Discuss Your Donuts

Discuss Your Donuts

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I worked at a donut shop when I was in high school. It spoiled me for really fresh product. A warm French Cruller, or a fresh apple fritter are the only ones I still really enjoy.

I'm back on the block like i'm laying on the street.

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I french kissed my second cousin when we were teenagers.

When I was 13 I got in huge trouble, and was utterly humiliated for stealing my sisters panties and jerking off in them. I didn't actually do that, but when my mom found the soiled panties under my mattress and assumed it was happening, I rolled with it. As the truth that I was stealing them to wear when my older brother fucked me probably would have gone over a lot worse.

When I pop a pimple, I smell the pus then eat it..

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I'm a cumless sissy maid to my fiancee and don't get sex, french kisses, or most forms of pleasure.

I'm bossed around all day and she's no longer nice to me. Just a 24/7 servant and it get worse when she cucks me.

We're looking for a bull into that and that may get kinda possessive and one day move-in and not let me even kiss her and make me just a cleaning servant who gets nothing physical.
We're totally normal and geeky together in public even if a few friends and relatives know.

I ate a violin once on purpose. It was over the course of a week.

We were making smores one night at camp, but I didn't like the graham crackers. The scoutmaster said that's fine, you can just eat the marshmallow and the chocolate. I thought that'd be okay, but then I saw every other guy eating full s'mores and I felt self conscious. So I lit my next marshmellow on fire and "accidentally" flung it off the stick into one of the tents. The scout masters rushed to put it out and while everyone was distracted, I took the graham cracker box off the table and hid it under some pine needles.

When I was 13 I fucked a dumb blonde slut I knew. She caught feelings and I led her on for weeks just for pussy and head. I dumped her and she got really depressed. Haven't herd from ever since and don't care to.

I used to work hair and make up in Hollywood, from 2004 to 2010. I was a bit of a ladies man and would often bang the actresses I worked with. Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, ScarJo, Keira Knightley, etc. I would steal their panties sometimes and sell them on the black market.

so what ur saying is that ur normal... kek

i love using girls shit to jerk off. I purposely make my toilet not flush so when my wife or mother in law use it, i say ill fix it when i go take a shower, then ill go in and pull there shit from the toilet and stroke my self with it. (pic related, spy cam of Gilf mother in law)

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sounds like its a smelly shituation?

bullshit, since flinging the on fire marshmellow would put it out.

Sorry, I know this is Cred Forums but I'm actually calling bullshit on this one. Not even being mean about it.

Either you have this idealized vision where all your favorite starlets are vestal virgins, or you're just jealous I got to motorboat Salma Hayek.

starlets are young... salma is a fucken old hag...

I had a dream I was on a subway and Kiernan Shipka was sitting across from me. I have a pretty big crush on her so I was never going to say anything, but it turned out she was an evil monster who wanted to have sex with me in order to kill me. The other passengers were trying to hold me back, but I managed to escape and lose her at a nearby carnival

I think I'm scared of women and sex. Even looking at breasts and vaginas is enough to fill me with intense dread. I can't watch porn at all.

I was sexually abused by my dad until I was 16

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In your opinion. I think she's still beautiful. At any rate, she was a lot younger at the time. This was on the set of After The Sunset. I always thought that it was funny that some people considered Pierce Brosnan handsome back in his day, but while he only played her love interest in a movie, I actually got to have sex with her.

how do u convince any celeb to fuck u

Same way you convince any other women. They're just like everyone else, though sometimes the fame gets to their head.

my neighbors have a girl did the wife while eating the daughter

dubs confirmed... and u convince them with money.. check em..

ur talking about sex right

I like seeing women stripped and humiliated like pic related

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Used to jack off to horse porn.
Not furry shit, horses fucking people.

move to hollywood.. kek

Would I see that often lol?

Sometimes when I masturbate, I think about putting it in my sister’s cunt.. I cum immediately, if not, within 10 seconds

if ur a producer yes...

Sure, sweetie.

I’m hyper sexual. I have a pretty large penis and I think I’m fairly good looking. This + ego makes me a pretty toxic friend. Was hanging out in a big group tonight and my mind frequently wander to how I think I could please my friends gf better than he could, or about how my other friend’s sister looked pretty good tonight and I’d fuck her brains out.

