Who's your favorite villian in fiction? GO!

Who's your favorite villian in fiction? GO!
>4 me: the Riddler
>or Roy Batty

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slade from teen titans and the lich from adventure time

Ayyy same user. I actually have a Riddler tattoo.

Teen titans version of deathstroke was badass
Riddler's is really interesting

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pure chad

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Handsome Jack.

But Roy Batty was not a fucking villain.

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Society's desire to crush the exceptional in Atlas Shrugged.

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Comic joker is even worse
Never read Naruto
He was treated like one in the majority of Blade Runner. His final moments made him my favorite.

He was never a villain, though. He was a slave rebelling. Tyrell was the real villain in Blade Runner.

I really enjoyed Caotain Thomas in The Lighthouse I mean it's a naked farting Willem Dafoe

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Tru. But you know he was a target in the beginning. Rebelled, went after his creators (jf Sebastian, tyrell) and killed them. But as viewers you understood his motives. He's a really tragic character desu.


He was number one


My wife says Cruella De Vil and I say Zoom from flash

He didn't kill JF. He just used him. Priss more specifically. Also, Roy was just doing what he was created to do. You can't get mad at a hammer for driving nails. Especially if that hammer is self aware and only has 4 years to live.


boku no hero is trash

Even more tragic when put that way. One of my favorite characters in fiction period.

For some reason I want to bone Cruella.

And remember....HE WAS NUMBER ONE!!!

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Does this count?

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You have no taste you faggot

The only perfect answer

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Alex DeLarge

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He is a pretty strong candidate for it. I want to bitch slap people who think Blade Runner is a boring movie. The characters are all so well rounded. You empathize with the replicants, maybe even mourn their passing. Roy was exceptionally smart, capable, and resolute. He rebelled against what all men rebel against, time itself. He's no villain, he's a tragic hero.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

>no post showing his favorite villian
Opinion discarded
Frieza was a bigger freak. No dbz villian as sadistic as that mf
Villian or antihero? As I saw it, the Doctors were the villians in that movie.

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Personally I'm more of a Kid Buu person. Freiza at least wanted to rule the universe. Buu wanted to destroy the universe for shits and grins. But now we're getting into a Lawful Evil vs. Chaotic Evil debate.



Him found his laugh in dub the best

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>killin for dominance
>killin for fun
Both are pretty fucked
That mf is cold. You know who else? This dude right here.
>pic related

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if anything it'd be stain, not dabi

Doctor Fucking doom

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heath ledger was better,this guy just seems like he trys to hard

Uncle Palp ftw

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. Nyarlathotep is more evil INHO if only because he is more proactive.

Completely forgot about Stain, I agree though

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We heard you the first time

Char Aznable is my favorite villain. He has done some good things in certain periods. I can't help it, I root for him even when is doing some genocidal shit.

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is this some sort of anti trump joke

wrong user

Don't do a duplicate next time. You wasted another anons chance to share.

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The first user he tagged was a completely different user dumbass

now that i think about it, is he really a villain? he did have a point

he had a point but he went about it in a villainous way so yesss?

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If he just had his wife he wouldn’t be a villain in the first place

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He did. That's why he went psycho. To save his wife.

why has that penis been mutilated?

Freeze is what I like to call a sympathetic villain, he's evil because of circumstances in life.

Marvel is good at making sympathetic villains, while DC is good at making villains who are pure/radical evil.

Khan Noonien Singh

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This user gets it

Wis there was more stuff out there for the riddler i got some good ideas in terms of a riddler movie story. But im not gonna say shit. Also whats a dark comic for the riddler if there even is any?

>pure/radical evil

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Ahh yes the greatest of evils.....WOMEN!!!!!


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Trevor Goodchild

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