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wtf is this autistic trash? Find out today when we look inside the mind of a faggot

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U still in hs?

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> Zip bomb
I'm not even sure if that exists, every faggot who a minimum knowledge does a forkbomb

> Predicting that someone's first relationship wouldn't last

Well fuck he must be some kind of psychic, fucking reddit tier green text

It can be a data-generating program

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Fork you

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Hows being 14 treating you buddy?

How old are you OP?

Not old enough to be here but old enough to think being here is gonna get them gamer street cred

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>inb4 "this thread has been pruned or deleted."

It would be great to get an age bud.

Fuck off before the hacker Cred Forums DDoSes your dads sex doll and makes it fuck your dog while you watch

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Like 15 probably, idk when the youtube algorithm starts suggesting 'top ten hacks by 4chin on Isreal'

That's old. You're new.

Shut up kids don't know what it means and it sounds spooky

Seen it before and it was shit then and shitter now, it's not a wine you retard

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OP whats your age?

Fuck off

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These are funny but the niggers ruin the meme.

Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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Ooooooh now I get it

You're retarded

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nice nigger twitter post

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I've been on Cred Forums for 20 years and have never seen this level of autism

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Wtf is this faggot shit? This is the opposite of funny. If this was You Cringe You Lose then I fuckin lost. Go post some lol fur tranny shit. That's definitely more your speed you fuckin sped.

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>20 years
Lol almost got me there

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>been on Cred Forums for 20 years
Woah, that's amazing! You must have spent 5 years in the future on Cred Forums. Can I use your time machine some time?

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Not bad for a darky

Fuck you cunt

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Poor structure, not surprising

Would you like to know more?

ya but piss and shit are sterile

Cred Forums isn't even old enough to legally star in porn you damn newfag

Go to 8 chan and join leftypol, you and your little faggot friends, that are unwelcome here, can all circle jerk and play limp biscuit together.

Remember when autistic people were bullied into not participating in society?

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Thought 8chn went down

Are all Republicans retarded? Is it a requirement?

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> Shit is sterile
It's over, he's too far gone

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Bit of a hypocrite

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this nigger seriously took a screenshot of an iFunny gif caption

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I swear this gets funnier every time I read it.

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Yah it is in the Netherlands. Learn to learn newfag.

Don't see how

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This has been the only funny thing in this entire thread

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someone already posted this in the thread you fucking retard

Syphilis selfie

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How did this thread started by some of the most unfunny people on earth then proceed to just rack up more and more of you boring faggots. Sick of this shit I'm gonna go sleep and hope I don't wake up

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People die when they are killed

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almost as reddit as your filename

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Cred Forums is literally 9fag

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We hope you don't either whiney faggot

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Dads hua. Theyre something else i tell ya

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8 chan went down fucktard

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A zip bomb contains nested archives or data with an extremely high compression ratio. They exist. Most AV software is smart enough to catch them now.

That's clever.
Butthurt bootlicker



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>Butthurt bootlicker


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Lool the irony

Too bad your parents werent

Don't forget it's not lupus.

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Pointing out that democrats voted for Al Gore.........

it's never lupus

>bootlikc buttherder

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Stop looking in the mirror. Just shave and go home.

>20 years

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Cred Forums is apolitical. Stop being a snowflake.

I invite you to eat one of my corny *and sterile!* logs.

>shit is sterile
Your parents were siblings...

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shutting off sections of the brain with magnets causes people to start leaning left politically. until they recover.

With magnets?
How do they work?

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>don't threaten him with a good time

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Reminder that conservatives aren't real conscious people; they're just part of the simulation.

Good one comrade

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Algorithmic response

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>waaah its a gommunist

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I never knew it was possible to have a negative amount of self-awareness before I met a Trump supporter.

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Found the Fox News viewer

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nice feet

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Fixed your pic

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The left can't meme

or reason

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Holy shit we stirred up the hive. The conservative shitposting machine is in full swing.
It's a flood of butthurt npc responses.


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Butthurt professional chiming in

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pUnCh A nAzI

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>100+ reply thread
>derailed by politics
never fails

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Really bold of you to say while posting a cringey edgelord tier meme

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conservatives may not know anything about science, logic, reason, politics, history, sex, or social skills, but they are good at spamming memes from Cred Forums

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Ivan really dumping all these dumbass right wing memes

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anyone got the video?

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After a certain point I forgot this was supposed to be a YLYL. Oh well, a win's a win.

It still works?

>inb4 "u got rickrolled, looool"
>I fucking love this song, cunt


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OK Boomer

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Go somewhere else

Russians Russians Russians Russians
Russians Russians Russians Russians

>Believe me yet?

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>OK Boomer
Obviously not from around here.