I should also add that I’m NOT single. I date someone in this same friend group and I really like her.

Basically how do I not be a coomer?

I tried to kill myself a few nights ago. Managed to convince my sister who found me that I accidentally took too many sleeping pills. I’m fucked.

My girlfriend thinks I’m Christian but I actually don’t believe. I lie because I don’t want her worrying about my “soul”.

I think I have a porn addiction.

Age on the daughter?

I verbally beat the shit out of my abusive, tweaker stepdad one day. He overdosed a month later. I'm a homeowner now. Lil bit of guilt, but everyone is happier without him.

>I KNOW I have a porn appreciation.



I got my wifes friend drunk enough to convince her to model for me - hoped to see her in underwear, but ended up seeing everything.
Fap material for life secured.

Wickr: zoomer999 if you want story and pics (no face)


So you just needed a pussy to release in lol

The last time i did MDMA was with a girl who got so turned on, she was offering to let me seed her pussy and risk knocking her up because "it feels so primal".

She was beautiful and I was so high and now turned on that our one night stand led to just fucking to maybe impregnate her. She fell asleep with a lot of my cum in her. Later she left and I never saw her again. Wonder if she got pregnant. Wild night though.

Nut in any of them?

Mdma will do that to you. Took it once with gf at the time and dumped gallons into her

Wife was underaged when we met

this is pretty fucked

We're you trying to impregnate a stranger? Lol little different.

arent they all.. howd u meet

Ohh you were with a stranger? Damn dude that was super risky

Worked on the ranch for me and my dad (no she's not Mexican) she was a runaway from a coked out mom

arent they all.. how she convince ur dad to take her in.

She convinced me and I convinced him. Wasn't hard considering her background and she's a hard worker (even know) I doubt he knew she'd be his future daughter in law though haha

ur dad never tried to fuck her... and how long did it took before u started to hit it..

>ur dad never tried to fuck her
Dear God no. He's married to my mom!
>and how long did it took before u started to hit it..
Little over a year. It was over the day I saw her bending over in her daisy dukes. Felt bad at first but hey everything's worked out well

>>ur dad never tried to fuck her
>Dear God no. He's married to my mom!
just cause someones married doesnt mean they wont fuck someone else.. welcome to Cred Forums

how were u at the time... and what happened to the girls mom


I cum buckets jacking off to a pic of my 67 yrs old widow mom's ass in panties. Usually, I listen to D12's Shit on You while doing it. It makes me horribly horny.

>how were u at the time
How old you mean? I was 24 she was 16. We tried to reach oit to her when we were planning our wedding but couldn't find her. Tho my wife said she doesn't care if she never sees her again

I regularly post nudes of my exgf Alex... Saw someone posting her yesterday, which feels so weird. I've kinda made her a webslut- she literally is the top Google images result of you search "perky pink nipples" She's pretty common- most people on /b have probably seen her.

I feel bad, but I also feel so excited when I see her pics reposted.

I really enjoy going on bourbon street and grabbing random women's asses lol. Especially when crowds form.

how man kids are with there parents flashing strangers.. kek

I havent nutted in 35 days

What do you mean you feel bad? Did you pin her down and nut in her?

How does it feel?

No nothing like that. I felt like I was taking advantage of her. She was very grateful for all the help I gave her and even though I told her she didn't have to do anything she didn't wanted I still felt scummy. Now not so much since we've been married for almost 5 years

To be on your own

> totally normal

so you haven't heard from her in a month?

Covid-19 is just a trial run

Honestly man, I just go for it when she isn't paying much attention to things. I look around too but usually there's to much going around for anyone to really notice anything. I also don't mess with anyone with kids, with them.

My ex gf was bi, one time I let her put makeup on my face and we fucked for hours.

I feel very alert, energetic and listening to music is a very euphoric experience especially after exercising. Muscle also appears to be growing faster but that could be because of increased exercise. So far i haven't had any urges to relapse past the 3 week mark. I definitely prefer this over fapping

Yeah I have had long stretches, I have always had to stay off Cred Forums when I did. The filters can't catch everything.

i've started to view porn in a different way, i have a hatred towards it now and that seems to override any lust i would have so I don't have any problems browsing the web, femdom was my porn of choice.

