Dick rate thread. Rate for a rate

Dick rate thread. Rate for a rate

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dick solid 8/10
balls same
belt 4/10 man come on


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I'm more of a grower

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Get a life small dicks!!

Nice width, 8/10

Here's mine

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It's my work belt

Lots of dicks in here Id suck

10 love the shape, your head looks great and shiny

10/10 - The Perfect Cock!

animooted bouncy boy

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Good length, not a huge fan of the shape but I'm a picky bitch.

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wat happen to yer right testicle?

No interest?

Sorry forgot the picture

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heres mine

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Probably a 5 if you ignore that fusion, looks like a pretty average dick, you should get that fixed

7/10 Great shape and nice big balls.

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How about a softie?

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love the foreskin, more?

Heres another pic

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not too big so you can get some real good momentum during oral~ absolutely adore the bush game too hehe~ post moar

My penis. Not hard.

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sarahoneil2234 For more


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Balls are great and dick is pretty good too!

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You're fat and your dick is dry and gross

nice length and girth~ love the dangling orbs as well~ enjoy a bush too and one seems to be hidden under those garments, would love to see more~

Love the balls, 8/10

This is mine.

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Nice 8/10
Heres mine

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So many cocks!

Thick and strong looking cock, delicious balls, facefuck me please 9/10

Long and soft, but the balls are not so amusing 6/10

Seems yummy, but too small 5/10

Long and yummy, a man's cock 8/10

So delicious! My mouth is watering 8/10

Long as well, but not that yummy 7/10

Creepy circuncision bridges and dry 6/10

Dry, but long and veiny 7/10

Thick and yummy, but a bit dry 8/10

Dry and normal 6/10

Interesting foreskin and looking yummy 7/10

Small and phimosis 5/10

Thick, but not so yummy 6/10

Wet and yummy as fuck, i would love to see the balls 8/10

Massive, a bit dry but the size makes it 8/10

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Yummy asf and nice veins 8/10

Dry and i don't like the shape 6/10

Looks like we’re about the same size, I’m just at 6 inches.

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Much appreciated, I love the veins on my cock!

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you use sniffies? seen this dick on there, so either you're lying, they're lying, or you're the same person


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I wish I wasn't cut. I do agree it's a bit dry sometimes. Needs lots of lube. Thank you for the size compliment tho

Glad you love a bush! most people don't. I like all natural.


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you should shave cause I can't fap to that gif/10

dont listen to 'em. your hair isnt even wild!
the best way to be~ makes the pheromones just that much stronger anyway uwu

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Lmao in noho? It's me

8.5 that's insanely huge, got anymore pics?

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haha thank you user. I won't shave it then

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9/10 would suck

hell yeah, in the valley, think I messaged you maybe once a while back, but ay, here to suck that beaut if you're down

Jesus Christ, you have the ball sack of an 80 year old. Shit, see a urologist. He'll probably tell you to start having kids now, if you still can.

awesome~ I always hop on these threads to encourage more hairy boys to share their fruit! i'd be the first on my knees before them all uwu

8/10, nice shape just a little short

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Thanks lol. I'd be happy to take yours anytime ;) 10/10

blurry pic but a nice length and girth~ definitely looks like it could use some moisturizing but i'd be more than happy to help with that hehe, bonus for the bush too~

thanks. femanon or gayboy?

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Thank you user, I will keep it gorwing then haha.

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What do you think user

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user, I love it

can I suck it?


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good length and girth, not too big to make it troublesome to throat, would love to bury my face in that bushy base~

That doesn't look like 6 feet.
6' is feet.
6" is inches.

99% gayboy. theres always that chance though. just hard af over here

that all depends...

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Thank you! I wish it would point up, but it's dangles so much

Man, I'd suck any of these dicks. I've only ever sucked two before, so I don't have much experience, and they weren't amazing, but it FELT amazing. Sucking dick is just a good time.

It's okay, user. It's perfect

I would also offer to be your cumrag

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Glad you like it then! haha some call it the horse x.x

I can see why! should post one without the undergarments so that jungle can be worshipped uwu

That's a cute nickname haha


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my bad I was meant to type
6cm * 3 - 3cm but my finger slipped

can i suck yours?

Rate it

thick_dick_master on kik if you wanna see more

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hahaI I like that you like it

first time oc, got one more

rate pls

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Good dick

Np, user. You're hot

That means your dick is a little over 6 and a quarter inches then.
I'm in the same boat.
I'm 6 inches around though so that's a huge plus.

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I mean, i-if you want.

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love the glossy head and little pre at the tip~ would drop down for that in a heartbeat, size perfect for a gold ole facefuckin hehe


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thick, good length, heavy orbs, and a tuft on the top~ yes please c:


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Wish I could deep throat that...

Wish I could suck that for ya bro.

ok :)



I'm not sure I understand.

Rate mine?

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you're adorable, user

I love the way that cock looks, okay? i'd suck the cum out of it like a damn straw and I wouldn't stop until you could audibly hear the air being sucked out like an empty cup.

idk why smeg always gets me hard

I gotta leverage this to get my dick sucked. Nothing but good comments every time I post.

hey I only call it as I see it~ I love rating the big dicks of Cred Forums and letting them know how much I'd love to drain them~

It thins out towards the base it looks like, but your head is nice and even. You look and thick enough to hit aaall the right spots.

Please rate
Kik is popeyesveinythirdarm

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I bet you get good comments. Bend me over and rail me.

long and thick enough*

Standing while typing in the dark is hard.

I believe I rated this one last night on a different thread~ as mentioned it's good length but lacks a little in girth, still enjoy the bush and would try my hardest to get to the base with it in my throat

small -2
no foreskin -2
skinny -2


Yeah it does thin out a bit at the base, but it's about 7 inches or so, been a whole since I measured it. Glad you like tho!

Thanks dude. Enjoy all the dicks.


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it's a manga/anime trope signifying arousal, the implication being you just sent their blood pressure through the roof

Love the texture, and pant-hole cocks turn me on.
Not moist, not dry, but looks decently textured.
I'd be as gentle with it as I can to try and moisten it up. Its thick.
Rail me, god damn ~

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Thats so pretty. Just... damn son.

Smooth and thick. One of my favorites here!

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hi b imdrunk

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cant wait to have sex with my skinny girlfriend tonight...

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good length and width, wouldn't mind more of a bush but would be on my knees instantly if the opportunity showed~

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another nice one, same message carries in relation to the hair, but definitely ideal size and width

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