Zoo Discussion Thread with Feral yiff instead of real pics because real pics get ya beaned

Zoo Discussion Thread with Feral yiff instead of real pics because real pics get ya beaned

I really love animals and just want to talk about them, so hop in if this sounds like your type of thing

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Dog fucker. Kys, you rape animals, that's not love.

fuck off and die, animal rapist

You kiddos are up pretty late to be on a site like this.

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I'm probably older than you. Zoophiles are degenerate scum and these threads breed more subhuman filth and encourage crime.

Heyo, how ya doing?

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Idk bro, if you want to have an actual discussion about it I'm down, but if not then there's not much reason to be in this thread

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Well stop fucking linking this degeneracy in fur threads as if you're welcomed. Even furries hate your fucking ilk.

>I'm probably older than you
Oh that's precious, you're actually underage. Also you're watching the replies to this thread which means you're invested in the dog fucking thread.

Congrats, you're just as bad as the rest of us nigger.

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Imagine being this butthurt

Well considering a lot of furries hop in these threads, I'm gonna say you're wrong. I understand not everyone is cool with zoo, but you have to admit it's more likely for a furry to be into zoo. If it's not your thing, you should just ignore it my man

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user I'd love to talk about it, but as we all know Cred Forums is inhabited only by perverts and literal retards.

Sorry m8

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I'm 22 and even as a furry I hate zoophiles. They're almost as bad as pedophiles because they rape animals that can't consent. The fact that you believe otherwise shows me you're likely the underage one. You should kill yourself too.

Being butthurt that people are encouraging something that is illegal in nearly every country on the planet, and in some places can actually get you executed? You're fucking stupid if you think I'm not trying to keep you from abusing animals and getting raped in prison, retard.

Most zoophiles are furries, but few furries are zoophiles. Stop acting like furries like you fucking scum because we don't.

Well that's the great thing about theses threads is that the people in here usually actually want to chat because there really isn't another place to do it

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It's almost like 99% of the planet, and all sane and rational people have made it taboo and illegal for a reason you degenerate fucking retard

Imagine being this butthurt
You're probably also the same guy who says fucking children is cool because loli is culture

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Imagine being this butthurt

Congrats, over 18% of humans have considered bestiality

Going from 82 to 99% is some jew shit right there nigger

>implying I don't hate pedophiles more than zoophiles
Your stupid is showing. Kill yourself you sick fuck.

>over 18% of humans have considered bestiality
[citation needed]

Theres a different between dogfuckers and people who love their dog.

Dogfuckers are people who...well yeah.

But most sane people are just showing that extra bit of love to their dog y'know?

If you actually belonged on this site you'd have said nigger instead of "sick fuck"

You're on the internet, don't censor yourself you stupid nigger

>Most zoophiles are furries, but few furries are zoophiles

I can agree with that, but that's also my point. Especially on Cred Forums, if there are 10 people posting in a g/fur thread, chances are that at least one of those posters is a zoo.

>The legality argument

While I do understand where you're coming from, not all laws are cool. If laws started popping up to restrict speech or guns, people would be a-okay with breaking those laws. My point is that just because there's a law about something doesn't mean it's right. There are laws in the middle east that you can get merked for being gay or being a woman without wearing your headdress, those are not laws that I think are okay.

Also, zoo is legal in a few states in the US, and a few countries in the EU, including Germany where the law states that as long as the animal is yours and not being tied down or forced, then it's okay as long as you keep it private

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Just let the thread die.
Watching the furries and the ironic loli posters argue back and forth is sad.

Not him but ya don't always gotta try to be edgy and shit, I just try to post how I would talk irl. I'll say nigger and shit like that if it's funny, but there's not much of a need to say it just to say it

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I'm not 15 years old anymore like you, kid. Maybe one day when you're an adult you'll realize why it's wrong to commit bestiality.

And that means 90% of furries don't like you people which is why you shouldn't fucking act like what you're doing is okay. It's abusing an animal just like abusing a child.

It's not just me posting, there's another guy who's zoo too in here posting, all my posts have pics attached

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I'd honestly like to chat.

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Yeah, it's like the argument between zoos and beasts, zoos are into zoo because they truly are sexually and emotionally attracted to animals, and usually only attracted to animals (like me for instance), zoos truly love their animals and treat them like their best companions in the world.

