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Look at dat cute lil face I wanna pinch dat cheek

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Hi blueblue

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Hi pinkpinkpinky
Hope youre doing better today

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That's me
I'm doing better, sorry for embarrassing myself
Lil bit hungover

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konata from Lucky Star

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Embarrassing yourself?
I don't remember anything like that, just that you felt bad
And maybe an aspirin could help with the hungover

Chinatsu from the kyoko anime

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I don't really remember what I typed, I wanted to say more but I couldn't do the captchas so I gave up. I just had some water

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how are you
cuddle cuddle

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Captchas are hell, sad
And water is OK, if you dont eat anything fat related probably you gonna feel better really soon

Better than yesterday
Probably because friday
Hope your doing good chi

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that's good :)
yeah i'm doing okay, have to leave in 2 hours or so, to get my hair cut.. i don't really wanna go outside but i gotta

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if anyone needs anything?
i am hear for you

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nice pink
It's alright, I'm feeling okay now. I'm a little scared to eat anything though
I hope you're okay, it's nice seeing you
Hi n poster

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nothing that i can think of right now, but i'll let you know once i think of something :)
cute pinky

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are you doing ok?
do you need anything?
i am hear if you want to talk
i care

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when someone takes your original picture and uses it just for the sake of using it

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I'm doing okay
That sucks :(

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I remember something about really expensive prices
The isnt another place to go for a hair cut near you?

Maybe you can vomit but its better than nothing
Probably having your stomach empty gonna make you feel worse

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Yeah, I'll have something to eat soon I think, maybe a sandwich

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What is the point of these threads ? Just curious

yesterday you posted that you where struggling.
you dont have to struggle alone, i am hear to help

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It's a cult, be careful
Sorry I didn't mean it like that
I was just incredibly drunk I couldn't even type properly, I've never been drunk before so I didn't know what it would be like. I'm doing okay

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Keep it up

We just talk
Nothing really amazing but you can join if you want

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cuddle cuddle

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i have and trust me when i say it is not worth it.
at least you have that expirance now. learn from it.

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I’m new here and no just wondering is there some reason behind these anime characters you guys post? I notice that these threads always start out with that anime character with her eyes half shut

It's okay I had fun, aftermath wasn't as fun though
No more drinky for me
OP is aki, they post akari. we all have characters we post as so people know who we are. Sometimes the OP is a different picture but it's usually this one

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That image is just akari sleepy
And the anime character are just personally selected
I post klonata because its cute

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i kand feel that this is a split of form the waifo threads.

i post in both but
this one is more nicer then then that one

good that is a path that i do not want to see you go down

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Nice hugs
Heyhey there
Sorry, don't worry I don't drink normally. Sometimes things are just too hard to deal with
I probably won't drink again for a long time

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robo, nice song :)
hug hug

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you do not have to deal with them alone.
you are not alone.
i have been down that path and now i am out.

i am willing to do what ever you need
i care

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My pink fren :)
I'm feeling good buddy. Just watched a movie with about this and other songs.

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I appreciate you, hug
My robo fren

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you have my discord

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They're nigger faggots who don't know how to use 4chanX and give themselves usernames

good to hear :)
hope you enjoyed it
i should probably go to sleep soon, but only after my haircut later.
what are you up to

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How are you m8?
Love and mercy is the name if you ever wanna check it out. Really interesting and emotional movie. I'm doing good m8.

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Yeah I do, I'm just really weird about adding people I'm sorry
I'm doing okay thanks
Little sleepy, how are you?
100% correct and not ridiculous

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i get it, i do not give got my discord to my IRL, page and i do not give out my discord to my IRL page

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I'm ok, just resting n having sum drinks. How is my pink fren doing :)?

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it seems pretty fun!
i'll see if i have time for it soon
good :)

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Yeah, I spend a lot of time on Discord and it's a little bit of a problem for me
I'm glad you understand
That sounds fun, I got drunk for the first time yesterday and it was pretty interesting. Still a little hungover
Nice hugs

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Yay it's dino china :)

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nice pinky

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:) patpat

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nice borger :)

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I wonder where the CEO of it is..