I've showered with a 9yo girl quite a few times

Are you me?

I made out with my 3rd cousin when we were 7. I'm still grossed out by it.

I miss warped tour because I miss the crowdsurfing teenage girls. I'd mosh a bit, make my way up to the front, and just wait. I'm not too tall, but I'm sturdy as hell. Girls never knew, I got to touch young butts while seeing bands my age play. I even brought my gf a few years and she would always surf. good times.

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How old was she when you started slamming?

Warped tour was nothing more than just a bunch of horny dudes trying to fuck or grab underage teenies

Never got to go to Warped, but after 2009, it was hard to find more than 1 or 2 good bands in a night to make the damn tickets worth it. I have seen most of my favorite bands from my emo/alt phase anyway. Still, I use to love being in one of those tightly packed crowds where everyone is gross and sweaty ennoying the music. Best time to get a few good handfuls of ass or boob swipage. Fingered my ex at a TBS show in high school, but that's less of a secret, and more of a proudly bragged about memory. Met Adam backstage that night and shook his hand with my girl's dried pussy juice on my hand. Nice guy.

I'm addicted to picking scabs, I purposely skin my own knees so they'll scab over so I can pick them.

When I was 17 I had a 90 pound short petite blonde haired girlfriend.
I only dated her for sex, and she would give me money for drugs.
One night I got really liquor drunk with Xanax and told her it would be a good idea to fuck outside in the rain, she said okay and we went outside.
It was raining and thundering loudly as I began to fuck her harder and harder. She was so small she couldn't fit all of my cock in her but I was making it all fit this time. She asked me to stop and I told her to shut the fuck up and covered her mouth. By now the pain she was enduring had caused her to start to cry and I told her it's hot she's crying. I started biting her everywhere to make her scream in pain as I continued to cover her mouth. I made her bleed that night, came inside her, and passed out.
(This is the story she told me the next day, which I don't believe at all because she should of called the police) I don't remember anything except being outside in the rain cuddling.

I'm sure Adam had your gf dried pussy juice on his hand too. Those bands all fucked teeny boppers

She would have fucked him then and there if she could have. That show was my birthday gift to her, and she liked being front and center. I told her I didn't mind hanging back. Adam actually sang to her and when we met him, he basically shook my hand, complimented my peacoat, and then laid it on thick for her. Saying he's glad we came to meet him because she was his focal point during the show and she made it an awesome night. He kept going on and on about her making his night easy and fun, probably subtly asking her to get rid of me. Super cheesy shit that rockstars get away with, but she was melting. If I wasn't there, I wouldn't be surprised if he offered for her to follow him onto the tour bus and she accept it.


I miss all the pedo stories. Not the one or two sentence automated responses but the good detailed ones that make you wonder if they might be real

Well i might have something to share... but thread is already death so maybe next time

Your call man.

Was sleeping with this woman. I am 29 and she is 41. Her daughter (19) is in university and I was often helping her with her studies, she has been kinda flirty since long before she went legal.

However she had never any idea that I was fucking her mom. The mom always joked about that while she loved fucking me, she would rather see me marrying her daughter in the future. To this also goes that the mom herself had a boyfriend for most of the time I was fucking her.

Been living in another country for the past year. Communication with them has been kinda bad and that has been on me since I have been working a lot.

Early morning during my birthday the mom texted me that she missed me, and with that text also came a few nudes. Nice, I thought. Later in the evening her daughter called me and sang. We spoke for a while and right after we hanged up she texted ”For the birthday boy” and with that text came a bunch of nudes too.

Where do I go from here? I have been fapping furiously at this for two days now.

I have a crush on one of my buddies, I want to dress him up in his girlfriend's lingerie and fuck the shit out of him. I also miss peanut crunch donuts

my tenant fucks me every time she can't make rent
last month she didn't get the hours she needed and i got her pretty much every day

Care to describe him? Would be a pretty lil sissyboy in her outfit?

I used to expose my wife to technicians coming to our house, its amazing how creepy people can be

To treat me like you do

I have been used by my friend group many times. I would buy them games and stuff from time to time because I thought they were cool but they just use me for money and a backup plan if no one else is able to hang. I've never even had other friends and it's been like this for years and I just kinda want to kill myself because I'll never amount to anything anyway.

i fapped on cam for Cred Forums when i was underage 11 years ago. am now almost 27 female still a whore

still a whore you say?