Then there's the people who are sexual with animals as a kink, either because they like watching their partners be sexual with animals, or they want to use an animal as a warm dildo or fleshlight. Those people usually just stop paying attention to their animals right when they finish being sexual, which I find pretty fucking wrong.

I have my boi Kaiser, he's a King Shepherd, and I fucking love him to death. I do everything with him and he's always attached to me, if I could take him to work I would lol.

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Watcha want to chat about? Do you have a good boi or good girl of your own?

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They're literally the same thing. It's like saying you're only attracted to children because of "love" and that it isn't a fetish when it's disgusting and degenerate regardless of what you believe the intent may be. I genuinely don't know how someone can be delusional enough to believe one intent is right and one is wrong when they're no different whatsoever, and illegal for a fucking reason, you brain dead white trash moron.

From my experience, most of the furries on Cred Forums either like zoo, or at least understand it, while it seems like a way smaller amount actually hate it. Yes, I will say that going on a normal furry site and promoting zoo will get a lot more negative feedback than positive, but this isn't a normal furry site.

Also, a male dog fucking a dude isn't animal abuse in any way shape or form if it's happening naturally (as in you're getting on all fours and he mounts and goes to town without a lot of intervention)

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A good boi, I am in one of the states that dont allow zoo but its all good.

Theres a difference between a child and a dog. A dog can actually make decisions (to a certain degree) while a child is a child.

There's a difference between a fucking child and a sexually mature adult animal.

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That's complete bullshit conjecture that you're pulling out of your ass. 99% of people hate your ilk because what you do is abuse. It's abusing the trust and instinct of an animal who fucks to make children, not feed the desires of a sexual deviant.

Dogs literally have less logical capacity than children. They fuck to make babies, not to pleasure sick humans.

No there isn't. It's abuse no matter how you slice it because that animal is not getting its own species pregnant like nature intended.

What breed is he? I said it earlier but my boi is a King Shepherd and holy fucking shit I love him to death

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You're the one saying "99% of people hate you" with literally no proof lol. It's you and a few others that legitimately have a burning anti-zoo passion. If you hate this stuff so much, why come in these threads? Even though it's linked in a thread you were in, you did not have to click the link at all, and even after you're here, if you don't like it it's very easy to just leave

> It's abuse no matter how you slice it because that animal is not getting its own species pregnant like nature intended.

>like nature intended

Let me ask you this, do you think doing anything sexual other than fucking a woman in the missionary position just to make babies is the only type of sex that is okay?

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He's a mix of breeds, not actually sure which.

I'm pretty sure every US state and every other country on the planet except for Canada has made it illegal for a reason, dumbfuck. I came here to tell you to stop promoting things that are illegal.

You cannot compare the most intelligent species on the planet having sex to two incompatible animals, one significantly less intelligent and relies on instinct. That is abuse because the human is encouraging an animal to do something against its instinct of impregnation. Dogs do not have the ability to make decisions like human, and physically does not understand what it is doing. That is the very definition of abuse.


Fuck, I gotta head out for a bit, be back in like an hour or so if this thread is still up, sorry for having to dip out, I really wanted to chat

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do you have a kik?

I mean, he's not wrong.

So what that shows me that is the vast, vast majority of the country would go to jail or prison for having sex with a dog, and more and more states have criminalized it in the last 5 years. Does that not mean anything to you? Because I'm sure it will be completely illegal nationwide within 5 years. If you had a fucking brain then you'd try to rationalize why it's wrong.


although you could argue that furries aren't human

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>18.4%[citation needed]
lol, actual fucking retard


smoking weed is illegal in most parts of the country as well so clearly doing that is extremley bad and wrong and you should stop doing it at once

honestly it's probably a good thing that it is technically illegal because that means you can punish the retards that actually harm their animals or can't keep themselves away from their neighbors horse, which is entirely different from just allowing your dog to love you a little bit more than most people would

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Smoking weed can also accelerate latent schizophrenia among many other disorders, cause depression, anxiety, paranoia, and psychotic breaks.

