Unpopular opinions

Unpopular opinions.
I’ll start:
Queen was a seriously overrated band.

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beach boys were better than the beatles

Define 'seriously'. Like if Queen are rated by most as a 10, where would you rank them?
Who is your 10?
Who would you rate similar to Queen?

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Shenmue was one of the greatest video games ever made.

Reddit is good

You take that back

real freedom is free

All of humanity needs to die.

i will not

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You'd be amazed how many people hate the beetles. Fuck those braindead junkies

Idk about an arbitrary ranking system, but to me they’re butt rock status. Like somewhere around whitesnake and bon jovi

Beatles* fkn phone posting

They aint no Justin Bieber.

john lennon got game ended by a snubnose .32



I getcha, that comparison helps. But who do you think is worthy of the kind of praise Queen gets?

Bad religion

he should have been freddy uranus

Haha get it? Cause he was a fag

.38 is such a pussy round imagine dying from such a small caliber lmao

I feel like Queen and the Beatles were amazing because what they represented not that they were the most talented i feel the same way about Bob marley like hes jam but ya know whatever

Thanks user
I get it... because he was an ASStronaut. Then he because a AIDStronaut.

Joker was a shitty and seriously overrated movie liked by chan autists who fap daily to blacked porn.

But the earth would be pretty based if isolationist nationalism won and we all just stuck to our own races and land.

The world is shit because of globalism

What you meant to say was

>You take it black

Like dicks I mean

Pretty sure alot of people feel that way

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Dogs are fucking annoying.

I never cared for red dead redemption

Small dogs are annoying, big ones are good boys (when trained not to bark)

Delete this fucking post

You mean green bean vagene?

ADHD doesn't exist. an attention deficit is caused by porn, junk food and videogames anyone who produces this degeneracy is a burden on the population

all popular figures who glorify fornication, sodomy, drug use or shame incels produce a burden on the population.

psychiatrists who market a exogenous substance as a cure to peoples anxiety, depression or other minuscule issues should be sent to prison.

the first one was pretty good

Chink or Muslim?

Queen would be less awful if white people didn't lose their shit over them

Trump is doing a good job

>inb4 this turning into a trump hate thread.
>inb4 pol

Friends is the most overrated show ever made


Better than this dump

Yes sir

>Neil Pert's drumming was stilted and awkward.
>Trump's Presidency will be surprisingly forgotten, for all the rhetoric and bluster from both sides, there is not going to be much lasting impact good or bad. He won't have the impact of say LBJ or Nixon, he'll be more like a Bush Senior or Buchanan
>If you're hi IQ autistic or a sperg, you have no excuse for not being good at socializing. Clearly those who complain that their 'tism stops them from forming friendships and relationships haven't put the time and effort into studying social interaction and normie psychology as they would their favorite pokemon or African Bird Species or whatever affectations they got
>Power doesn't corrupt. You have to be corrupt in the first place to ascend the ranks of power. I like the Robert Caro approach
>"when a man has power, then you see his true nature"
>Hanlon's Razor explains everything where someone isn't making a huge profit. The world is less organized and there are less supervillains than you think.

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I tried to get into it some many times and I really liked games like that just couldn't do it. Big fan of elder scrolls fallout farcry all that just couldn't do red dead I even like that early xbox game I think it was called outlaws just I dunno man

Nirvana sucks.
Oasis sucks.
Reading is overrated.

la noire was really good set in the 50's detective

You're making all of us read.

THANK YOU! Fuck cry baby cobain but readings alright

Reading is fundamental

The only thing worse than dogs is their shit-tier human owners. They're always exactly the same, walking in parks with them off leash, saying stupid shit like, "They're a good boy, they don't bite." Put them the fuck on a leash and while you're at it, stop posting shity pictures of them and talking about them ALL THE FUCKING TIME. They're not your children and it's a legit mental illness if you like your dog that much.

Foot fetish is best fetish

Darn right they were

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The remake of The Producers was awsome

Maybe 60% or more of the use of the word 'degenerate' is actually revealing a jealously. Thot policing is not actually about morals, it's about being angry that those thots won't fuck them.
It's kind of like climate activists - they rant and rave - yet seem very disinclined to focus their efforts on anything that will actually precipitate change.

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Whaddup Fam

youtube.com/watch?v=xyx9fUp5DfY Notre Dame was burnt down on accident.

Cred Forums is lifeless

Nice thumbnail faggot

I'm a proud owner of a German shep, and I have literally all the same complaints as you, probably even more. Retards not leashing their dog is a constant threat to me. They think it's cute when their little mutt comes to fuck with my dog and attacking her while my dog might rip its face off (and the government will blame me for it) retarded owners really are the problem

People that say on accident are handicap.... by accident and people that call the ground the floor, flooring inside ground is outside


The amount of times I've been at a park with my two young children (>5) and a dog has come running towards us. I will charge the dog and yell at it so it fucks off and the owner always strolls over, confused as fuck like, "They're just coming to say hello?" Oh, right... My bad. I should have let a stranger's dog come running at my two vulnerable children and just on good faith assumed it wasn't going to attack one of them. This shit pisses me off so much and I'm always ready to boot someones dog if it comes anywhere near me and my family.

