I am posting this for attention

i am posting this for attention

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why do you think you deserve attention

I appreciate your honesty. Dic or vagene?

tits or gtfo


Hehehehehe i dont
packing one of thems ‘cocks’

timestamp you little whore

Dont got em
give me a sec

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Tits or gtfo

le tum

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le good shit

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looks like a dude

probably because i am a dude

neat shit

i call this one ‘over easy’

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Jesus Christ you thicc af

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Would go gay for a chance to fuck this ass


you have to 1v1 me first in CoD 2


Cod2 is big gay cod 1 is where it’s at.

Ignore them and keep posting

i mean this isnt the straightest thread anyway :/

I guess you be right OP.

Fuck you got a beautiful body fam

Show ass and soles??

I love you
Post more NAO

duke university i see..
lots of thirsty thots there

Sexy legs jem

Did this faggot leave already I’m trying to bust to more pics

Feet when?

Feet now

Lemme smash

Show your ass and soles now

Sorry bout delay, ran out of nudes, hadta take moar

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not my thing but here go wild

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Be my bf??? uwu

Kneel down and show ur ass and soles together

Nice hips

ok user!!
ehhhhhhh nah
thank you, theyre great for disappointing my parents


Then ur a waste then faggot women are better than you anyway


Camera angle illusions don’t mean you got some crazy hips dude. You got nice feet and ass but nothing special or above avg



Post more btw you're very kawaii

And yes I am salty because I wanted to bust to your ass and soles but regardless cute twinks with bodies like you are a dime a dozen

Sometime tells me you lose out on a lot of opportunities with that shitty personality

very nice, more feet

More penis

more everything UwU

>still has thicker penis than me
why is life so cruel guys

What's your type and do you have snap/kik?

Are you a virgin? Penis and/or anal?

lets see more of your fat cock please