G/fur pp touch special

g/fur pp touch special

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Its only gay if the balls touch uwu

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Imagine being the person to have voted for a man named Pete Paul Buttigieg "P.P. Butt"

eat my booty like that pic

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I only eat one booty

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and is it mine?

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Kitty, kill all the demon monkeys.

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The only time anyone ever fucked you Gi was in Vietnam. You cried home to mama.

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i hate monkeys i will gladly kill them all

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Fuck niggers

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This one demon monkey keeps killing me.

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If anyone wants to chat for a bit

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Hai Everyone ;3

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Nice feet

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nice chalice

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Hoi Wem~~~~
How is you tonight?

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not bad. chillin harrrrrrd~
how you

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I is good~
listening to music; smoking a lil bowl~~

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what you listening to?

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>whatcha listening to
kinda stumbling around on youtube for different things. youtube.com/watch?v=tuHe9lm5vUE

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good ol shuffle yeeyee~

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I want my butt rimmed

stfu zipperhead

boops that butt

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Post it.

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~wiggle wiggle~

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mlem mlem booty


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all pandas are gaylords

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dog fucker

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Kitty, I'm cold.

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and bottoms ;3

come snuggle my bulge its warm and musky

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fine no bulge for you. Dash will get it all to himself then
ready to own your own cheetah bulge and rub that into snarfs bulgeless face?!

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Yes please, gimme that cheetah bulge~

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Kitty, get me KUF: Crusaders on Steam.

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hehehe all yours!

no you get nothing for rejecting the bulge

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*nuzzles bulge*
musky :3

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purrr good boy~

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I certainly hope so.

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nini thread

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Bad Wem!

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Sweet dreams wem :3

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No. No sleep for you.

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I really dont care.

I thought clark fucking chased you off forever.

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Found you.

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tightest crack i've ever seen

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Nice try though.

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>deletes one of his own posts to get last post
It's like winning again for me, the fact that you had to do that.

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you never win at anything. hope this helps

>I delete mine and wait
>not even 6 seconds later dash posts this
>he was literally waiting on me
Fell right into my trap, proved my point.

I was actually going to reply to you and had a captcha filled out but decided not to. I just so happened to notice the number of posts go to 150. Not my problem you're slow, physically and mentally.

so why does someone you've never met irl live rent-free in your head

Best bf I am
Ask Snarf!

You know he's got a point, the fact he's got a pass just to spam is sad, but it also means he can keep instantly deleting his posts to get last post whenever he wants. The fact he's not, and let you jump on last post again means he's kind of won this game of wits, because you were waiting on him the entire time.

So you just admitted you did exactly what I called uou out for doing? Okay thanks.

He wants my big femboi cock, of course. Everyone in these threads does.

3 lies in one sentence, not a new record but certainly close.

Based, you get it.

Can you apply for disability for autism? I think you should try it because you'll certainly get anywhere in life showing how much of a sperglord you are all day and night.

Getting you to project is a solid +2 points for me, the highest I've gone though is family comparison which is a +8

Took him out to a fancy dinner
Bought him video games

Who, where, and which games?

Benihana tempyiyak table
Mercenarys and Legacy of Kane

Playground of destruction or world in flames?

New thread maybe?

hell yeuh.... dream theater