Ask a sick black introvert anything

ask a sick black introvert anything.

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dam are you sick today to brother

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Why are you black?

yup :( I haven't been in the mood to do anything.
because the stars were in perfect alignment with each other, or something.

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Does it hurt?

not really, but my throat is irritating.

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who is this?

Mal malloy

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No I mean being black, does being black hurt?

how big is your dick and how much do you want to put it in a trap?

it's around 8 inches, and id gladly trade my life to stick it in a trap.

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>Mal malloy
Thanks Cred Forumsro

I most likely don't have it

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Is god an atheist?

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I never really thought about that. maybe?

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Thicc bitches and traps? My nigga

Favorite pornstar?

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I'm quite the deviant.

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Heather Brooke.

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You play video games?

yup. every day of my life.

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Longest break away from Cred Forums?

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Again with this shit? Get a life dude

What kinda games are you into, I'm also introverted irl but I love games where I can socialize, mostly pvp based. Also jerk off to thick women and traps

How do you buy games when you don't have a job?

Check this one out. She's my favorite.

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I think the longest time I've spent away from Cred Forums and Cred Forums in general was a week or 2 last year.
I do have a life
I mainly play online games like destiny 2, apex legends, Warframe, etc. but I also love rpg games like skyrim, dragon's dogma, etc.
I have parents that sometimes get them for me.

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Do you have OldeEnglish800virus?

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I don't drink.

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Hunt: Showdown is on sale right now if you don't already have it. Super fun, check it out.

Who is your favorite degenerate, and why is it Yaniv?

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Jessica Yaniv rivals The Grifter in moral repulsiveness.

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it does look fun, but there's no way this game will run comfortably on my PC.

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This is a gay black introvert tranny thread. Leave politics out of it.

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How's the job search going, OP?

OP. Are you hiding?

Is it because you know I'm here now. And yes, I'm going to shit up your thread.

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Sauce on this?

Look up tranny faggots on Pornhub. That'll be a good start.

He's sick everyday. He's a lazy degenerate.

OP, check out this babe.

She do anything for you?

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Why are Traps so appealing to others?

Who do you main on Warframe?
I'm a Nidus guy myself.
Khora for defense.
Titania for fun.

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Because they're superior to gross cis women. Look upon beauty personified.

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I guess I'll humor you for a little bit.

I main equinox prime because of her uniqueness.

and I run chroma for things like eidolon hunting.

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I wish there was some momo or mal with the onlyfans stuff.

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Have you made any progress in getting the GED?

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Not enough cock. Leave my thread

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I do have some on my PC, but it's currently busy transferring files.

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Why not? You can get it online. You clearly have internet access. Make sure it's accredited though.

black introvert would never be so mean

If you want to get a job grocery stores and gas stations will be really relaxed about the no highshool thing they aren't great but they are a start.

I'm still in a ged process currently.
I'm not mean, that wasn't me posting that.

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Is it corona time?

yeah that was the plan for me. I just have to work on my social skills.
hopefully not.

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When will you get it though? How far are you in the process?

I'm still on the first step out of 4.

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You work on them by real life interactions. Not with internet and online video games.

Damn, dude it's been months. What's taking so long?

AIDS patient zero.

yeah I know that. but gaming does help alot.
money is still an issue. I'm not the only one who has to take it.

forgot the pic.

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MAGA 2020 right Cred Forumsro?

You might not believe me but I do want to see that you are improving your situation.


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I'll be your personal trap if you post your dick in this thread with a timestamp

Also I'm gonna fuck off for now. Let the degeneracy commence.

maybe another time. I'm not in the mood to post a dick pic atm.

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Cmon, I'll do whatever you want to make you cum

I'm too sick to do that.

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You need to wake up son

>posts tik too

yeah... I'm not clicking that.

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>falling for the Chinese hacker meme

>yeah... I'm not clicking that.
You think tiktock tracks you more than Facebook Google Amazon Microsoft Steam Disney Netflix?

no. I just don't want to click on something that's potentially terrible.

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Oh! no it's tight. That creator is based

Are you still here JG?

Skinny Jeans or Regular?

I prefer skinny jeans.

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At what age should men stop wearing skinny jeans?

maybe when they're in their late 30s

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Are you a fan of the black probation guy or possibly, maybe, slightly him?

So is anyone going to give source on this goddess?


Penny Kitten you hear that......OMG get UP!


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