Would you be willing to take up arms and fight against socialism and communism?

Would you be willing to take up arms and fight against socialism and communism?

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Fight capitalism, not socialism.

Sure. Anything I can do. But I choose to not to everything

Yes, and I'm likely to in the next few years with how the world is going.

no I don't even want to live my life let alone give it up for some other asshole's world view

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Socialism and communism dont mean what you think they do. The whole left/right wing dichotomy is flawed.

Hell yes I would.

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Socialism = good.
You = moron.

ok. Give me $100 please. Because I need money. Ok then?

Everything can be made better. You're right!

No, but not because I like it, but because I'm a lazy shit and I'm not doing anything.

didn't think so, faggot

boy, you sure showed him!

no. i want communists to take over so they can steal everything and slaughter each other

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he's a dumb faggot that can't even back himself up. muh socialism is good unless it inconveniences him. And you're a cum guzzler too apparently. Maybe you can swamp each others cum. That's great socialism for you to practice.

>thinking this is socialism

>imagine being as dumb as you

hey guys check it out, the money just materializes out of a different dimension!


Oh, wait . . .
Since you are a capitalist, I will make you work for it. Now bend over and squeal, capitalist piggie!

Don't think much, do you?

i would like to take both of your moneys and give them to the needy

Nah, it gets stolen off of your paycheck in the form of higher taxes. And then you realize that you're busting your ass working longer hours and doing two people's responsibilities worth of work just so some lazy fuck sticks can sit around drinking PCP and playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater while claiming disability benefits for a fake injury. Then , you also realize that you're paying for those safe injection sites so that homeless drug addicts can feed their habit on your dime and not have to worry about getting killed while high. And then you realize that you're also paying so some shitty soccer mom can rush her kid to emergency and demand they be pumped full of antibiotics every time they cough.

I am needy. I just asked the retard to give me $100 but now he suddenly doesn't believe in giving to the needy because he realizes it comes out of his pocket. Go figure. Typical uneducated loser.

but it sorta actually does I mean they just print it willy nilly

We need communism, capitalism can only last so long and we're already in the late stages.

If communism actually somehow manages to come to power, I will gladly use and abuse my second amendment rights.

You think you stand a chance against the fucking American gvt?

Already are.
The great MEME WAR has left many casualties...mostly cat-fucking fembots.

>imagine thinking taxes are theft
You’ve got the right anger. You are being fucked, but not by the small number on welfare. It’s the bosses that employ you that make money off of doing it. They pay you less than you are worth and pocket the profit.

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>I will gladly use and abuse my second amendment rights.

>Be me, Soviet SKS rifle.
>Born to fight capitalist pigs!
>Covered in cosmoline and stored in a crate for 67 years.
>My crate finally moves! The time has come, comerades!
>Wait, some capitalist pig is looking at me?
>Two capitalist pigs are discussing ~PRICES~ for myself and my bretheren?!
>The great revolution never happened. The country I was meant to protect no longer exists.
>Purchased yet again by another capitalist pig.
>I was perfectly fine the way Sergei Simonov designed me but now I am stripped of my beautiful wood stock. In it's place is cheap American plastic garbage "Tapco."
>New owner pretends to be member of Soviet Worker's Party but is only pretend.


Yes!!! Stand up to the horrible socialist parts of American society like public schools.

Of course. Fuck nazis and fuck communists. It doesn’t matter what side if the aisle your brand of authoritarian fascist regime is on, you can take that bootlicking shit and get aids raped.

You can choke international communism is coming for you


>Communists are literally fascist

Lmao can't say I expected too much intelligence from a capitalist/communist retard

nah,americans think people who disagree with their political opinions are communists.they dont even know what a communist is


>take up arms

this,in a country that has let donald trump shit all over their 2nd ammendment for the past 4 years

what guns do americans even have anymore


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Well if everybody was a socialist who would earn the money for you to steal it from faggot?

stealing is for niggers

Nice one elon

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elon musk is a nigger

The Vietcong met the American military with sharpened sticks and won.

Besides, civil war wouldn't be fought between the people and the army. It'd be factions within the country and the army would likely back whichever would be more stable.

Communism and capitalism are both jew tools of subversion. Look up Jacob Schiff. Jew banker who helped start the private, for profit Federal Reserve AND finded the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. He was not the only one. The whole left/right and communism/capitalism bs are false dichotomies. It is a game to get goyim killing goyim.

So I guess you are okay with advanced capitalism. The one that have produced a very few -pencentage wise- ultra rich people, while millions of families leave from paycheck to paycheck and millions of families live in extreme poverty.
Think about this for one second: We currently live in a society very similar to the one depicted in "The Hunger Games or Elysium" movie. While there is no televised competition, people are still dying while the ultra rich live in a completely different world.
Now if you are rich, I'd understand you'd prefer this to continue, but if you are not, then shut up and take the time to get the facts before adopting any position.
Healthcare is a human right
Wealthy corporations must pay their fair share in taxes
Nothing wrong with employees owning a fraction of the company they work for.
Everybody would be better off if there is a more fair distribution of the wealth we all help produce in the richest country in the world.

Why would I have a machine gun and body armor if I wasn't?


it's all the same

just gotta make sure the lower class are angry at each other so nobody looks all the way up

No but I will to put your fascist asses back in the mud where your grandfathers left them.

Fighting the concept of ism is what we all should do including you mister favoritism

we already lost


lol moron you dont have the 2nd amendment anymore.

you have "gun rights"
your stupid semi under g"un righst" is very different from the private nuke under the second amendment which no longer exist.

you conservatives are such larping retards

god forbid we have a communist military ...oh wait we already do and they servw the jews. but i guess socialism only fails when it comes to healthcare.

lol none.

just pussy semi ARs

Okay Kojima


Yes, but the evangelicals, rep/dem neoliberals, and crypto fascists get the wall first

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this is Alpha Accelerationist AF

the vietcong had a better rifle and RPGs



this is true and im a diehard capitalist

Oh my uncle m...black bar memories

retard what do you think the federal reserve does

Go suck a fat one faggot fuck

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I look forward to this every damn day.

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Thats an interesting assessment granted youre the one with that webm saved, nigger

you're a retard btw
i like to see how your glock fairs againts a tank

Inflation lmao. Its fiat we're forced to use by legal tender laws.

Whatever Tom Hanks deus ex 1911

The nigger is the one fucking your mother, that's why she can't walk.

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were forced to use it period.
"ternder laws" is just stupid talk for dumb Americans

money jews just print from another dimension to tax people indirectly.

yes American has socialism. just not for the poor but for isreal

ok boomer

Lol cope bitch boi

If they ever fix capitalism, sure maybe. But they won’t.

>They pay you less than you are worth
Labor is worth what you agree upon, not what you think it should be. The only legitimate form of alienated labor is taxation. That's when the government siphons ~30 cents of every dollar you earn.

>but not by the small number on welfare
Wrong. 2/3rds of government spending is welfare. For every dollar you earn, Jamal directly takes 20 cents in the form of unemployment and medicare. The other 10 cents goes to roads and police.

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we should really eliminate the three most expensive programs in that chart

Fucking right I would. About time the government grew some balls, where do I enlist? I'm gonna take some skulls for Khorne.

true, socialism is what made USA the most powerful country in the world, not capitalism

>eliminate defense
>just let china invade us bro
lol no

No, but I would fight the retain our democracy and rule of law that Trump is trying to completely destroy

Let's see put more into the education budget and you don't have to put Medical budget the problem solved itself more doctors

Dive more into infrastructure people can get faster to hospitals