It is no different at all because it is still abusing an animal's trust and instinct. They should all be punished because those animals you *think* you're helping can be negatively affected or even traumatized without you realizing it.

looks like the number is inflated, the actual result in 13% on the last two years of the poll

that's like double what you would get if you polled the world population ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoophilia#Extent_of_occurrence )

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why do you think sex is so traumatic and horrible, did you get molested by your parents as a child or something

its ok you can tell us

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>In a 2014 study, 3% of women and 2.2% of men reported fantasies about having sex with an animal.
That's pretty fucking close to that 99% I mentioned who agree that it's wrong, and clearly that's proving the incidence is only going down over time. Thanks for for proving my point. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Literally all you're showing with this is that furries are 5x more likely to be in favor of some illegal almost everywhere that 49 out of 50 people disagree with, and that 3 years before it it was 9x more likely. Again, showing a decline in approval because people are better understanding the psychological effects of bestiality, because it can traumatize them and is abuse. Rethink your life, broseph.

back when it was legal in denmark there was a veterinary advisory board where 4 of the 5 vets recommended keeping it legal since it didn't seem to harm animals and actual animal abuse was already well covered by other laws

they still ended up banning it because the prime minister didn't want their country to be known online as "that one country where everyone fucks dogs"

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man i'm glad kaiser is back

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[citation needed]
Also, veterinarians only deal with the physical aspect of animals, not their psychology. That's like saying "well doctors agree with child molesters because the children isn't getting physically harmed" because the psychological aspect is not being considered. Physiology and psychology are not the same thing, and the vast majority of animal psychologists would still tell you it's wrong and should be illegal due to the mental and emotional harm it can cause.

And what if I bend over and my dog puts his cock in my ass or pussy?

That’s me consenting and them doing the work. So.

You also don't have a vagina to impregnate which its instinct tells it to do. That is abusing its trust because it assumes that it's going to knock up a bitch, not have a sexual deviant get fucked for their own pleasure. What about misleading a creature against its natural assumptions is okay, and not abuse?

dog fucker

All we need to do is kill the gays and ugly people then doggies can live rape free :)

Why are you still arguing about this? This is the internet, you're not really gaining internet points for proving things.

> abusing its trust
Is that an argument?

Because I was once a zoophile as well, and I began to understand the mistakes I have made and believed because the internet can easily breed ignorance, including something that should be as simple to understand as sexuality and abuse. My goal is to discourage people from unintentionally harming animals due to their own ignorance, or perhaps being ostracized for being found out as a zoophile, or even go to jail or prison.

It is absolutely an argument because if a woman told you she wanted to get pregnant and have you be a surrogate father for her, and you said yes, but you were actually sterile, couldn't impregnate her, and were simply using her for sex, would that not be wrong and manipulative at best, and abusive at worst?

Welp, can't argue with that.

Hell yes finally a thread for me

I wanna fuck a female wolf so bad, my cock get 100% diamond when I see a female wolf lay on her back and act playful, they're the most beautiful creatures on earth, but I know i'm gonna have to settle for a husky :( oh well they're pretty attractive too.

I like how germany does it if that's accurate. Zoo sadists and people who fuck a dog that's clearly not okay with it are absolute scum and deserved to be punished.

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>It’s all good, man!

I remember the first time I saw dog pussy i was like eww wtf, but now i barely like human pussy anymore and love dog pussy

Id fuck a horse... it's not rape in the slightest, they go along with it and end up enjoying it, plus they take dicks larger than my arm and I'm 6'4"

I get so fucking pissed when some fuck downplays how fucked pedo shit is, fuck you that shit ruins children's lives and the lives of their families, zoophilia does none of that shit how dare you compare the two

As someone who was molested, and was a zoophile, I disagree. Zoophilia can absolutely ruin lives just like pedophilia can. Personally, my life isn't ruined, but imagine how many people who's lives have been ruined because of it. If porn stars can't even get regular jobs when they're found out to be porn stars, think about what happens to people who are discovered to have committed bestiality, or even just found to be sexually attracted to animals without doing it. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?

Thats influenced more as a result of society's opinion on beastiality, not on what beastiality does directly. If you can find me a story where someone fucking a dog directly ruined someones life, whether it be the animal or the some human, and it wasn't just the public opinion against the person who did it that ruined lives, then I'll be inclined to agree.

Hey I'm back if anyone's still in here and wants to chat

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How much larger did Kaiser get between the age of 1 and 2?

