Fuck you Cred Forums, she was one of the good ones

Fuck you Cred Forums, she was one of the good ones.

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Literally who?

2/100 roastie

she's had 2 abortions

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Ciara isn't a dude.

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Fuck you, buddy.

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We literally don't care bro. Sorry.

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Rip you bros really think she's dead?

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this is a damn good flipoff reaction thread

>13 posters

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whos that ugly boy?

67 flipoff reactions - not sure what point youre trying to make

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That 13 people have been posted 60 middle finger reaction pics you mongaloid

Youre so mad, its precious


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Her pupils are the size of dishplates. She is high as a fucking kite.

So... Is this horrible cunt/beautiful angel dead or not dead?

I'm still waiting on pins and needles for concrete proof so I can either mourn or celebrate. Or both.

Some ethot named Eliza Dolittle.

More like the best one. Didn't she have newds?

Rip our beautiful angel, this is obviously the wrong board though. All these horny 14 year old Cred Forums dwellers don't give fuck a fuck unless she's got 11 inch diameter tits or an 11 inch dick.
she was on antidepressants
She was anything but a boy, she was a wonderful whore
still not confirmed by anything except anecdotal reports by people who knew her(including her sister and ex(?)boyfriend).

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Ciara Horan*

>another generic druggie whore
>good one
>Died of an overdose

Kill yourself cuck

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She’s alive

if you proved it I would love you user but I don't believe you

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Drop you Kik and I shall

good makeup

Anti depresants do NOT make your pupils big. Only ampetamines do that.

Only way I’m gonna show proof


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you think shes got a whole dick hidden somewhere in this pic? I really don't think so
wellbutrin can, though she did have a short speel on instagram about possibly being on stimulants in 12th grade? who knows. but I know her real drugs of choice were always opioids, which do the opposite.

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Again she’s alive, if you want the proof then drop your Kik

Did she kill herself or did Cred Forums just tell her to fuck off and we won't get nudes anymore?
Also the thread full of middle fingers is pretty intense OP.

whatchu waitin for?
if shes dead it would be from an od of laced benzos or just too much opioids. likely the former as thats what has been said by someone who was close to her

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I bet no one here even knows her first given name before Eliza or Ciara

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>heroin addict
>"One of the good ones"


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Oh my God, those skinny thighs and that gap

her feet would have to be literal perfection if this is how ugly her face is, because I can NOT cum to this
and frankly for a wahmen if I can't fuck 'em then IDGAS about them so no, she was not one of the good ones
she's just mulch... unless you have the most epic feet pics I have literally ever seen


not fake at all. her little sister has them too though you don't need to see those.

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>That 13 people have been posted 60 middle finger reaction pics you mongaloid

Umm, 13 times 60 would mean that there were 780 images posted in this thread........

> fucking millennials!

What is her sister's name?

Helen, shes on the right of pic related

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Are you retarded? Its divided by not times lol

What flavor of the week are you obsessed with now user?

So it is Helen Horan for her real name?

Nobody cares

No, I was making a point about how shitty his English and punctuation was. What he posted made it sound like 13 people had each posted 60 images.

He should have wrote it as 13 people have combined to post 60 middle finger reaction pics. That would have been what he meant, although it was still an incorrect assumption. Some of the 13 posters have not posted any images.

Bye, whore. Enjoy the impending Hellfire.

Fuck you

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Yes, and Nate Horan is the one on the bottom of that pic.

Family photo

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Qt puh 2t

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Searches under the family member's names find no one in Pennsylvania, other than a woman that died at age 90 back in December.

mega of her?

Are you talking about the death certificate or just confirming they live there? Because the old dox says exactly where she lived but obituaries don't have to be public.
I'll post the vk album if the thread is still alive by the time I get out of the shower.

>I'll post the vk album if the thread is still alive by the time I get out of the shower.

I hope this thread dies like she did.

Confirming that they live there. Then was going to look for proof of her death. What was the old dox address?

pls do user.


>bad skin
>one of the good ones

pick one