What’re you drinking on this Friday night Cred Forums?

What’re you drinking on this Friday night Cred Forums?

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Gobble gobble, motherfucker.

Wine. Red

Nothing I'm 2 months sober and I really just want to walk to the store and down a 40 right now.


proud of you, stay strong

Pretty vague, fag.

Had a couple Coors Banquets at dinner, about to go pick up another 6 pack then eat a bunch of hydros and some mushrooms. Happy Friday fellas

Thanks. Honestly doesn't feel like an accomplishment, but I got sick of doing stupid shit and not waking up remembering the night before. At least that doesn't happen anymore.

I developed a horrible drinking problem around 19/20 and through away my early 30's that way. Academically I did fine, and it's not like I'm fucked for life or a complete idiot. Had to stop so I could try to rebuild all of the bridges I've burnt and opportunities I wasted. It sucks, but it's what I had to do.

Last time I did shrooms I headbutted an acquaintances' fillings loose and jumped a fence to fight a screen tent. The time before that, me and a friend had a doghouse building competition. Miss that shit.


Wait. You're drinking wine and claim to be sober? Sober as in not drunk then?

Christian brothers brandy.

Damn dude I’ve never done any wild shit like that on shrooms. Me and my buddy usually just eat some, watch some movies, and listen to tunes

Ive been there too man, luckily i curbed my college drinking to less drinking and more smoking weed

Awesome work user!

I'm on my second month of a relapse and drinking tawny port.

Stay strong, speaking from the other side which I know you know, the grass isn't greener after that first sip of a 40 ect

My friend was in tight with roadies that used to tour with The Grateful Dead. No shit, these things were bright blue and neon orange.

the same thing I drink every night

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Learn how to enjoy alcohol pussy god damn.


one of these bad boys.

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zonas for stonas

Rum and coke. Haven't had time to drink in weeks...now it's the end of a long contract, and taking a night to drink the night away and listen to awesome music.

Being sober is good man...keep it up. It helps you bee productive and sharp al lthe time.

Fucking love port. I just bought a bottel tonight, intending to drink more...instead went with rum and coke...save port for another day. Love Grahams...what do you drink?

Cheers Anons...life is fucking good...

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What's the work you do?
Also, why not drink the rum and coke AND the port tonight?


One of these my dude. Needed something to keep me awake.

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Nice, i usually go for a traditional energy drink if i need to stay awake my dude


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this got me thinkin about rum,didnt buy any today

Nothing I quit drinking over a year ago cuz I was a raging alcoholic now I'm doing better things with my time

Energy drinks are nice but I found a lesser amount of caffeine feels better when your up and about at night.

Like lurking Cred Forums?

Nice. Woodford reserve is a solid choice.

Drinking don julio 1942


nice. i recommend their new wheated whisky

>don julio

i thought about buying this once,but i got patron instead

kind of wonder if don julio would taste better.i personally think patron is good,but overpriced

I'll have to check it out! Looks interesting It doesn't compare. Don julio is much much smoother and sweet.

Sorry for the delay...too many things to do.
I'm a kind of consultant, but I'm lucky in that I'm in demand and I can charge what I want. I took on a project for the past few weeks though that involves serious hours, and now that I'm finished I'm giving myself tonight to celebrate and be happy.

Can't do rum and port tonihgt...I never mix drinks. Port can wait...rum is more...visceral. lol

I had leftover rum....and I want to finish it off. Plus I need to re-acclimatize to a new time zone. I normally work evenings, but the past few weeks have been early mornings, so I'm trying to stay up later to adjust before Monday.

Cheers everyone...stay happy.

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I was happy till you posted that gif. Now I can only think about taking a baseball bat to the side of that twats head.

Sorry user...how about this one?

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>don julio


i dont know,i never really drank tequila straight until i bought a bottle of patron silver but its pretty damn smooth drank straight(however its the only way ive drank it.and tequila straight really isnt as bad as i thought it would be)

vague, but sounds bad ass lol

Much better. Thank you kindly.

Popov and good weed.

for a cheap 1.75 liter,popov is some good shit

I've been exceedingly lucky in life, but I've worked my ass off to be the best in my business too. The bottom line is that there are demographics who pay for my services happily because they have the disposable income to do so and because they revere the traditions I am a master of. The well will run dry at some point, that is certain...but for now it's a time of plenty in which I can save and stock up.

Life is good, and I love what I do. Very very few people can say the same about their daily jobs.

What about you? How are things user?

Yeah, sorry about that. Didn't mean to fuck up the good feels. Not everyone finds the American political situation as funny as I do....