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water and carbs and aspen

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i have no idea
also, i have no borg pic sorry :(

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I like the sound of water
It's okay, I'll make you a burger instead

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Fun fact: Paul McCartney said this was his favorite song
Not my first time, but enjoying the night. Feeling pretty nice. Hope you're having a good day.

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I'm glad you're enjoying yourself :)
Drink safely pls

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usels fact of the day: the sound of water is different depending on the tep

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yayyy thank you :)
very nice :)
what's your favorite song

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That's a neat fact, I like it
patpat, nice pink

I'm going to lurk a little bit now frens, ty for being nice to me every day

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Hi there N fren. Was too lazy to torrent and watched the og cut of Attack of the Clones earlier today.
Don't worry m8. I'm not drinking too much. Just enjoying something small while talking with frens.
Heroes and Villians or Surf's up. The albums Pet Sounds or the Smile Sessions deserve a listen. Albums that can compete with Sgt. Pepper in terms of creativity in the 60s.

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i like sad songs b/c
well you know why

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are you planing on watching 3 next?

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Yes, i did see it before but I've never seen 1 and 2. Those jokes about Anakin hating sand and the high ground made me wanna watch the prequels entirely. Also Obi Wan. Haven't seen that much memes and love for the Disney Sequel trilogy. I haven't seen them. You enjoy them N?

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before you see 3 whach this

i am ONE OF THOSE kinda star wars fans.

i was first in line for all of them
Disney Sequel trilogy made me nerd rage

i could go on a hole tangent on why thay where good and bad

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>gonna take sum time to watch.
I do enjoy the og trilogy. Prequels have their moments. Though PM was fucking boring. I'll check the sequels later.
Also that radiohead unplugged was really good.

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such hecking dummies makes wory so muchies

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that was when mtv was good


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bun bun makes the best soop within 5meters off bun

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Hey bun
When MTV meant 'Music TeleVision'

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soop to hot need more gazpacho cereal
made in abyss is not downloading


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hoi metal man with gun sometimes

no gapachos
just stream it then dum

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Bunny buddy! How r u? I like m&m 2.

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i am like
5 more 6 than seven but lets keep it at 5 ooout off 10

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want soop in a stick!!!

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there is going to be an error in the space time continuum tomorrow don't worries about it

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You having a good time?
In merica" it'll be on March 8th

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how many days are there is fab?

8 days nto March

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never mind

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Getting l8. Too tired to chat. I'll talk to u guys more tomorrow. Goodbye.

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hehe saw the thread yesterday, you seem funs people

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tiny fren. eye lik dat. knot hab enyting lik dat two gib bak
knot sur bout dat we jest starre et wallz hear

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I enjoyed that one.
Get down from there
Usually chill here.

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I probably can't talk much but hello frens

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nodtalgia, I can offer you a dorime remix

perfectt, that's my persona lity type

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>usually chill here


Attached: __morgana_kitagawa_yuusuke_sakamoto_ryuuji_niijima_makoto_sakura_futaba_and_etc_persona_5_and_etc_dr (850x1175, 321K)

eye dot hab two listten two a pantlezz ship
whyy yew attack we lik dis. wel ifb knot sea yew hop yew habben funn
den yew wal fitt rite inn

Attached: 1585676894379.jpg (2435x3246, 1.17M)

eye em sorrey et juzt sqweez
eye sorrey four gettin drunked en knott rezponden, eye hop yew well
eye sea yew suun plz stayy safee ebil wun

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Hey there, see you later.
playing some gacha at the moment.
What are you up to?
It's because you're evil.

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et knot sqweez et sneakyy hug. yew knot trick we. knot hab bee sorry four dat jest mak sur yew knot drinkin four baad reasonz. den sea yew wen sea yew pinky fren
et beetar den beein a lewd pantlezz bare fox ship

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hehe :3 I think so
playing some ovwatch and listening to nsruto ops.
i started procrastinating on playing story game and went to a multiplayer

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hi again guys bun is trying to...
krooh pyyh.....
trying to like fix sleepy schedule and fells asleep....
buns arent made for this!!