I only use /b when shitting

My wife has told me she wants to go around in public with no bra or underwear on for the first time. She wears nothing at home and I know she will be wearing something short

I love messing with (particularly married or Pakistani) guys by lying about them getting me pregnant.
It's hilarious - I've gotten everything from bribes to death threats.

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I had an on and off again gay relationship with a friends little brother that lasted through our teen years and until I was fully into college. Its started out with him hitting puberty and developing a crush on me since I was part of the cool group his brother hung out in. I just thought it was some innocent hero worship at first and it felt good because the idea that our teen years were coming to tumultuous close was tough. I certainly didnt feel anywhere near as cool as he perceived us to be but I guess we all covered our insecurities well. My problems ranged from being directionless to our clique breaking up with folks moving different places to struggling with sexuality issues I buried deep and overcompensated to cover up and going through a messy break-up with my gothy dream girl.

All of that combined together to make me say yes we he asked to be treated like a little girl and offered to blow me next time i visited. He didnt know it but I could relate to the idea of wanting to be the cute girl and getting dominated and fucked. How could he know I was huge to a kid that age as a 120lbs twink that acted macho to direct people away from how much I wanted a shemale blowing "her" load inside me. I would fuck him exactly like I wanted to be treated and made his fantasies come true.

The years went by and he would break things off not wanting to be embarrassed around family and he started dating some trailer trash tramp. I went into college about the time Linetrap was making a name for herself and that started to become a thing on the anime convention scene. I finally got to indulge in that fantasy myself. One con I end up stumbling across him and he had not only broke up with the girl but didnt have a room. This time I got to be his girlfriend instead. I wish it lasted especially since we had a sweet sissy sister sex session when I dropped by his place in full costume and helped him dress up for it as well

I love gang bangs. Too much for me to take sometimes, but what I can do...

I was abused as a kid and because of it getting my dick touched never felt good to me.
I am still human and crave human connection but just cuddling and kissing is not enough for most girls.

I solved this issue last year by killing the dorsal nerves in my dick with electricity. The same thing done for back pain and other sensory nerve issues. I now lost 75-90% of my sensitivity but I can finally be with someone without freaking out when they touch me and am able to penetrate a girl without dying inside and thinking back to the abuse.
Everything still works, I can still get hard and do what is expected from me. I just don't have to feel it.

I have not told anyone about this. I don't think people will understand, I just want to be/seem normal.

Like as a guy or a girl

Therapy probably would have been cheaper or maybe turning hard gay and having prostate orgasms

underrated post


I want to suck dick but I have a wife, live in a smallish city, and no opportunities to travel. I think about it a lot even though I love my wife and we have a decent sex life.

>Therapy probably would have been cheaper
I doubt it, therapy didn't work so far. This was really cheap in comparison and the results are there almost immediately. I would not recommend it to someone else because my case is a bit unique but it worked great for me.

>maybe turning hard gay and having prostate orgasms
It is not the orgasm that does it for me, I want the closeness and the intimacy. I like to cuddle with someone and feel their skin against mine. Getting railed in the ass by strangers would be the opposite of what I want.

not gonna believe this. but fuck it.
> be me - recently married (age - mid 30's)
> fine upstanding guy with new wife and great stepkids.
> i was fucking heathen in youth. bad boy.
> chicks dig bad boys.
> fucked ALOT in youth and into early 30's
> whatever it was fun and no stds. living life.
> got knock on door
> 1 nighter from YEARS AGO wants DNA test.
> WTF. never even saw girl after that night.
> Maury says congrats its a girl.
> new wife MAD AS HELL.
> sorryiwasntavirgin.jpg
> meet daughter - she is pretty, has my eyes and face.
> filled out nice.

When my wife was pregnant her libido went through the roof, mine was non existent.

After a few months we had a huge arguement about sex.

I conceded and told her I had always been interesting in cucking.

She posted on craigslist and was bombarded with dicks

I never watched but I was always in the house when she got fucked.