I don’t see how any normal non payed person would dump unfunny garbage go shill on Cred Forums

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I feel like I don't get this. he says the dad "predicted how the relationship would go down" but I mean... all he says is a vague-as-fuck comment that it's not going to last. it'd maybe be funny if he guessed some oddly specific things that ended up actually coming true, but as it is right now, it's kind of just pointless. maybe that's the point, it's a "troll" thing to waste the reader's time? the whole point of it is to be pointless? but it's not pointless in a funny or random way, but just a truly, legitimately pointless way? idk.


>>Newt Gingrich here I like at 4:04 when you snuck in Last Dragon intro lol dragon/fire/burned down wow but I laughed

First time on Cred Forums?

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You know how Cred Forums tards are, they get obsessed over minor retarded shit

i assume it's like throwing a folding chair

Holy fuck man that's DOUBLE DUBZ never seen before

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Guess it is still a YLYL thread


>OK Boomer
OK Boomer

OK commie

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Take my money you fucking got me

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If those two faggots are in heaven what the fuck do you have to do to get sent to hell?

Ever wonder what happened to this guy?

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Attached: evolution.jpg (347x413, 87K)

how new are u im srs

Think about it:
Stalin killed the most commies
Hitler killed Hitler

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Black people make me sad

Attached: Faggotinialaytor9000.jpg (1440x743, 247K)

The Dems can't win elections without the minority vote and they're retarded if they think blacks and latinos will vote for a faggot

lol good one

lost at devito

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What's the sauce with this meme

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Found the person, being whatever they identify as, who makes assumptions

Is this circumcision

Attached: 1F6E7024-9934-4001-AF0A-AD97F794A45E.jpg (822x960, 120K)

Okay douchebag

no, this is

Attached: 1582958758130.jpg (2140x1968, 564K)

Yeah it's called Cred Forums

White woman, her pet, and her gay friend

>someone crashes their bike into a tractor trailer

Finally something funny in a YLYL thread, and it wasn't even an image.

Prank videos are fake

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No, the study is "shutting off portions of the brain that are responsible for irrational fears leads to a weaker faith in god and less fear of people from another race"


Yeah, china sure is in complete shambles



just for you

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But he was impeached


Nazi party members were all allowed to have guns
Taxes weren't that high
What major industry did they control?
Nazis would severely punish any citizen that got an abortion, non-citizens were sterilized
Democrats don't believe race determines identity
Neither nazis nor the majority of Democrats are socialist
Nor do they blame capitalism

I want my dickskin back

That's what you get for screwing a $10 crack whore.

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Cringe as fuck

Facts. Except the Nazis did control some industries, and had very close ties to others. Radios, iron production, theater, and automobiles for example.


Facts aren't funny. Why are you bringing them into Cred Forums? Expecially a YLYL bread, which is supposed to be completely fact-free?

you fuckers ruin everything with fucking politics


The funny thing is, butthurt actually IS grounds for impeachment. There's no real hard law as to when to or to not impeach a sitting president. It's all up to the discretion of the House and Senate. So when people bitch about the whole process being political... Well, that's kind of how it was written.


Snoopy for President!

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Attached: chatroulette-trolling-id-vote-for-him.jpg (386x290, 32K)

Aren't those carts supposed to be maneuvered by two people at a time to prevent exactly this situation?

I reeally want to save this for some reason.

Attached: 86972038_2644054375818093_1657365576730804224_n.jpg (760x960, 67K)

no foreskin

Attached: 2.jpg (500x409, 59K)

Imagine what it must be like to be this utterly retarded and butthurt.

Attached: 1511217975427.jpg (400x400, 23K)


you took the time to highlight every one of their posts but they're the butthurt ones. lol ok


HST was a wise man

they're pretty cute tbf

>piss and shit are sterile

Attached: do it.png (683x1168, 151K)


Guaranteed replies...

Attached: Screenshot_20200227-043105_Reddit.jpg (1079x1238, 720K)

>Ron Jeremy

He's everywhere.

Attached: ll4380_0056.jpg (768x512, 43K)

Emt here. Can confirm.

>the guy who was proven to be wrong
keep talking

Am I the only one that misses Ray Pist? Are used to dominate a YLYL back then

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Attached: 1580668144763.jpg (700x547, 62K)

No, that shit was fucking cringe

This is in honor of Ray pissed

Attached: image.jpg (800x800, 269K)

>captain planet
i'm sure it's not even worth pointing out the irony

But his girlfriend was 13 years old and has a swastika tattooed on his forehead, he deserves to be exposed

Attached: image.jpg (634x634, 34K)

>non-cultist members of team red are weary of his shit
>have to resort to sucking demochad's cock to avoid getting rounded up for the FEMA political reeducation camps after november
screencap this

Every last Republican in the party since the late 1970s has been completely braindead. Their platform is heavily religious, anti-science, anti-education and dismissive of colleges and logic.

