Listen up. Corona Virus has spread to 6 out of 7 continents (Antarctica excluded)...

Listen up. Corona Virus has spread to 6 out of 7 continents (Antarctica excluded). It has literally destroyed China and it will be coming to the US in a big way.

President Trump warned the US to "Prepare for the worst. Hopefully it won't come to that, but just in case." You need to get

>Dried food
>A firearm

You need to do so quickly.

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Yeah. Shoot those pesky bugs Ameritard

It's literally your fault if you don't prepare. Water and rice will cost you $40 for a 45 day supply. That's the least you could do.


It's like having a bad cold. The only people who've died from it are old people or really dumb people in shithole countries with poor healthcare and zero hygiene. All you need here is chicken noodle soup, netflix and a good pillow.

You need to prepare if you care about your family.

>It has literally destroyed China
it literally hasn't. sage and drop dead.

>literally destroyed China
2000 insectoids died out of 1,437,449,783

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it's so bad in china they stopped reporting cases. do you even know what that means? they haven't updated numbers in about a week. the real number dead is probably 50,000

Im with you OP, already got calories sorted out. why do I need a gun though? locked door in a white neighborhood good enough?

What a fucking tool.

Nice one Eloneee

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>Laughs in European
Fucking stupid Americans... I live next to a quarantined red zone. Things are normal. Food is delivered daily to Lidl. Work schedule was reduced but everyone is happy about that. Stupid ass Americans...

Those are the houses that will probably get robbed first. They will go after people with money who they think will give the least resistance. That means white neighborhoods. You need a gun. At the very least go to Walmart and get a full sized 36" baseball bat and get two of them. 1 for your room and the other one in the living room or kitchen out of plain sight.

You're not really getting how many chinks there are in China. Even if 37 million died there, that still leaves 1.4 billion. 37 million is nothing to them. 50,000 isnt even worth mentioning.

>I live next to a quarantined red zone
>Things are normal

I hope you have your affairs and supplies in order.

It's just a god damned flu you American idiot without healthcare.

you're not getting how bad this is in China. China is shut down. They have been locked inside for over a month due to martial law.

Public utilities will be fine.
>Dried food
Why? Just get a few cans of shit you normally eat.
>A firearm
Not sure why you'd need one but OK.

What supplies in order? The supermarkets are full. FULL. People are living their life normally.

Take care of your balls, Cred Forumsro

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Those pics/vids of Chinamen walking around in hazmat suits with pistols, rifles and submachineguns are zombie flick tier kino.

wow...big deal.

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>A firearm
>Not sure why you'd need one but OK.
Uhh, to protect yourself from roving packs of infected niggers whose plans only involve who they're going to rob and/or rape next.

In China, the government declared martial law over a month ago. They are not allowed to leave their houses. If Americans are asked to stay inside for a few weeks, would you have food and water? Serious question user. Think about it.

Guys, I live in Lombardia, Italy. A quarantined red zone shut down. Food is delivered daily to supermarkets even though my city is closed. Things are ok, you can go outside, shop, buy a coffee, then return home to chill or work if you can. It's just a flu, calm the fuck down. Americans and their guns...

He's beyond hope user. He thinks if shit gets bad in the US, he can just call 911 or head to the local hospital.


*laughs in argentinian*

I think you mean Freedom People... FAGGOT

You fucking retard, the government obviously washed your brain out.
Coronavirus is just a scare tactic by the government.
I've been to China when it started and it wasn't even a big deal, still isn't but the western media is pumping it up for some reason (probably to sell the cure).

A bad cold that everyone has, and that is bad enough to shut down a city.
The panic/economic impact is far worse than the virus, assuming that the official death count is reliable (lol)

trump is an idiot

let us remember this is the same guy who threw paper towels like they were basketballs into a crowd of people who needed hurricane relief

>a firearm

lol'd,coming from a country who's last 2 presidents have attacked your 2nd ammendment.stock up on soylent like a good little liberal

>ive been to china when it started

and this is why its such a big problem in america.globe trotting morons like you

>Corona Virus has spread to 6 out of 7 continents (Antarctica excluded).
Any volunteers here want to make history by delivering corona to the 7th continent?

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Stop watching Fox news and reading the National Enquirer you moron

Tucker Carlson is great though.

Do you just let the media shove itself into peabrain on the daily