Foreskin restoration thread

Foreskin restoration thread

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I-is that's a thing?

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Yes it's a thing. It'll never be as good as the original (obviously), but at the very least can help dekeratinize restore some degree of sensitivity to the glans.

Hospitals do not sell foreskin.

If hospitals were selling foreskin then it would be national news and everyone will know about it.

Don’t just get your information from rumors. There is no proof that they take foreskin and sell it, they are required to throw it away.

No seriously, this does not make any sense. I think people are just finding reasons to maybe make male circumcision more controversial this way. You have to sign permission forms for them to sell anything. Patients undergoing surgery at these medical centers will be asked to sign permission forms that enable the medical center to send left-over pathology specimens to biotechnology companies.

The reasons for circumcision have noting to do with selling foreskin.

You're not restoring your foreskin, you're stretching the skin that is already there.

Foreskin has special nerves that cannot be restored. Sorry.

Not even fucking once. Neck yourself
Foreskins are sold primarily to pharmaceutical companies, skin crème companies, but also to research labs for an incredible 100% profit. In other words, hospitals get the foreskins for free. It is so profitable that the commodity traders could actually establish, “Foreskin Futures

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Stop worrying about another man's penis, FAGGOT

Better than nothing.

Stop worrying about unquestioned jewish hegemony, GOY

Queue the cope npc replies

where's the line

How painful is it?


Attached: mfw240000320054bfcb.jpg (1525x985, 142K) really isn't

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lol wtf, you got an elephant trunk on the end of your junk

This person should be arrested for having that foreskin. It could have been sold for more than 3x the normal price because of it's growth potential, now it's wasted.

wait you guys doesn't keep your foreskin??

They are removed in america

Wait so let me get this straight you want your foreskins? I never thought the day would come when we uncut band of brothers would rise to the top.

I use the DTR. Most of the time I can't feel it. It was a little painful for the first week though.

There are people lining up to get this when it comes out. It will cost $10,000. I am going to get it even if I am fully restored.


Been using the FIT v2 recently, made a lot of progress recently. Ama

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Thats because they went too far with it. Thats a fetish, though. Some people like having really huge foreskin.

Depends on who your parents are. Chances are you either lose it or keep it.

careful that is not the foreskin! you are making it worse OP!!!

the state of uncut dick cheesers

Still can't believe that people are so brainwashed that they're thankful that their genitald were cut apart and mutilated. Do the world a favor and kill yourselves cut lovers

Both of you are fucking retards. A dicks a dick. Doesn't matter whether its cut or not. Grow up.

seriously though user circumcision is a fucking cruel thing to do to a baby.

No, you're a fucking retard to think it's ok to strap a baby down against their will and mutilate their genitals with zero consent. Go suck a fucking kikes dick and put a bullet in your head faggot

totally harmless right?

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hope you fags enjoy some old kike sucking your cut up bloody dick

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what he meant is we have no control over and just enjoy our dicks, have fun with them, put them in strange places, explore the world with them!

it's totally worth it

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It really is. I know guys on both ends of the line. Some prefer themselves intact, while some are glad they were cut. Fact is there should be a level of personal choice in the matter. Same if not a more severe version of how retarded it is to pierce your babies ears. Stop mutilating your children. At the very least wait until they're of an age where they can consent to mutilating themselves

that micro penis on the bottom left has nothing to do with being disfigured from a circumcision

the risk of death is higher than the risk of any complication of staying intact, good job jew lovers

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if you look closely, the can see a scar along the tip of the penis, they accidentally REMOVED the tip of his penis and sewed it back on

Imagine having to pay these goys for their delicious foreskins.

lol I see it, wouldn't have made much of a difference anyways. Poor bastard.

as if it werent bad enough that he has a micropenis, then they removed probably 70% of the nerves he had available AND amputated half his glans

Of course it fucking is, but you shouldn't start acting like people who had it forced on them are somehow awful for it.

i dont think anyone said that, im not that guy, but ill go to war against the retards that support male genital mutilation

I'll defend myself by posting a screenshot of something I said in another thread where this God-blasted topic came up in. You're making assumptions based off of kneejerk reactions, and you're making yourself look like a prick. I'll say it again: GROW. UP.

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thats nice, once again, make out with a shotgun and pull the trigger

>Transgender is a mental illness, normal people don't mutilate their genitals into the shape of parts they don't have
>Now excuse me while I stretch out my dick skin until it looks kinda like a bit that was cut off when I was a baby

I get that some dudes aren't happy about being cut, but "restoration" seems a bit... sad, really.

Forced circumcision when you're an infant is the sad part. This is people pining for something they actually had at some point in their lives before it was cruelly snatched away. Trannies are just deluded.

your entire argument negates itself you fucking retard. The whole point is that we didnt WANT our genitals altered in the first place, and foreskin restoration has been proven to at least simulate the real thing and give solace to those that never wanted it to happen. Go ahead and try telling a girl that was raped that she should just be happy and accept the fact she was raped, it's literally the same conversation.

yea, just go ahead and end it, the world will not miss you

Some guy loses and arm and attaches a prosthetic.


Wasn't there some experimental research into regeneration using cellular matrix?

>restoring what was naturally there and serves a purpose
>giving yourself a gaping gash


foregen, it's either a scam or it's just never going to actually happen. I'd say the technology is at least 50 years out if ever. We'll probably blow ourselves up before we figure this shit out.

Faux-reskin is more accurate. I've been restoring for years and will testify that just keeping the head and inner skin covered has improved sensitivity, but increasing the amount of skin, especially to the point where the inner skin stays inside and the outer skin rolls has improved sensations quite a lot. If uncut is 10/10 IMO cut was 1/10, I'm not even done restoring and it's at least bumped my sensation up to 6/10. Maybe I'm a weird case, but being cut left me with almost no sensation in my dick

>Technology is at least 50 years out
We've been fucking around with cellular matrix shit for a while. Obviously a lot of that shit is probably being kept under wraps through the military. If we can grow a man's limbs back as if he was a salamander then we'd have an even stronger military.

Bullshit the hospitals sell the foreskinz to the joos and the joos dry em out mortar and pestle em and snort the foreskin dust like coke

They put baby foreskins on their face

i want my foreskin restored so i can get it cut off again

Oi *snoooooort* vey *snort*

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I mean, you do you man. You're probably a masochist.

I really really REALLY do not like this image

because cut dicks are fucking gross?

smell it

How about rather than kill yourself over it you deal with it like every cripple who hasn't suddenly committed suicide.
Yeah it sucks, yeah it has a role in penis sensitivity. Yeah it drys your glans and causes you to thrust into a girl with a greater distance which can push too much lubrication out of the vagina.

But you still have a cock, you can still climax with it, you can still have fulfilling relationships.

Restoration can solve problems but you can fuck it up and give your dick even further nerve damage, it's not a risk everyone is willing to take.

Which girl likes uncut cocks better?

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I dunno.