My boy is 1 year old now and still looks a lot like a puppy even though he's gotten really tall and heavy (i'm the white shep guy)

he jumps in my bed for morning snuggles every day now as soon as i wake up, I'm really happy he likes sharing the bed because that morning routine is the fondest memories i have of my old girl

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Kaiser is a King Shepherd so he had A LOT of growing to do lol, but he was pretty much finished growing by 1.5-2 years, he had his length and height all good, but it took a bit for him to fill out

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hope you don't mind if i rant at you kaiseranon, but i get so pissed off when people act like they love their dogs and would do anything for them and then proceed to keep them locked in a cage for 14 fucking hours. or i tell them the health penalties of feeding them cheap shitty kibble and they justify it by saying "every dog i've had has done fine on it" and completely ignore the fact that the dog died at 6 years. FUCK I HATE SHITTY OWNERS.

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That's so fucking cool, I love it when they get into routines and such, shepherds are so fucking smart that's why I love them, what other little things does he do that you love?

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Lol it's all good, where else can you rant like that lol. Yeah, people who lock up their dogs are pretty shitty, if you can't even train your good boi or good girl to not fucking ruin your house while you're gone, then maybe you shouldn't have a dog.

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let’s fuck some dogs y’all

If any of you have zoo to trade or want to talk about how much you enjoy zoo, Kik me at: Ladiousisbad

honestly can’t even remember the last time I been to a zoo

I don't really use kik or any of that stuff anymore, I used to, but one of my friends got doxxed through kik by some anti-zoo dude and got outted. Yes, he was kinda retarded and was way too open with it, but it still scared the shit outta me and I deleted everything and dipped, still kinda have that fear. I feel like staying on Cred Forums is probs the best place to properly talk about it

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when i'm watching tv and he wants attention he gets a tennis ball and uses his nose to shove it deep between the armrest and my leg until i toss it back to him

he is really good at grabbing thrown balls out of the air, but otherwise still pretty clumsy

my old girl could never catch anything i threw to her, it was super cute :P

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*Let's GET fucked by some dogs y'all

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If I remember correctly he should be over a year old right? Have you done anything with him yet?

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I've only been in these threads a few times, so maybe you've had someone ask this before, but what do you think influenced the development of your zoophilia? I only ask because in my upbringing I was pretty isolated from others by my parents, so my closest friends were the family dogs which were always female, and I believe my attraction stems from that.

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he gets handjobs and blowjobs occasionally and he likes that but i don't want him to get the idea that it's ok to jump up on either me or other people just yet

I imagine once spring arrives and lots of dogs go into heat in the neighborhood he is going to get a lot hornier than he is now if I want to take it further

I'm not sure I'm really prepared to take the knot though, to be entirely honest I kinda regret going with a male instead of a female. At least there's less health issues to worry about with false pregancies and so on.

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If you want to fuck animals you are mentally ill. No two ways about it. Bestiality is dangerous, unethical and unhyigienic. It is not a lifestyle choice, it's a perversion.

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That's a pretty good question, I honestly think it's a combination of me growing up with animals being my best friends, and my massive attraction to furries. I pretty much grew up on Disney movies and I really love anthro characters in those movies, so my parents always got me even more movies and stuff with anthro characters and I pretty much got trapped into being attracted to them lol. Like holy fuck, I didn't even know what furries were until I was about 12 or 13, found out about furries, found out about the art, and found out about the yiff. I don't think I've ever jerked off to normal porn with people in it, it's always been furry animations and furry yiff through puberty, it started with straight stuff, then I started really liking the looks of the anthro's red rockets or horse schlongs which made me start to sway to the gay stuff, and that lasted a while until somewhere towards the end of highschool I found out about feral yiff through a g/fur thread here on Cred Forums, then that same night I got convinced that if I liked the idea of an anthro furry knotting me, and especially if I liked the idea of a feral knotting me, then I 100% could do it irl with Kaiser. Long story short that night was a lot of exploration, and after a lot of convincing I let Kaiser knot me, and since then I've been a hard core zoo.

So basically I think it had to do with my attraction to furries and only to furries and not finding humans attractive at all, and then also my love I already had for my good boi and that we were already extremely close so it felt pretty nice and not that weird to be with him

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No, I'm judging you because you're a terrible person

Honestly I'll tell you this, everyone hypes up the knot and says how big it is and all that, but with Kaiser it was pretty easy to take and I was a total virgin. The part that hurt was the initial penetration and that was like a pretty long sting, and I was completely pinned by him so I couldn't get up so I was a little scared and panic-y, but by the time I could feel the knot start slapping against my asshole the pain disappeared and it was pure joy, and once that knot slipped in it was pure heaven.