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didn't work, sorry

where is my faptua?
i need no hug my faptua
i feel safe when i am holding my faptua

Attached: Nteddy.jpg (438x397, 19K)

ahoyy bunbun fren. dis whyy sayy gow slep wen slepy now hab two drink sugar coffee two fix slep schedulle
high pink garrlic fren ded yew rember two pik upp da tings et storre

Attached: 1359486386542.jpg (600x600, 161K)

eye bought chipssz end noodlez

Attached: 327.jpg (192x192, 3K)

hi back im bun

moth moth will be back like after looong wait he say
but he is fine no worry he says too!!

sugar in cofffee trully ruins it!!!!
true ebillness!!!!

Attached: 1573063842608.jpg (1200x910, 151K)

good lucks sleeping :3 still strugglin to sleep at 4am instead of 5 am

hhm hi! hows it going

Attached: 0b581819d7b1a4dd5e92298aa3cbb07a.jpg (551x675, 60K)

how's the gangsta life treatin' you
hey a makoto postere :)
i like Persona too :3
my favorite is P3

Attached: 49.jpg (638x768, 126K)

ooh umm also i'm doing well :)
how are you

but faptua was my teddy.
what am i to do with out a teddy?
i need a stuffy

Attached: n27.jpg (119x117, 3K)

no sleeping!!!!
i stay awake !! and then go bit earlier than desired time to sleep!!!
then fixed!!!
but nap
cause bun needs hees sleeps!!

pretty sweeeet
i get women and money
and fame
and criminal records are exciting
oh also alot off ice cream

who are you what do you want!!!!!
here take my money!!
now stop robbing me!!!

i dunno!!
he want this respect hes decitions dummy!!!!

Attached: 1571360891896.jpg (736x1040, 109K)

yew fourgott da drink how gowin washh chipz down. wut kiind chipz
dar nuffin wrong wiff sugar inn coffee!!! black coffee ez ebil n disgustin

Attached: 1689787354845834.jpg (512x384, 79K)

well sugar ruins the coffee!! ebil!!!
i drink coffee black so it must be ice!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the shimmering blue right after the rain stopped.
I love how you look at the sky right before folding up your umbrella.

Attached: 1573106738778.png (411x400, 68K)

referring to your earlier reply
here's some sad songs i like: youtu.be/Esz_s9OOjdw
''songs'' btw hehe
that sounds fun!
it's too cold for ice cream though, it snowed here yesterday, was it the same for you?
dubs again
eye bought pringles Hot & spicy, alsow bought alcohol actually, not gettin drunk, onli tipsy

Attached: 105.jpg (1281x961, 419K)

Says you. What are you up to?
That's nice, I don't play Overwatch anymore was fun though.
Hey again, pink.

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A-anyone wanna pat me? I'm a... virgin, please not too rough >.

Attached: neko156.jpg (768x432, 46K)

Attached: cookies_on_the_potato_chips_dont_tell_mom.png (1000x1000, 1.21M)

it did rain but i still like ice cream it tasty -.-

pattings lewd and lewd is illegal

hey doremis nice
i even drew for him once
but he doesnt come to this thread he likes s4s the best

Attached: 1571752264973.jpg (1569x2048, 301K)

hey warspite
just got my hair cut finally, there was a guy coughing and stuff, i'm prolly gonna die.
how's it hangin'
sounds lewd, also, are you the one that made the ''pat my head'' threads? prolly not huh, i miss them
*pat pat*
what's your favorite ice cream?
i like pistachio and umm cookie dough from ben & jerrys

Attached: 0055.jpg (866x1155, 200K)

finally a nother persona fan
cant wait for Royal!!!!! I always hear 3 and 4 are nice soo I'm definitely going to play them... some day :3

nap is a blursed thing for me, but I recommend sleep a lot, is pretty ggod

Attached: a2f4c9ab39d558273b4acb0d78124d70.jpg (500x466, 43K)

I dont understand the hate for doremi

Attached: Konata1382.jpg (800x681, 140K)

