I'm not gay or anything

I'm not gay or anything
But if a dude presents himself to me pic related,
my dick finna smash it till it creampies his gallbladder

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No no that's really gay

Hey that's not even gay

like GOD DAMn
not a fag but i can't help myself sometimes

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..... did it multiple times before.. still have never felt any emotional attachment to any man. Only woman. I guess I just like a good looking butthole and ass.

"I'm not gay or anythingā€¯... Followed by the gayest words ever written

the anus of a man is beautiful

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mehh some.. not all of them

100% Gay

really not a faggot but i jerk my cock to webms like this once in a while
no homo

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yeah, just stop watching porn, you'll brain will re-wire in a few months..

does that count as porn though?
there's no penetration
I'd stop jerking to it but it's SoOO fucking hot

> a Male doing ass hole tricks is hot
> Buns like a woman
> a Male
> I ain't gay tho
> your problem

Dick this hole?

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I have the same problem OP. I'm not gay but if a good-looking man wants to make out with me, I just can't help myself if he has nice lips. And if he's a nice guy I'll even take him out on a few dates, maybe hold his hand if his hands are soft. And yeah I agree if he has a nice ass I'll take him home and have sex with him. Not gay tho

Yeah... see, I'm straight, and that photo is boring, slightly gross. Wanting to jump in and fuck it means you're bi or gay. It's not complicated: it's not even a trap.

newsflash dude, you're a faggot

Underage ban

That's really gay.

I'm not gay but I've sucked enough dick to know it's a good time

I'm probably twice your age, son. I predate all these "demitassesexual" labels. If you really want to have sex with another man, you're bi or gay. Nothing wrong with it, but denial is unhealthy.

thats literally the definition of being gay you fucking queer

why don't you just admit you're gay or at least bi? I can tell you for certain that straight men don't feel the way you describe.

Anyone like my hole?

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speak for yourself
i wouldn't actually do it but butts make my dick into a smooth rock hard shiny purple diamond

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u stinky?
i like em just a *little* stinky...