Let's Start a Harvey Discussion

Let's Start a Harvey Discussion.

He's been found guilty and may spend up to 30 years in prison. Cosby only got 10, for literal rape. All Harv did was trade acting gigs for sex, and most of the time just sexual favors. It's not rape.

He wasnt exposed until 2016, many of the starlets that accused him remained in close relations, and even posed for photos with him years after they were "taken advantage of"

He fucked gweneth, he fucked uma, he fucked rose, Check their IMDB and see how many miramax films those ladies have been in. It's the majority of their roles!

He did not force them to meet at his appartments, his house, or any other place he pulled his dick out to them... he did not sedate them... he offered them something, and he gave it to them ... all it cost was them was pride. Uma's worth 50mil, think she regrets sucking that dick when she's paying her grandkids college off with a single check? Maybe, but I think she'll just have to live with it.

Most likely he'll be dying in prison, but I hope he writes a book, and goes into detail about what each and every encounter was like.

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post more sluts

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except for the fact that he hired private investigators to charachter assasinate people who accused him and vowed they would 'never work again'.
Just imagine for a second you were the personal assistant of a faggot, and since he's on the road all the time he does a lot of his work in his hotel room. He wears a robe, not a tux or even casual, okay weird... but okay... then sometimes he doesn't bother to dress up. You can't say anything because this fag is paying your paycheque. So you just don't mention that you can see his wrinkly peen because you have rent to pay.
One day he pushes you on the bed and jerks off all over you - despite being a old fag he's suprisingly strong - you try to tell him to get away, but he's got some kind of super homo strength and he manages to finish all over you.
He says that if you don't tell anyone he'll give you a raise.
You can't punch him out because he'll press charges, you can't go to the cops because the velvet mafia will come after you.
So you just go to the bathroom and clean that old man juice off your face. You're too embaresed to admit that you, a hetrosexual man got a facial from a old fag.

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you pretend like there arent other jobs... rofl

Imagine taking that sweet virginity. No doubt this is what turned her lesbo

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all the videos will leak as the Weinstein Collection

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Name six in the same pay grade and who is hiring right now. But doesn't have a history or reputation for abuse.
I want to change careers myself.

He tried something with gweneth and brad pitt went to kick his ass.

the uma encounter apparently happened back after the success of pulp fiction, in the 90's... here's a picture of the two of them together much much later after the kill bills and uma's unfortunate plastic surgery.

Apparently him jerking off all over her didnt ruin their friendship

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Here's another #metoo slut, 10+ years after their "encounter"

I'll bet she fucked him multiple times.

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I love how you guys instantly forget that actors are literally paid to fake it when it comes to white knighting a ugly fat movie producer.
You're not even getting paid for this. You're almost as bad as the lefties who post schizo rants on Trump's twitter.

imagine pushing your hog into her and seeing every dick vein through her womb

just calling out whores man.

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Hopefully he'll say "Fuck it" and start leaking sex tapes. I would love to see these smug, arogent celebrities get knocked off their high horse and break their asses.

Why? Do you think it's actually going to have any impact? Do you think wide eyed Hollywood hopefulls are going to take vows of chasity now?

women find him more unattractive though... and he had sex... so women want him hanged

that's how it works OP, ugly guys are not allowed to breed, and if they do... 30 years in prison

I probably should care but I don't, however, I very much miss Weinstein Company flicks.

South park knew about him he was the alien TV executive that did spacedust and wanted people to suck on his jargoff or whatever

>in the same pay grade
exactly. there are plenty of jobs where jews don't jizz on your face. it's what 99% of us do. if you choose to stick to wiping jewish cum off your face it's because you want the money.

So you're saying the Jews should jizz on everybody's face? Why are you supporting this guy? What is he paying you?

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But how much is he paying me? Is he making me a multimillionaire? Is he making me a celebrity? Did I agree to trade sex for a lead roll in a film?

if you want to make millions it's not something you can just reach out and grab. you either gotta suck dick, or kill motherfuckers in your way, or be on some next level of talent and genius. unlike shit, money isn't just lying on the street.

they're all whores

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what was the last film he bankrolled? wasnt it that tarintino movie with samule l jackson raping a cowboy? lol thats pretty bizare and ironic

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heh, I wish that all the starlets that came out against him were listed in a row with the number of miramax films they've been in next to their names.

I'd do it but it's a lot of work, I'll do ashley judd.

They wanted to work in an ugly industry and they paid the toll. All of these idiots could have been working some regular job in a regular industry that isn't controlled by jew rapists but they looked at the cost of getting into show business and they deemed it worth paying to have their faces on magazines and still get to play pretend as adults. I have no sympathy for any of these women.

nvm, IMDB made it so that you have to pay now to see which corp funded what movies.... that's new.

Weird huh?

are they cancelled?


He's hideous to behold, like some kind of human-toad hybrid; has tiny, inverted genitalia apparently; and is a big funder of Democrats. Prison is where he belongs; don't care about whether he's guilty or not. Why? Because fuck him. That's why.

So, a jew rapist goes to prison, no one cares...

You jelly?

Of course he's ugly and has a tiny weird dick, if he didn't he wouldn't have to leverage sex out of women

>tiny genitalia

Why the fuck is that relevant?

>brings in politics

Ok, you can go back to your fucking nigger cuck threads now.

Funny when Uma Thurman’s a monk and her mom used to be married to Timothy Leary

Uma Thurman’s dad is a monk*
Fuck i’m high

Relevant's got nothing to do with it. I literally don't care about this guy. At all. Some rich guy is going to jail for, at best, repeatedly sticking his micropenis in crazy. Don't give a fuck. Same way I don't give a fuck when pro athletes get into trouble for fucking crazy bitches who are only fucking them to get something. As far as I'm concerned the whole thing is another "Princess Di is wearing a new dress" story.

OP here for the first time since posting the tim+eric jiff

It really seems like you do care man.

Personally, I hope he dies while salad toss man is eating his booty with syrup

I hope that Mossad smuggles him to Israel with all his money. Not even a Jew lover. I just support Harvey over these sluts.

What I care about is the premise of your post - that one guy's tragic, self-destructive dick-engineered shenanigans - is somehow something worth talking about like it's indicative of some serious social issue. Everyone involved is cancer. It's like being subjected to think pieces on whatever the Kardashians are up to.

I want to see this just so everyone finally learns rich people aren't held accountable for their actions

Can't happen too fast after Epstein, the goyim will know.

yeah, i think that's the most tell-tale sign of how bullshit it all is. they were cool with it until they realized that the only reason they ever had even minimal success in hollywood is because they fucked weinstein. those chicks were once young and hot and now they're old and crusty, and lots of hot young starlets are always landing in la. so gweneth, uma, and rose are now obsolete. they didn't have anything to lose, so why not try and ruin a man's life.

#metoo is just what it sounds like. a bandwagon of bullshit that all the has-been hags hopped on after they hopped off harvey.