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\Please tell me you got it on with your daughter

> 1 nighter apologizes - wants no money just daughter to have a real dad
> daughter had shitty life - 1 nighter was rode hard and bad boyfriends.
> spend time with daughter she is fun gets along well with rest of fam. do notice she gets shy
> weird having a late teenager dropped on you.
> caught myself eyeballing her during pool activities.
> we bond well. just treat her like i would anyone else. talk, buy her some gifts.
> 3 months in goto drop her off at 1 nighter house. noone home
> she asks if i want to see her bedroom
> say yes
> house is a shit hole
> she starts crying - i feel bad and hug her and ask what wrong
> she is happy to met me and its overwhelming
> asks if i love her - tell her sure do
> she keeps asking, and then changing question to "will you love me daddy"
> i keep saying yes, she asks when? i say "now, always."
> breaks hug looks at me and kisses me.
> wiresinbrainshort.jpg
> cock gets hard

> break kiss - uh baby girl, we cant do that.
> she tears up, asks why. asks if she is pretty, if i love her
> of course you are pretty. very pretty. she is still upset.
> hug her with cock at semi. guess she could feel it.
> she giggles and says do you think im sexy too?
> yes i do. realize wrong thing to say do daughter not all blood in brain.
> she says then we can love each other cant we? kisses me again.
> i kiss her back. try to fight impure thoughts but lust is winning.
> i slide hands down and squeeze her ass. plump but firm. cock stirs.
> we break kiss and both are short for breath.
> she looks me in the eye - " I wont tell anyone I love you, please love me too Daddy."
> I full on kiss her, grab her hips and pull them against my cock.
> she moans.
> i reach up and grab her breasts.
> we keep makingout.
> i slide my hand down and start unbuttoning her shorts, eye contact.
> shorts hit the floors, push her back on bed. kissing resumes,
> i start to feel my daughters wet pussy through her lacy panties. she is moaning.

> i slide my hand under her tiny soaked lacy panties and feel that my daughters bare pussy.
> cock is diamonds.
> i am massaging her plump lips, and being to finger her clit.
> she gasps. we break kiss, she unclasps bra and i slide her tank top over her head, baring her perfect breasts.
> i made them - ha.
> i kiss her and start to make my way to her nipples.
> nipple in mouth and hand on her puss.
> daughter is moaning and gasping.
> she reachers for my shirt.
> i undress but in a way she cant see what i have,
> as we resume, she reaches for my cock.
> her hand touches my dick she moans i moan, cock is now trying to split in 2.
> cock so hot it might burn her.
> she rubbing the shaft and tip.
> daddy your big
> i roll over on top of her
> we lock eyes, i put my cock at top of pussy,

> she has look of exicitment and anticpation.
> too horny for much foreplay, i slide back and forth a few times
> she is starting to tremble
> i kiss her and ask are you ready baby girl? are you sure?
> she nods yes
> i put cock at her lips, cock is throbbing, her pussy is soaked.
> my hips push - my cock starts to enter my daughter
> oh fuck she is tight, push harder, she shudders,
> 3rd push in and i go deeper, her lil cunt is gripping my cock.
> fuuuuck, both breathing heavy,
> pull back and start pumping slow.
> each time get further in,
> she is starting to shake, moan,
> whispers in my ear - love me daddy.
> cock about to crack.
> push all the way in and hold it. she shakes and her nails dig in
> that feel when im making my daughter cum.
> her puss clamps down and cock. i get at best 5 more pumps in before balls swell
> primal urge takes over, i have never wanted to cream a pussy more than this
> cock throbs as i unload my seed in my daughters belly
> she is moaning, oh daddy. i am moaning oh baby.
> at least 8 shots of cum have been pumped into her. i can feel it around my cock.

I masturbated in front of my mom's friends daughter when she was 10 and I was 13

> i dont feel regret. i feel complete. i just made love to daughter - but it doesnt feel odd. we continue kissing. had to go home. hug. thoughts running through head for days.
> thought was dream. look up shit on google.
> gsa - known issue.
> feel normal.