Never seen those, but i have been starting unofficial versions of neko loli threads, the originator hasnt been seen for a while uwu

Attached: lolineko.jpg (700x1016, 82K)

you haven't played them yet!! :o
i started with persona 5 (got it for my birthday)
then P4G, after that P3FES on the ps3
yeah royal seems cool, i should preorder it for sure, maybe the collectors edition but i'm reluctant to spend so much money on something then again, totally worth it.
you need a vita for persona 4 golden sadly :(( i hope you have one
i also played the Persona Q games on the 3ds i really lliked them
also, i like you already, don't ignore me like the previous person i met that likes persona please, they're ghosting me and i don't know why
sorry, you mght be new then, that's okay, the ''pat my head'' threads haven't been posted for about 2 months now, so i understand
oh i know the original poster. but we'll have to leave it at that, if that's okay

Attached: 42.jpg (750x719, 281K)

Hey were you the one who posted Sims in a thread earlier?
My area isn't doing much better, some confirmed cases others were cleared.

Attached: Screenshot_2019-12-07 Azur Lane Queen's Orders Chapter 1 Online For Free - MangaNelo com(1).png (405x413, 164K)

i dont get that!!!!
pistachmios in ice cream!!!
fluffy ones fav too!!
you guys are cray cray!! i will nnnnever fall for your tricks!!!!
when i taste it i bet both off you laugh at me and say "we tricked you into eating something not real ice cream bahahahahaha"

sleep nice
always oversleep
i need to fix sleep schedule again cause i screwed it up in 1 day -.-

doremi reeallly nice!!!
i think!?!
not seen alot him!!
maby just all ebils hate him

maby lil lewd!?!?!!?
ceice your illegalities!!

Attached: 1572046138979.jpg (1200x1200, 80K)

et mak et beetar!!! yew jest hab baad ttaste budz. ifb yew drink et et mustt hab furr inn et. r yew lewding da embrella stob dat
berry gud chipz. gud dot wantt gett sic ore end upp habben baad tim
knot two muchh jest utube gam n tinkin wut two watchh. eye dot know wut two dew

Attached: 1978575645.jpg (400x600, 37K)

sugar makes it yack!!!!!
you have worse taste if mines bad!!!!!
it does not have fur it does not!!! and i bet you would like fur in it!! cause you talk about my fluff all the time!!!
i was just singing your song -.-

Don’t forget me even if it cleared up.
The wind will carry me away,
To the distant fantasy!

Attached: 1571879687400.jpg (217x356, 18K)

newerk speed just droped and cpu just jumped for no reason


Attached: n26.jpg (119x117, 2K)

sorry to hear that bun not pistachios in icecream, pistachio ice cream is like totally different you know sorry, hope it doesn't sound rude. i'm sorry. il ike you buunnn
nooo not going to laugh at youuu that would be mean and i'm not mean
knot goin two bee sic aaaaa eye stil hav two do som school work stuf things

Attached: 78.jpg (1533x1824, 207K)

if win 10
its either
disk defragment
windows defender doing its things
or virus -.-
but the virus is unlikely unless you pirate those weird things

i have never had!!! cause it sounds like a trick!!! a trick fluffy one and you are on!! trying to trick me!!!!!!

Attached: 1571925761455.jpg (1535x2048, 242K)

ok something weird is going on.
open office trying to use my camera. and i keep hitting end task but it keeps poping up

will be back online once i fix this thing


yess!!! I started playing P5 on 2018, had a break after kamoshida xd, then joker in smash!?!? lol, learned more English ;3 and beat it completely
funny that I'm listening to colors flying high rn(it's the song used with the dynamic theme they give you if you pre-order royal, it's a shattered glass with all the phantom thieves, recommended!! ;3)
don't have a vita or play3 but I'll manage, P5 one of my fav games (also bc I dumped +150 hours hehe)
I also like you a lot :3

f, have dorime instesd

don't worry I'm same, try to sleep as hard as you can! it'll work eventually

Attached: 40f9075457ed18ad69a8902f43f52d44.jpg (750x750, 118K)

Hey Chinatsu got drunk really quickly, he might not be able to reply properly but he's still here, I'll try get him to have water

Attached: Riamu381.jpg (1200x1688, 204K)


staying awake sure is hard -.-

neither off you should drink -.-
neither off you cant handle it at all -.-

Attached: 1572594356201.jpg (1733x2048, 212K)

ok i think i fixed it.
that vpn i had was not a vpn
so ya

Attached: n33.jpg (119x117, 3K)

I've been doing that a lot lately, just mindlessly browsing, pouty friend .

