Anyone else have a thing for pathetic women? It's a horrible fetish and has caused me nothing but misery

Anyone else have a thing for pathetic women? It's a horrible fetish and has caused me nothing but misery.

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Also, this pic because I like it.

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I've mainly dated women who can't hold jobs, act their age, or not mooch off their parents.

So you want the opposite of that?

I know I should, but I'm compelled to bang losers.

Don’t get why you consider it a horrible fetish seems pretty vanilla

Because they bring all their drama and dysfunction into your life.

Hell, that's basically girlfriend/wife material. I don't want her to be good at anything in particular I want her to fuck when I want and be cool about how I manage our household.

I hope slampigs continue to infect hentai

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Women who hate themselves fuck with gratitude and that's worth mentioning.

Sounds like you are gay

No, sir--I'm all about V-A-G-I-N-A.

That's because some like to feel better over the others. Simple

I only enjoy broken goods.
Sometimes they're hard to come by but they're always fucking awesome.

For someone who started a thread you don't really seem to care about replies.

I'm too drunk. I'm mostly arguing with some guy in r9k who doesn't like racial slurs.

Can someone tell me how to have sex with pathetic and easy women? Where do you find them? What do you say/do? What makes them pathetic or easy?

The internet is a good place. Find someone who lives with their mother and either has no job or one that would barely pay the bills. Aging virgins are fun in a way too.

They're fat and shy. Be pushy and overly insistent

Where would I find them on the internet?

Okay, how would I know they’re interested in having sex with me?

Call him a cum guzzling porch monkey

Dating sites, social media. Just talk to a bunch of people and bail once it looks like it's not going anywhere. Pay them a lot of compliments, since they're not used to that. Figure out the balance where it's flattering but not obvious what you're doing.

This. The best women are the self-loathing ones. They'll rarely be ungrateful.

I called him out for discriminating against black folx and their preferred greetings. Why can't a nigger call a nigger a nigger, even if they're white?

Is it possible to find them in public?

If so what are some indicators that they are one?

Honestly, anime clubs are a good place to meet them, but their social skills tend to make it harder to get them, honestly. Find someone who's a little too stand-offish and uncomfortable without any reason.

anime clubs? Where are those at?

How would I get them to have sec with me if they’re standoffish?

I’m sorry if I’m aksing too many questions, it’s just for me it feels like there are no easy to get girls.

Colleges are a good place to start. If you have meetup, that's another good alternative. Find something to talk about--if you're at the bookstore, start jabbering about books, or music if it's at the music store, or whatever. Just find a topic and start riffing--it really doesn't matter too much what it is, as long as you come across as more confident that she is. If you're standoffish yourself, find a group, strike up a conversation, and contact them on the group's discord or whatever they have.

Once I start a conversation where do I take it?

What should I do?

I’m sorry, I just feel completely lost here .

Basically, get her talking about herself when you can, so lots of questions. Women are vain creatures, after all. It's hard to say exactly where things should advance, but just practice till you figure it out.

So I get her to talk about herself by asking her things about her.

How does this lead to sex?

I’ve heard of “building sexual tension” but I don’t know how.

Get them comfortable with your for a while, and get them to hang out a bit. Just get flirtier and handsier (in an acceptable way--don't get grabby) and let things take course. Once it starts, it just sorts itself out.

I know this sounds really stupid but how do I flirt? What should I avoid and what should I Go For ?