Could socialism work in America?

Could socialism work in America?

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It's never worked, in any form, anywhere it has been implimented

Wtf is wrong with you? You post this every day.

...because america won't let it

if you want fourchan to be banned then yeah

No, because it doesn't work. Clicking your heels twice and wishing has a better success rate than Socialism.

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It's never worked anywhere else, why do morons think it would work here? Factor in the Life, Liberty, and Property (but now pursuit of happiness) and that shitty socialist bullshit goes out the fucking window.


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If it was such a great system, why didn't it usurp American pressure and exert it's own pressures on America? Maybe because it's a fucking awful system that doesn't work?

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nope good thing that's not what Bernie supports

>not what Bernie supports

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>what Bernie supports

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They are paid to post it.

>They are paid

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He's not a libertarian. Nobody is a fucking libertarian. Ron Paul worships a fucking child killer.

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Socialism has never failed. Capitalism has never worked.

>Scandinavia doesn't exist

Taxes isn't socialism, retard.

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stay retarded

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How mad are you about literally being a cuck for banksters and corporate elites rofl

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what the fuck are you talking about?

So I guess you are okay with advanced capitalism. The one that have produced a very few -pencentage wise- ultra rich people, while millions of families leave from paycheck to paycheck and millions of families live in extreme poverty.
Think about this for one second: We currently live in a society very similar to the one depicted in "The Hunger Games or Elysium" movie. While there is no televised competition, people are still dying while the ultra rich live in a completely different world.
Now if you are rich, I'd understand you'd prefer this to continue, but if you are not, then shut up and take the time to get the facts before adopting any position.
Healthcare is a human right
Wealthy corporations must pay their fair share in taxes
Nothing wrong with employees owning a fraction of the company they work for.
Everybody would be better off if there is a more fair distribution of the wealth we all help produce in the richest country in the world.

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Most of those countries have much lower corporate tax rates than America.

Not shit the text under “Democratic Socialism” is EXACTLY the rhetoric National Socialists use and did use in Europe/Germany.

Good one adolf

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>and millions of families live in extreme poverty.

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Just by living in America you could be 'dirt' poor and have more wealth than the majority of people in the world. Check your privilege.

good , then their corps won't need bailouts and special tax breaks like ours

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>millions of families live in extreme poverty.

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Trump isn't taking credit for Obama's economy. He shit-canned Obama's "economy" and is replacing it with a working one.
Memo to Obummer- helps to have actually run a business in your life.

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So what you’re saying is democratic socialism is friendly to corporations huh?

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The fact you think that’s wrong is how uneducated you are on European history.

the only response you deserve

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement after voting in favor of legislation to audit the Federal Reserve:

“Too much of the Fed’s business is conducted in secret, known only to the bankers on its various boards and committees. In 2010, I inserted an amendment in Dodd-Frank to audit the emergency lending by the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis. As a result of this audit, we learned that an institution that was created to serve all Americans had been hijacked by the very bankers it regulates.

trump supporters were poor and stupid under obama,and will be poor and stupid at the end of donald trump's miserable presidency

It already does. Social Security are fucking military cops fireman state workers County workers I'll get paid by tax money socialism already exists Americans need to get over it if you don't want socialism Social Security out take away everything then and let the military go find its own money

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Air doesnt exist, the earth is flat, god doesnt want you to work on sunday.

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I think for you, "not sure" is pretty much a constant.

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Of course he did LMFAO

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What's the population and cultural diversity present in Scandanavia?

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I thought he was NatSoc (Non-Marxist), that the Holocaust wasn't real, and that Bernie is just a man flying through his dementia letting people talk over him.

Nobody actually thinks it will work. People who support bernie are actually supporting the collapse of the US.


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Again. If you include a much more competitive corporate tax rate (sub 30%. closer to 20%) into your grouping of “these policies”, lets do it.

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you'll find out in a few months won't you?

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not a single scandinavian country is socialist. they are all capitalist with large social safety nets.

money cant fix competency. theres not enough education, opportunity or government programs in the world that you can throw at a dumb fuck who doesnt give a fuck to make him better.

the issue of poverty is terminal, and quite frankly most of them are content with their status in life so long as they can get their next cheap pleasure fix. they only feign misery when the cameras are rolling

Not socialist countries. Keep fucking that chicken, though.

literally none of those countries are socialist.

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I can't wait until a Democrat is in the White House and we can pretend to care about the budget deficit again.

Socialism is for niggers who don't want to work.

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When you lie about the very definition of democratic socialism, it doesn't sound so bad.
Too bad you have to rely on that lie to get retarded low information morons to support your gay as shit.

How you gonna pay for all that free shit though

ask Trump. He is in charge of the biggest deficit in national history.

No, he really isn't.

Ask your democrat overlords who put those expenditures in place. Things that Trump can not wave away with a magic wand, like Obama got away with when laws and legal precedent got in his nigger ass way.

Not even large. Both Denmark and Sweden you can claim 2 years of welfare than you’re cut off