Just when you think Americans can't get any more dumb

Just when you think Americans can't get any more dumb....

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Frankly I have my doubts. News articles are mostly bullshit and clickbait these days.

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OP, may I present the Republican party.

Sounds about white.

White people disgust me.

There is a large overlap of people who won't drink corona beer over corona virus fears and trump supporters.

Imagine being dumb enough to drink virus beer

Who the fuck are these people and why the fuck did they make a thread like this on Cred Forums. Don't be fooled, this isn't a good post and you probably shouldn't respond to it. It's probably made by one person with a VPN to get a lot of (yous)

Go away!

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Keep believing that whitey, you're the minority now.

its like being the first airline to run an ad after a crash/attack you dont want it on people's mind. Picture breast cancer beer when someones family has it.

>New York Post

Huh, I avoid Corona beer because it tastes like Mexican skunk piss.

You had mexican skunk piss before corona?

>You had mexican skunk piss before corona?
Tastes like Corona.

Stupid example of stupid person

that's great

Since you drink Mexican skunk piss. You literally have no right to speak with the adults subhuman

I've never seen a skunk here in Mexico.
But we have been boycotting Corona (and its parent company, Constellation Brands) because they've been trying to steal the water meant for the citizens of Mexicali.

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Beck's lol.

This is actually bullshit. People in the USA don't overall like Corona beer anyways. I know that's true at least in my area because I like it but a lot of people I know hate it.

Oh and no bump for you.

No, that's just where it comes from. I visited the brewery. Nothing but over hydrated skunks in cages.
Learn punctuation, then you can speak.
I can get behind that. Dos Equis is the only Mexican beer I like, and they only exist because germans fled from Texas to Mexico during prohibition.

pretentious mexican americans drink modelo

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>OP, may I present the Republican party.

Found the lying dirty jew. Corona isn't a Republican type alcoholic beverage, it is the beverage is the latino illegal aliens, who consistently vote democrap.

Good. Mexican beer should be illegal.

Are white Americans really Corona's primary consumers?

Somebody please check the statistics.

>Dos Equis * * * exist because germans fled from Texas to Mexico during prohibition
Dos Equis was the last example of Viennese malt lager in the world until the craft-beer movement revived the style. It came about because a brewery in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, hired a brewmaster from Vienna just before Austria switched over to the Pilsener style. This was about the middle of the nineteenth century.

>I visited the brewery. Nothing but over hydrated skunks in cages.

I did too. I thought it was kind of sad how they force feed them water like that just so they'll piss more. Was Jose still swimming in the bottling tank when you visited? The guide told me that they were thinking of switching to a couple of stray dogs for the final blending but they were concerned that the final product would lose the taste of Jose's sweaty ball and gooch cheese.

Your run-of-the-mill "latino illegal alien" is fiercely loyal to Budweiser. Corona in the US has been marketed to middle-class whities.

You are the dumb one falling for this bullshit clickbait.

>People still drinking Corona

Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind drink that pleb tier shit to begin with.... might as well just stick to the local brew and drink Coors or Bud if you're going to degrade yourself with Corona...virus or no virus...

IPA Master Race for life!