I challenge you all to name a SINGLE thing that the Republicans have done that was right or good in any way in the last 50 years, 32 of which they were in power for. You can't. No one can. They are grifting trash and corporate-owned grifters and NOTHING more.

you're forgetting this board's non-paid-shill userbase is majority tweenage edgelords

Russians is confirmed you retard. In fact, they're so obvious about it that for you to try to claim they're a hoax makes you sound incredibly desperate and imbecilic unless you're actually Ivan trying to run damage control.

No it's shutting off parts off the brain that create rational thinking makes people a lefty

First time on a Cred Forums thread?

you from leddit?

prob be a fag

Imagine having standards for Cred Forums threads

Gotta love canon city colorado


Attached: Sudden Onset of Sickle Cell.webm (960x540, 1.65M)

Yabba dabba do it, faggot

Attached: E092278D-2EDE-4223-9A1B-9E7FA417C909.png (1024x503, 439K)

>thinks Soyboy refers to soylent
Hello again Ivan. You don't fool anyone.

Whose the girl? Sauce?

Dont mind me

Attached: 1582508789053.jpg (2481x6600, 1.79M)

That's why leftists congregate at universities and value science, education and logic, while about 40% of you retards think Noah's Ark happened, right?

Attached: 1578138842330.png (801x900, 648K)


Aubrey Sinclair

The fields dominated by leftists are the social “sciences”, which do not even qualify as science by any objective definition.
Mathematics and hard sciences (chemistry, physics, etc.) are generally quite moderate in terms of their political views.

Juuuuuuust keep telling yourself that, kiddo.

Attached: LaughingGirls.png (449x401, 490K)

Makes you wonder what sort of things you can get a thai hooker to do for a hundred bucks

I think you just did the opposite of lose. And in style. Gg

cyмacшeдший eвpeй пoбeждaeт

Attached: Путинская-шлюха.jpg (561x556, 26K)

Actually, it can happen to your unborn son, and you won't really know until fifteen years later, and he might not tell you. Try to be less retarded, sir.

people that aren't cut came from a poor family that couldn't afford the extra $100

Attached: 1571598012988.jpg (394x391, 13K)

>hurr durr genital mutilation is good, my jew masters told me so

>literally just “ok sweaty”

Attached: ED79F767-2568-4583-8014-8FC8C3846F39.jpg (474x266, 16K)

most girls don't want an uncut dick... have sex ..and have fun with your dick cheese loser

how do so many people on this board suck at washing themselves so much they think dick cheese is a given with being uncut

Attached: why.webm (1280x720, 740K)

Is that true? I'm uncut and no girl I've been with has even mentioned it


Attached: IMG_20200219_151340.jpg (1080x391, 67K)

This is just badass

Attached: IMG_1619.jpg (955x500, 37K)

Worst ylyl ever

i've had a couple girls tell me they don't care for uncut dicks.. a girl the other day was telling me how her boyfriend has an uncut dick and that it grosses her out a bit......


Attached: 3891d3d5c95206f00f81c54323ff327f278fbb33639515f1aa21519f0775a9b8_1.jpg.jpg (744x750, 49K)

No. It just renamed to another site. Something around 8kun?

I live deep in Trump country, and my peer group was (is) thick with very smart college educated professionals. Doctors, engineers, mathematicians, pharmacists, educators. They're all lefties. The right wingers are truck drivers, cops, factory workers, plumbers, middle management office drones, or work for the municipality.

Quit posting shit-tier leftism and get to fucking laughing, faggot!

Attached: ThatMisterRogersIslamicMoment.jpg (1021x734, 105K)

Maybe if you live in a tar paper shack in Kentucky. Where I'm from, people give birth in hospitals and have insurance.

Made my day

cry harder.

Sixteen year old girls are not the worlds leading authority in surgical procedures.


Attached: PSX_20200229_184113.jpg (678x452, 64K)

Oh yeah

>The Game

Attached: Capture.png (808x763, 928K)

I'm not American but over here Hillary was known as a warmonger until 2016 when our lefty media started to hate Trump.

and you are?

Attached: 1537151794457.jpg (175x230, 6K)

it could be this dick

Attached: liberals_219.jpg (1024x549, 94K)

You can add pretty much any aesthetics to that. Architecture is full of Leftists who don't know shit but see some appeal in becoming an interior architect.
God they are terrible and city planning keeps hiring them

Pretty much anyone who has their living threatened by immigrants?

Yeah, thats basically what I'm saying. Some slug has an opinion on cocks and is telling a rando about her boyfriends dick. Good for her. She is automatically excluded to the shadow realm.

I am a man. I know a few things. One of those things is moronic girls do not get a say in mutilating a mans genitals because "eww". I don't even give a shit what they want on their pizza.

Don't forget Republicans try to limit what can be taught in schools. Sex Ed bad, evolution never happened, standardized testing among other things.