You're an idiot

Also dog owner and approve of this definatley would kill dog before it bites kid

The only good thing to come out of Nirvana is Dave Grohl. Kurt Cobain is by far the most overrated singer in the history of music. He's a fucking dumpster that only became famous after killing himself. He is an Eddie Vedder wannabe who will never have the talent like Eddie.

Fuck Kurt Cobain. He's a fucking pussy faggot

I nearly got into about 10 fights this year for telling people to leash their fkn dogs. They always back up offended like they're the victim of me making a simple request.

I hate normies

Everything is possible
It's sad that it's an unpopular opinion.


But saying its overrated.
"The books better."

Go fuck yourself

Corona isn't that fucking bad and people just want panic porn to feel like something exciting is happening around them, so now the effects of the panic are 10x worse than the disease ever would or could be


This thread is just fine!

So again we ask are you a chink or a Muslim?

on what grounds?

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Based and whitepilled. Thanks for the life-fuel

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Rape is a fundamentally patriarchal word. It is a word for an act of theft, not sexual violation, it only came to mean the later because women would be kidnapped - implying that they were property stolen from their family's and fathers. Not every feminist if you ask me.
This makes it even more confusing when used in the context of spousal rape and date rape. Most people when they think of rape think of a sudden and random attack, probably in a piss stained alleyway at night.
It's a stupid terminology that hampers the efforts of feminists and thoroughly implies women are the property of men.

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this is hard to wrap my mind around it.
You should work on this and make it easier to comprehend.

My other pet hate is when I go to the park for a picnic and someone has brought their dog. They like dogs enough that they decided to bring it along but not enoguh that they want to be anywhere near it. So they leash it to a tree and then set up 10m away and ignore it whining and barking then entire time they're at the park. Fuckin leave it at home dumb cunt so it doesn't piss off everyone who's trying to enjoy the park.

Fuck I hate dogs so much.


C...can the ADHD from my degeneracy be reversed with a dopamine fast, nofap, and meditation?

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Not a chink or a Muslim. I'm a white Australian, 5th generation, English heritage..

Tool is the worst band ever played on the radio.

Rape comes from the Latin word for 'theft'.
When a woman is "raped" it means she's "stolen". When you steal something like a car, sunglasses, a melody, or a slave called Tyrone, it has a owner - right?
So when a woman is 'raped' it means she is owned by someone - that someone is probably her father. She is property of her father. She is not a stronk independent wyman. She is a possession, an object of financial value to her father.
Does that help? Are you with me so far?

>>this is where Q posts are now?

>going to the park for a picnic
This is the most retarded normie thing I’ve ever heard. Do you even realize where you are fuckhead?

Loving dogs is a quintessential part of anglo and germanic cultures. You're not white if you hate dogs, simple as

most definitely, i recommend abstaining from unhealthy foods and taking a fish oil supplement.

I am at 34 days without busting a nut and my concentration is thru the roof!
I am unsure of meditation but exercise releases Anandamide which is a cannabinoid Cb1 & Cb2 receptor agonist and Phenethylamine which is a stimulant very similar to amphetamine. it freedom to not rely on medication

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ADD is shit.

>guy i knew: can't hold down a job cause ADD
>same guy: can play vidya for 12 hours a day straight

The book usually is better, but perhaps not as entertaining.

I hope the corona virus wipes out half the worlds population.

It's unfortunate but you clearly lack the intellectual capacity to even begin comprehending how little your worthless, shit-brain opinion means to me.

Apologies for not being a full-time, Cred Forums trawler like yourself. I have a family and a life, so I tend to get out.

Drugs aren’t bad if you have self control

Not him and dumb question but, how do you explain 'post nut clarity'? How come no matter how late it is in the evening, if I coom, all of a sudden I turn into a fucking type-A personality. My room gets cleaned. Various tasks get completed. Projects get started. Documents get written. Where as before, I didn't even realize I was horny and would aimlessly browse twitter or facebook until out of sheer boredom I would decide to fap? (yes decide)

Idiocracy, that movie from 2006 is now a full fledged documentary.

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Cat purrs are annoying

Ah, so you have no argument, nigger. I stated the fact that dogs are an archetype of European lifestyle and imagery, and the peak of your response is
>ur dum

The fact that your brown thumbs are pushing down upon a white invention makes me nauseous

Thanks fren. Screencapped and going to delve deeper into the receptors you mentioned

Pink floyd and the Beatles.

Massively overrated.

As a Hispanic I don't get the hate for trump at all.
Immigration is important the country hasn't gone to shit despite what everyone said and the dude has never been racist ever.
And everyone who's Mexican and cries about the detention centers yet while Obama was president those fuckin places where still open cause I fuckin worked at one.