Attached: warspite_azur_lane_drawn_by_seo_tatsuya__sample-a977e71f74f4e03bd5e0cbfa4c589f9e.jpg (850x1080, 229K)

I think china gets drunk really quickly
I just had way too much, I'm okay now though sorry bun

Attached: Riamu338.png (1529x1087, 955K)

are you two together or something?

you having too much too quickly faallls into the gatedum off not being able to handle it at all -.-

stupid words i dont know -.-

Attached: 1572862618658.jpg (1200x900, 142K)

i agree with buns statement

Attached: n18.jpg (119x117, 2K)

China wants me to say yes
I'm okay, I won't drink again for a while I think, unless aki wants to tomorrow

Attached: Riamu453.jpg (890x894, 453K)

not a trikc just you shoudl eat it
after kamoshisa but thats the fuist boss
yeah i have a sqwich and i bouight the dlc immedialtely
i like that sonfg
that petty cool
wait you eget a theme that's realtt cool
150@@@ i noyl got like 80 hours i think
only sd one playtrhoihg
i love ytuouuu
love uou

Attached: 116.png (500x688, 143K)

hehe neko loli thread, i have a cat on my own, he's very kawaii desu xd unfortunately it's not a sexy catgirl

multiplayers are fun to spend the day and night, oh yes.

I'm a little un experienced, sorwy I may not be a good enough patter, but I don't want to disssapont u, so here's 2 pats :3

Attached: 2ddb39fcfbaa1c78553b5b0da36e5c05.jpg (720x886, 123K)


no wrong
dont drink with aki even -.-
drinking isnt for you pink please
ill stop with you drinking -.-
thats how serious i am!!

thats sounds like a trick to me!

Attached: 1573106449628.jpg (849x1200, 451K)

Love you too china, drink some water please
Not irl, I live far away. Sorry
I think it would be okay if I'm with aki, he's responsible. I won't drink as much this time though, I didn't know how much to have and stuff

Attached: Riamu441.png (1240x1754, 1.93M)

know et mak et beetar!!! mii ttaste budz worrk beecuz knot break dem bye drinkin black coffee!!! yee et doez gett furr in mouth eberry tim tak drink. eye wood knot et ffake furr enywayz!!! eye dumb yew meen Over the rainbow, tatara Tarara parara karaka sarara tatara Tarara parara karaka sarara tatara
yew wil ifb drink two muchh n hab baad mornin. den gett dat done ffirst!!!
ded dayy drink et outt bottell. tel dem two look efter shelf n dew wut bunbun sayyz. hop eberry ting ok
beetar scan computar
yee hab two muchh wantt two dew gutt nuffin reel rite, smiley fren

Attached: 136489568794673.jpg (893x1253, 579K)

Sorry, he's having desperados but he drank them too quickly. I'll make sure he's okay. He's at home safe everything should be okay. Sorry ebil wun

Attached: Riamu391.jpg (884x1094, 110K)


July 5th

Attached: 7years.jpg (225x224, 13K)

heheh maybe it was after Yusuke, I don't remember very well, but I fell in looooooove with that game :333,BEST sogns ever, really surprised we live in a society got into smasj ngl.
only did one playthrough and started with second playthrough but I started to watch naruto, now I finished it but there's Royal!!, of course I was very loyal to Makoto, I think the multi waifu route is very funny, more if you stay with Ryuji on the 14th lmao
hehe of course the persona fans are the most loyall :3
lovu x2 times 2 +4, anyway what you up to, lol :3

oof, be well homie

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pinks are so unbelievable -.-

but just dont drink so god demm fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hecking heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you shouldnt be drinking hard liquors anyway!!!!
being beginer and all and seeking drunk!!!!!!!!
binge drinking is bad dont!!!!

black coffee has most taste in it!!!!! sugar jsut make it taste like sugar!!!!!!!!!
i dont get fluff in mouth!!! where are you getting my fluff!! stop stealing my fluff!!!!!!!
isnt fake is fluffy and fluffy and fluffy and real!!!!

