everyday. Also I dont want to go full Muhammed on a little girl. Also the idea of an aloha snackbar is retarded.

Because Muslims are Niggers.

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I am

Islam is just judaism for muds.


because i don't worship dead faggot pedophiles

Just another bullshit religion

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Cept their methods for invasion are more overt.

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because Islam is for loser

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because I am educated.

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Because Traditional Catholicism is the most based thing ever

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Because I have no desire to blow people up.

Because I’m not a dirty sand nigger who wipes my hand with my ass. Fuck you and your shit post you smelly camel jockey dune coon

because i have no sexual interest in goats

because I like pork and fuck allah

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Religious views don't matter.

fucking scum, I bathed your brothers in pigs blood in Afghanistan

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formal reaction to islam

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muslims are shitbags

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Because that's a sand nigger religion.
I'm not a sand nigger.

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Dune Coon! LOL!!!
I always just called them sand niggers or camel jockies. Dune Coon... hahahaha I have to remember that.

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Dune coon lmao I like that

Because im not goatfucker

Burn Qur'an!! A retarded stinking book for fags, selfish, narcistic, spastic men

DUNE COON!!! this is my new favorite description

Because I'm not inbred.

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Bacon is a class one carcinogen. Most ridiculous seemingly stupid religious rules are made up for a reason. 200 years ago a torn rectum was a death sentence, hence Sodom and Gomorrah. In 200 AD when all the christians were killing themselves because "my martyrdom" christians made it a sin to kys. If you stop and think about it one antiquated moral guide is no better than the other.

yeah with those diet menorahs

I like my foreskin

it's a boomer term but it's still good

Has anyone made a Soyslim picture? The guy second from right looks like a soyboy

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Because I don't go to a special needs school

Wtf happened

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bacon is not a carcinogen dumbass.

Please explain this

Hes pissed because he deserves a white woman.

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Because ALL churches are social clubs and your rules suck. Join as a second class muslim or die? Not ever going to happen.

You think shes pleasing lots of muslims?

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Bacon is classified as a class 1 carcinogen by the United States government. This is a fact whether I'm a dumbass or not.

These are awkward moments

Because it's a backwards, medieval, shit culture. Trump might be an asshole, but he's right about moslems.

Islam is all the worst aspects of Abrahamic religions all rolled up into one shitty religion.

I always found it funny that Christians want to kill the Muslims who want to kill the Jews who want to kill the rest who are all worshipping the exact same God.

Because no one likes a dirty goat fucker

Same reason I don’t belong to any organized religion. It’s all bullshit

You've just got it all figured out, don't you? Just totally self sufficient

It's not all bullshit. SeeMaybe read the bible or the Torah or the Quran before casting judgement.

My IQ is above 90 so I am disqualified.

If more people with a 90+ iq read religious texts maybe the world would be a better place.

because im not a fucking monkey

Can't be bothered praying that much, tbh

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I mean... technically....

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i am logical not illogical

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I'm not that good at flying planes.

that should not have have made me laugh

Was one
thankful I was able to find out that it's a hypocritical religion. even though i just generally find all religions stupid.

Ama. I can clear whatever misunderstandings you may have :)

>Why aren't you muslim?

Because I am not a devil worshiper, nor am I pure evil.

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Because I have a brain

>Also I dont want to go full Muhammed on a little girl
lost me there bro

I dont like to fuck goats

>I dont like to fuck goats

So, you have tried it then and just did not like it..................