So what's your position on cops? I ask because I am a cop? I am not racist per say but I despise degenerate people

So what's your position on cops? I ask because I am a cop? I am not racist per say but I despise degenerate people.

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i hate pigs

>per say
Yeah, you're retarded. So there is that.

>I despise degenerate people
why are you here?

I think in general cops spend way too much time worrying what those black kids are doing hanging out on the street corner and way too little time worrying about what those parents are doing to their children behind closed doors. I bet a cop could tell a kid who was being abused from a kid who was being well treated at 20 paces. I bet most of them would rather not find out the truth, too.

Not that I really blame them. The world is a lot easier to cope with if you only think in black and white.

Just trolling TBH

So you're definitely a racist cop

Fuck the police.
>per say
Get shot.

Cops are cool but there's a culture of protecting your fellow cop when they do something unlawful and I think that makes sense considering it's such a dangerous job and there's a bond that police have that is unique from any other occupation, and that's all fine and good. Even within police departments where a cop might object to the behavior of another cop on a deep level, they still have that bond and they feel they need to protect each other regardless. Having said that, the effect that dirty cops have on society is much greater than some gay cop brotherly love shit, so filthy pig cops ought to basically have their lives ruined and stripped of any dignity they have if they abuse their powers egregiously in order to scare them into not doing those things. I'm not talking about McNulty type policing where you bend the rules to do the right thing. I'm talking about cops shooting unarmed kids for no reason. Cops should not be incompetent. Departments should have entire wings dedicated to weeding out the weak. You shouldn't be allowed to become a cop unless you're the best of the best of the best of the best. It should be one of the hardest jobs to get. People should respect cops, and today they don't because they absolutely don't deserve it. They don't do police work anymore. They are just savages these days. Dirty pigs anymore.

After becoming a bouncer, i learned to respect the cops a little more (it helps that i dont live in america, i live in Finland), they have to deal with some crazy shit and do things that they dont like meanwhile having to be the example for everyone.
Its not an easy job and cops are just people too, Dont do stupid things and you wont have to deal with them, if you do deal with them in a proper way they can be understanding and helpful.

Well it's difficult to do much more than respond to calls at this point where I patrol. Generally blacks call about other blacks and whites call about blacks that "aren't supposed to be there". I don't do traffic so fuck you if you say " bluh you stop speeders when real crime..."

Every person the communists in black lives matter has rioted over, was a black criminal who'd had the police called on them because they committed a crime, and when the cops got there they chimped out and SBC'd themselves

>cops spend way too much time worrying what those black kids are doing
Because those black kids are on corners because their only father figures are rappers who get paid millions to sit around praising beating women and being a criminal, and so they spend all their time robbing and assaulting and dealing drugs and other shit that MAKES cops have to spend time dealing with them.

Not really. I have over the course of my years in the field have determined that blacks do suck up more public resources. I also tend to be more disappointed in whites and don't expect much from blacks. I actually tend to respect the honesty that blacks don't care about their victims where as whites tend to cry when caught.

In the past 10 years there is a definitive operation to root out "bad cops" so don't give me that shit. In the time of body cams I wouldn't dare give a cop a break, neither would anyone I work with.


Thanks for your input degenerate

I am from the trailer park so there's that...

do you like loli?

Cops are people. Some people suck ass, so some cops suck ass. In uniform, they are the government. Don’t say shit to them and you’ll be alright.

I and most of my partners despise red flag laws and tend to be fairly conservative and pro 2A, but I agree don't talk to cops. Be polite and refuse to give answers other name and DOB and provide ID.

No, it's degenerate you fucking loser

Define degenerate, do you see all people breaking any law as degenerate or just the true scum like meth dealers/rapists, etc?

do you know any other jobs I can achieve such a massive level of arrogance with a community college degree or is cop my best bet?

That makes sense, you dumfuck.

Fucking wife beating, road pirate, tyrant cuck.

Degenerate as in hurting others or dragging down society in general.

All cops are bastards. Kill yourself bootlicking faggot giganigger.

I’ve always found cops to be decent people.
Several kids I went to school with are now police. They are still good people.
I’ve nearly been arrested in England, Wales and Canada. Each time I Was breaking laws I didn’t know about to be fair. Apologised and moved on.

Who's a degenerate to you?
Cops are people.

I'll get right on it

Now I feel compelled to post it.

To me they are a force of good in the world. They don't always get it right, but I assume they mean well.

I generally don't have a problem with them, however I feel like that are at the mercy of a system that can oftentimes be very unfair. This ends up pushing a lot of people that would be good cops out, and the good ones that do stay in tend to become very jaded/corrupt, especially if they are in an area with high crime.

>uses Cred Forums
>hates degenerates
Wew lad, you may want to take along look in the mirror.

See that still doesnt answer my question tho? Someone who murders an accused rapist without the argument of self defense isnt a detriment to society but your obligated to arrest them so what do you see as degenerate?

As someone who is labeled as a rapist, I have AIDS. I got what I deserved.

You can't be a cop if you have aids.

I am generally on pol but hey, wtf right?

Well, your all pretty ok in my book. I've seen some shitty cops out there, sure, but most seem like average people trying to get by.

True... I stay in it for the retirement bit I know lot who got out because they didn't have tough enough skin to stick it out.