>guess its normal = means its ok.
>daughter on bc.
> we fuck for months
> always finish in her.
>there is no bigger kink then cumming in your own daughters pussy

I get off sharing pics and videos of my buddy's stuck up bitch milf ex. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be beyond ashamed and embarrassed if anyone saw her naked, sucking and fucking and taking loads to her face

When I was in high school, maybe 14/15, there was this chick who sat behind me in English and would always ask to borrow a pen. She was like a 6 out of 10 but I would have fucked anything at that age so started crushing on her. She would always return my pens with the cap chewed, which was disgusting, so one night I jerked off and came all over the cap of one of my pens. Gave it to her the next day, either she didn't notice or didn't mind the taste of dried cum since she kept asking to borrow pens after that.

Carefully groom them for a 3some.

Get new friends, you seem like a chill and giving bloke, but you deserve respect.

Hey, how you doin'?

How do you expect anyone to ever respect you user? You don’t even respect your self. Be anhero quickly, in Minecraft.

How are you enjoying the herpes user?

On my last trip to Japan, every hook up with a girl I made I pin pricked the condoms and made sure I came inside. I'm pretty sure I have at least 2 roundeye babies by now.

I still jerk it to pics of my ex-girlfriend and the furry porn she drew. I have a new gf now. Is that weird, Cred Forums?

Had a good friend that was really conservative. She wanted to start dating a frat guy but was afraid he wouldn't like her because she was a virgin. She wanted to seem experienced so she asked if I would fool around with her and teach her what to do. She said she wanted to lose it to someone she trusted, so we fucked a few times


My brothers partners daughter has a crush on me I think.
She spied on me when I was showering, I pretended not to notice her.

This story is actually super interesting.

I'm in love with an ex who was also abused and he's so afraid of being touched in that way that I don't think our relationship could ever get back on track. It breaks my heart a little bit every time I think about it. Un-helped by the fact that I'm a nympho... And we are housemates.

Good times, good times..

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How so? Genuinely asking here because I've felt rather guilty about it.

Well your ex sent them for you to fap to

Wtf, you don't post her pussy with all that you wrote? What a fag.

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I try to out on an optimistic front. But I don't believe a word I say and am actually blackpilled as fuck.

Nah she posted them online in public. That's why I feel guilty. I fap to normal pictures of her, and she doesn't even know I'm a furry.

In public yes, you'll never suspect it.

I dunno about respect but she loves me very much and we're both happy about this arrangement.

Here you go. Here's a few videos. I'm sunnymanner on kik for more
imig es/c/95kuRYj
Add an . after imig and before es

when i was 17 years old (i am 22 now) i (male) used to have extremely kinky sex with the father (then well over 50, now probably over 60) of my best friend in school. we would roleplay and i would act as his sex slave, it got more crazy every time, he used to fuck me in his daughters clothes in his marriage bed etc. after a few weeks i ended it (we probably banged around 15 times or so) because i got scared somebody might find out. he wrote me dozens of mesages wanting to hook up again but i never replied and then a year later i moved away to study in another city. fast forward to today: i just got a message that he is in my town for the weekend and a picture showing a hotel bed, a gag, a whip and handcuffs. i am kind of in the mood to drive over there.
i am still friends with his son by the way

I hope he can get past it in a way that works for him at some point.

Just please don't be the person that goes "but it will feel good when I do it because I love you" or "don't worry I know what guys want" when they tell you they don't like to be touched somewhere. Even worse is the girl that is understanding and accepting at first somehow expect to magically "cure" you and gets offended when you don't change and blames you for it.

Don't be someone you are not but also don't expect them to be. Maybe just have a talk about it and see what is possible. Maybe you can just cuddle while you release your nympho fury on someone else?

Men still can't easy talk about abuse without being ridiculed. This together with societal expectations makes it hard. Unlike what a lot of people think boys get abused almost as often as girls and it does leave trauma too.

Total cumslut and great rack

I wish I was Dan "hold her tighter she's a fighter" Schneider.

I had watched my buddys 8 year old when he went to court I brought two jelly donuts the night before jerked off in one & gave it to her the next morning. She said it was best donut she ever had. still wonder if she new what I had done.

is that all u did

is that all u did and why do that to her and not to ur buddy


Oh yes I went a few times. Good memories.

Get your wife a dildo and blow it when she’s not around that might get the kink out of ya

I frequently think about fucking my GILF coworker. She's short, like, 5' even and has natural DDs and a fat ass. She has a boyfriend but used to be a junkie so I know there's some bad decision making there.