It ain’t just a simple basic umbrella!
After the rain, tatara
Tarara parara karaka sarara tatara
Tarara parara karaka sarara tatara
The simple umbrella is again, a flying parasol!

uh what

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my last dink was July 5 2013

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I'm not drinking anymore it's okay, hug
I just want china to be alright, he's not having super high percentage I just want him to have water
Everything should be okay
That's really great :)
I'm happy to hear that

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eeteaat pls loeeveee
smadh is coll lol
i wenttt wignn ummmm Annnn ee takamakiii sher's citee
yeahhh perosna

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thats like
7 years or something
im bad at math -.-

its not about precentages!! its about how fast you drink it!!!!
you can have jsut beer and still get wasted to black out if you drink it fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i have seen others nurse there beer and i was like, whats wrong with you? you have to slam it!
now i know why
but how is beyond me

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Yes, want to pick up on some hobbies again been busy though.
Played a some games with frens recently.

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*but how is beyond me

my dislesia flaring up agin
there it si

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dat stil baad. drinkin sixx pack dat ffast. eye knot tink pink fren ez saffe, neds ate food n slep
dat gud ting. yew stob four reasonz ore jesy had enuff
black coffee hab know taste et lik atein buttar wiff spoon!!! sugar add fflavor. yew knot notice beecuz lik drinkin furr. yor ffake furr keep fallin off n gettin inntwo eberry ting. makin we sneez. et ffake fakey n fakar furr!!! Children pitter-patter under the sad-looking, cloudy sky. They only now realize how late it has become, Scattering to the four winds.
yew gow ate sumting n gow slep
dat howw et gow. wantt dew ting hab noww tim wen hab tim dew oder tings. wut hobbiez yew lookin et tryin

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yes, drink good but not that good, unless u're good
hmm mmm I like ness form earthbound and younglink,
eeeee Ann very cuute, could've gone that route or Futabsb, or your teacher >v> heh.
im watching youtbe and was plying minecraft with the boys on a comunist server... basically we share, I made an obama prism.
Im new to this "making frens" thing...
want to trade discords b-baka for mems?o, and, ohh very nice, ur crush will be pleased

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if i did not stop i was going to die by my own hand

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noty gin to wo listnes
im play as yug linkg
yeeeee tajcer kawmaei cuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
youtuve comisomnt frenmss
droscprdsss hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeypuuu gppp Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064Chinatsu#3064
crush hatss ,e

bleh shouldnt make others hurry with it -.-

eh!?!? you buts sugar in butter!!! i knw it !!! youre just cray cray over sugar!! i bet you sugar your chips!! i dont drink fluff!!! and if its fake fluff you cant get allergic from it!!! so it must be real and excuusee meeeeeeee but its spring so i must get rid off winter fluff some way!!

You may be surprised!
Be my first! Booh~
You may leap up!
On one leg! Booh~
Through a puddle, Kenken no Pa~!

i can handle my drinks!!! if fin cant handle hes drink hes prolly swedish or hecking guy from that eesti place!!!

im still bad at guessing -.-

This is an anonymous board, how dare you.

heeeeeeeyy o niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee brutheer kawawakawakami cute eeeee yes yes yes yes he syes hebsye
I send u fren request in disford to Chinatsu#3064
wlwlwlwowwiwlwow very lucks to you with ur crush
ooof foof good, I'm not st drinkin aaaaaa, be good :3


ate food n gow slep pink fren

Writing and exercising mostly.
Plan to switch jobs, so hopefully I'll have more time on the weekend.

boff knot baad hobbiez kan tink ofb ideaz wen workin outt. yew servar rite knot bett et stressfull onn wekendz hopfully gett sumting morre fflexible