Not true, that violates some discrimination law I'm sure

I try

ive always had pretty good experiences with the police, and everyone has bad days its just high profile when a cop has one. and we all know these edgy boys call the cops when their scared so i imagine their negativity is pretty humorous to you

Go watch the following youtubers to get a good idea what cops actually go through:

Donut Operator
Mike the Cop
Officer 401

Active Self Protection

Once you've watched these videos, you'll realize two things:
1. Never, EVER, talk to cops. Everything you say WILL be used against you. Get a lawyer, and say nothing else.
2. Cops get in to some pretty screwed up and scary situations with some astonishingly stupid people. Like, a simple traffic stop for speeding could transform in to a bullet flying past your head missing you by mere inches.
Stupid fuckers get out of car and rush you, so now you need to make a decision whether you shoot this guy stopping what you can only assume is a very real threat, OR using non lethal means that are incredibly unreliable and put you and others in danger.

If I'm dealing with a cop, I'm pessimistic and on guard. When others are dealing with a cop, I feel bad for the cop. That's my stance on the matter.

I support any officers who uphold the law. I do not support dirty cops and I will not support any cops who try to enforce unconstitutional laws that infringe on peoples rights




Cardi BとTakashi69は、ビートル風袋の数倍も有名です。そして、彼らのアルバムは合法的に合法であり、ラジオによるホモサイドを発表しています。愚かなバカ。愚かな愚かな警官はここに属していません。それがあなたです。物語で作られたあなたのいまいましい制服ではありません。あなたはあなたのとんでもない愚かな考え方です。



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i can assure you internationally in western countries there is a huge push to make police accountable for their actions, in some cases its taken a bit to far in my opinion making some officers feel that certain situations are best avoided due to the investigation which will happen no matter the result

>I am not racist

Go fuck with your fellow white retards and stop fucking with others because your people are fat, divorced and stupid.

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As the OP I agree

I'm not fat, I run every other day and work out on the odds, I'm not divorced as I've been married for 16 years... So what now?

Is that you, donut? I love your channel, nothing but videos of people getting shot. Great shit for youtube.

>body cam means I can't frame or beat people
>guess I won't help at all

I asked you not to talk about it.


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most instances of body footage cam being pulled is actually used to disprove accusations against police they area great tool

>per say
Well la-de-fuckin'-da you pretentious cunt!

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I respect an officer as far as they respect me.

Not the donut, but I like him

No where in there was anything racist. Learn the definition before you spew retarded bullshit out. P.s. You're a fucking faggot

Since I got a body cam and pointed it out to crack heads I have had zero complaints. I have not changed. What does that tell you?

Shut up faggot, no one asked you


I’m not a cop.
Met a few as part of life, know a few from school.
I would 1000% have a beer with Donut. Also most US you tubers ex military. Good people doing their job.

Eat an entire bowl of dick

For every cop that sincerely serves his community, there's also the career bullies.
Your oath is towards the law, which is written by the elite, and your department has to justify its budget like any other business.
Cops have lied to my face to search me, and my friends of color have gone through far worse.

Why didn't you join up and fix it?

I can no more change systematic corruption than a senator can change the federal government.

It has to be a collaborative effort, alongside those that write the law and those that fund them.

Ok so sit idly by and say fuck it but bitch... Be a true revolutionary. Faggot ass bitch...

They have devolved into road pirates that do nothing to keep citizens safe. They rob your income to justify their existence and carry out the crowns orders. Without cops laws would just be bad ideas written by old men.

yeah? Got anymore zingers?

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lol exactly, probably got dyed hair and goes to campus rallies before dinner at his parents house

sure pal, I'll play Serpico and change the whole game like the 10,000 other cops that decided they had moral scruples.

lol no one's allowed to question parenting skills, at least not where I am.

I remember a girl was sent home for wearing slutty clothes by a female teacher and the media and parents made a big deal about it.

most police officers are hypocrytes, you can't steal weed off people while you drink alcohol in your free time.
you can't confiscate drugs whilst also allowing psychiatrists to get people addicted to amphetamine and pornography to promote lust and inject paraphilia in your population. the justice system is standing in the middle of the road IMO, either execute ALL the degenerates and sinners or lets all just bathe in our faeces.

Most of the cops I know are soft on hard crimes, the ones where they might expose themselves to danger, but are hard on minor crap.

Guy scuffs my car while parking, they send two officers to my home. Someone assaults me, they can't be bothered to show up.

ur going to be killed. only olds like the rest of us want u raped and murdered. kys. alot of u are because ur human garbage.

Cops need to be as unbiased as possible. Justice is blind, and its enforcers should be as well.

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yooo lets go blinding the fascists

I have a lot of respect for good cops, but not cops in general, though I simply try to stay on the right side of the law when possible. I try to respect the spirit of the law, but there are a lot of laws I am vehemently against as someone with a lot of libertarian leanings.

I don't think I could ever be a cop, especially with the widespread corruption these days.


fuck cops, they are filthy people in a disgusting profession. let people do what they want, asshole.

Too many shitty fuckin cops and not much at all is being done to change that. So yeah, not a fan of cops. Don't hate cops, but have absolutely no trust in them.

Cops blindly enforce laws made by a government who corporations lobby to make laws that they want. So pretty much cops blindly enforce what corporations want. The justice system is broken and all cops are pigs. No such thing as good cops