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Griffo Stout Barrel Whiskey.

This shit is legit, makes a bomb old fashioned with some havana & hide bitters I got.

don’t do it. 44 and i’m worried i have some cirrhosis of the liver and perhaps thyroid-related issues... save your health for when you’re an old man op


Evan Williams (green label) and Coke. The hint of banana, cherry, & coconut are top notch.

Damn you sound like a high profile private investigator lol.

Life is good user, got my new puppy sleeping beside me and a drink in my hand so i cant complain


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although,the last time i drank rum was 151.and i drank way to much of it and ended up vomiting so maybe its better off that i didnt buy any

nice! I'm fucking allergic to pets, so no cats or dogs or horses or any other interesting animals for me. As for the job...well, it's high profile enough that I don't want to talk about it. The bottom line is that my clients believe that if they follow my advice they have a chance at some kind of 'immortality'....and although I have the knowledge to help them succeed, they don't always have the skill or work ethic in order to do so. Thus the well remains full because hope is inexorable in humanity. This is what hard work gets you.

Yeah...the poor people. The fuckin 2mb limits...can't post a damnt hing.

Oh dear...the only time I vomited was from too much vodka...didn't know I drank so much until it was too late...lol

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>didnt know i drank so much until it was to late

thats pretty much me,99 percent of the time i throw up from drinking

Do you grow your own shrooms? Was wondering how hard it was to do.

Shit user...well, for me it was an unfortunate accident, but it reminded me to pour a little less alcohol every time I started a new cup. So, first cup is proper mix of rum and coke, second is less rum more coke, etc.

Then I'm okay....If you do the same, you'll bef ine.

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Just finished 4 fingers of Gentleman Jack

i usually pour double shots,so maybe thats my problem.if i poured 1 shot instead of 2 maybe i could drink more,i dont know.i usually stop after like 3 double shots anyway

Well, it's just a stopgap against throwing up.

Also, I drink over many hours, so now the intensity isn't as bad. A steady buzz is good for me....anything else isn't great. But whatcan I say...I'm getting old.

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I guess being allergic to pets saves a lot of money in the long run

interesting job description lol

Don't know....I always wanted a cat or a dog...I think it would be cool. I had a girlfriend who had a few dogs...I was on allergy meds the whole fucking time when I was staying at her place. It's fine, but not ideal. And for whatever reason my body doesn't seem to adjust to it or adapt to it or whatever the fuck it can do....so I've decided that's just life for me. We all have problems, right?

Thanks...that's as far as I can go, and anyway it doesn't matter. Many of us Anons can do shit...and we get paid for it. The question at the end of the day is either "are we happy with work" or " does the money we make at work help us to be happy". I'm happy with work, and thus the money is a bonus. So, I'm fucking lucky, because too many people I know hate their jobs...no complaints.

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I always say "do what makes you happy" and if that happiness comes from making money then hell yeah so be it

Lagavulin 16

I agree, but the trick is if it's possible in life. As much as I'd recommend to others to 'do what makes them happy', the unfortunate reality for so many is that they HAVE to do what they don't want to do to pay off bills, loans, etc. The vast majority of people do work to afford to do the things they want to do...such is life. I'm not going to rub it in their faces, but I'm not going to complain openly about how 'hard' my job is. yeah, it's tough, but I fucking love being an expert at it, and I love the fact that people consult me as an expert. The superiority complex is real, and it's fucking awesome. But I know I'm lucky, so in life I tend to shut up about it. I don't here because I'm drunk and no one gives a damn or believes it anyway...lol

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Damn those are some true ass words Cred Forumsro

also, these videos you keep posting are epic

Good choice! I finished my scotch tonight so I'm on vodka tonics now. But I'll get more scotch tomorrow.

I appreciate it user...even though I'm aware that there are always other points of view to take into account..it's just how I feel. It saddens me a bit though...there are people I know, even family, who haven't been as lucky as I have been in work. I wish I could give them some help or solace...but I have none to give. Maybe the point is that I should make enough money to help them out in that way instead, so they don't have to work as much in the job they hate...who knows.

I keep collecting ones that I think are awesome...though the 2mg limit is shit. This one is one of my favorites though...it is the pinnacle, the climax of being truly fucked as an individual...

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Finishing off a mediocre NEIPA and then off to whiskey land.either i think i'll drink some four roses bourbon

Wat, I am not the wine user. No I haven't drank in two months meow.

Proud of you user. Weed skeeves me out so now my only vice is dat nic juice.

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