Thinking about asking her to go for drinks one night and seeing if I can end up cumming inside her by the end of the night.


Did you like it?

My brother in law and his gf spent the night over a while ago and she left a change of clothes - including a pair of panties. Once in a while I'd tell my wife I'm going on a run or whatever, and wear those panties under my clothes to this guy's house and we'd fool around. One day my wife found the panties in the laundry and she asked me about them and I told her I was washing the clothes from the that girl had left.

I've raped over 20 police officers.

I go after the males ages 25 to 30yo. It was reported in the local news here.

Besides all the reported incidences from warped tour, I've heard a ton of stories like this. Various band members just taking advantage of young dumb girls. But at the same time of Haley from Paramore tried to get me in her tour bus I'd go in a heartbeat even if her music sucks.

I believe it. Most band members didn’t give a shit.

there 18.. there always 18... and tell us one of those stories...

Goodmorning, officer, how are you doing today?

I wnna fuck my cousin....and really won't advice Cred Forumsros

simple... when there sleeping.. u stick in it... make sure u give her the cosby special... kek

Everyone loves the Cosby special.

I’m trying to be kidnapped and made into a bimbo cumslut

Hi Harvey. You’re not allowed to go on Cred Forums from your jail cell, you ugly old fuck!

>be me
>like 12 or 13 years old
>having my first gf
>everything is just too normie, no sex at all, don't feel the need for it either way
>we go to each other's houses to kiss for hours
>shy gf, complains she is "flat"
>I say I don't care
>"at least I have a big butt", she replies
>never thought of it before, I start putting attention to it more
>start grabbing her butt, she doesn't complain
>literally develop butt fetish
>we began sexting and sending out nudes
>find out she's kind of masochist, enjoys and asks for buttslaps, I start to become kinda agressive
>we roleplay, specially with inmoral stuff like dad/daughter, son/mother, siblings stuff
>eventually she leaves me after 3 year relationship
>feel really bad
>life goes on bros, but keep looking her nudes and our messages, at least 2 years after our breaking
I'd say I'm finally okay with all of it, but damn, that girl awaken all my sexual frustration

Very proud of ya

Does she take your peener in her vajeen?

unironically kill yourself

Well played

how old r u now .. how old was she in pics.. and nothing wrong with admiring an amazing thicc ass..

Yeah nothing wrong with it. It sounds really hot.

no nothing wrong, but it was a torture. She just led me into a lot of fetishes and become a porn addict the following year (I mean visiting porn sites like 3 times per day). It was really hot, but it feels weird looking back into it

Was your gf older than you?

why... if my gf was thicc and she let me play with her marshmallow ass.. i would thank her for letting do stuff.. i wouldnt feel guilt at all.. especially an ass slap..

>femdom was my porn of choice
that explains why your unhealthy sexuality, you're a fag

yes, slightly, by a few months

I did, still it's not a fetish I'm proud of and it's difficult to bring up with the other girls

Was she like 13 when she made the comment about her ass?

13 or 14, not sure

That’s a pretty impressive ass for someone that young.

gotta love a girl who knows what she has ... and ur a damn beta for not respecting a girl whose thicc.. wtf user.. girls come in all shapes and sizes and some come with a built in ass.. nothing wrong with admiring it.. as ur girl shows u.. thye love it when u notice it..kek

>We all have secrets
I fuck my roommates girlfriends every day when he leaves for school. Sometimes she bends over for me in the kitchen while he's in the shower. I cum in her every time and she makes him use condoms. He thinks she's wet from him when really he's simply licking my cum from her cunt. He has lots of money, I'm on welfare but I am far superior to him genetically in every way.

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Very true.

I did respect her, I don't say there's anything wrong about her, the "secret part" was me mainting my obsession two years after the break up

Congratz bro. Is there any way I could be as successful as you without them superior genetics? My roommate has a fuckbuddy so it should be even easier for me.
Btw. it's fucking hilarious that he thinks he's making her wet while it's actually your cum, buahaha! I wonder how many times he said to her "baby, your pussy tastes soo good" LOL

its not an obsession user.. its an appreciation... some girls are blessed to be born thicc.. nothing wrong with checking the goods and nodding some love for there backside.

Well the point is that it passed from an appreciation to an obsession, at least for me