My point is to not be afraid of his meat, it's honestly not that bad, like I said it stings at first, but then it just goes away and is pure ecstasy. The only part that can hurt real bad is if while you guys are knotted something happens to make him panic and pull away (as in if you didn't know him that well, but you do because he's yours so he's gonna stay on you)

I do hear you say that a lot though, that you wish you've gone for a female, but I'll tell you that it also sounds like that you just miss your girl a lot, and I cannot fucking blame you for that at all, but getting a female dog instead would not have changed your feelings because nothing can fill that hole that your good girl left in you

Attached: dec60c6d69551fac3ac5203529628dab.jpg (800x600, 64K)

thanks, yeah it's been a whole year now and I still miss her every day

But my boy tries his best to keep me cheered up and I am really thankful for him.

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>I'm probably older than you
>I'm 22

add another decade, or 2 and then apply that confidence. zoom out of zoo threads, zoomer.

I can't wrap my head around these idiots claiming animals can't consent when I was forcefully raped by a dog when I was around 14. Hands down most terrifying moment of my life and is likely why I'm a degenerate to this day. Male for those wondering

A good suggestion for you especially with him being young, try to stud him out at least once so that he can fully mate with a female. Basically long story short, from what I've heard from people all over zoo places (not just here but every other zoo site) is that males who have not fucked before don't really know what they are doing without the smell of a female's coochie to guide him. I have three examples:

First a guy had a lab/shepherd mix and he was like 3 or 4 years old, has his balls and all that, but never had been sexual before, even though he liked getting jerked/sucked off, he didn't know what to do with mounting and fucking. The guy pretty much had to do everything himself, and even when the male was on his back he would have to reach around and jerk him of just so he would stick his rocket in him, and it was even really humping or anything, more just a push in with help.

Second is a guy I knew that grew up with his parents being English Mastiff breeders, obviously the stud there fucked before so he knew what he was doing, so all the dude had to do was get undressed and before he even got on his knees the stud was all over him

Third is me with Kaiser, Kaiser was bred a few times before our first time, so he knew what to do, it just didn't hit him at first but after rubbing his sheath and showing my ass to him while I was on all fours, it clicked in his head and he mounted, found his mark, and went to town.

My point is that you really should let him breed with a female first so that he can develop the right idea on what to do, and then you should have no problem with anything

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Lol how'd that happen? What breed was he? Was he your dog or a family/friend's dog? Did you end up liking it or nah?

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He is against weed too, what a masive faggot

i wish humanity would invent some sort of brain enhancing genetic treatment so we could uplift all sorts of wonderful animals, reduce aggression and make them part of our society

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Attached: d9a8e4c1ce3bbd9872e98da814538a94.jpg (600x800, 138K)

Attached: a36db7fcf8952c48f21a152dabe0fddc.jpg (800x533, 83K)

Attached: 3ecb27b98e866ef9231a2a4cd597fb2e.jpg (800x557, 55K)

Attached: 7ca9d16bc43ae0630fb5d11c7bba2811.jpg (800x450, 105K)

That'd be pretty sweet... especially for the big kitties... Imagine cuddling and snoozing with a lioness, all warm and cozy...

god damn it, i have canine and equine sub-folders in my drama directory, which one does this go in?

Was using the bathroom in the woods as I lived in a rural area was in the middle of wiping my ass with some leafs when my dads boxer mounted me he humped mostly air and tried to find the hole my moving around prevented any insertion at first but when I tried to force him off of me he did a low growl and snipped at my face. At this point I thought I was going to die and my adrenaline spiked but I froze just long enough for him to find my asshole and force his way in. It was awful while I did have an erection at the time but I think that was a mix of the situation and the adrenaline. In the end I did force him off of me at a certain point because the pain snapped me out of my frozen state when I got some distance between us I stood up and kicked him in the face as I was fearing for my life at this point. Likely not the story you where looking for but after that point I saw animals for what they are sentient beings that can not only consent to cross species intercourse but can even commit acts of rape. This opened a new door for me and I have had a single sexual relationship with a female dog that I loved thanks to this realization.

My thing is that if it has a feral equine, it goes in the horse folder (except if there a feral dragon, then it goes in the dragon folder)

Idk, I guess the way I sort my stuff is based on what the main feral is in the picture, the anthro doesn't really matter to me

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Yeah not really the story I expected, but also not an unreasonable one. Most people who have a male dog forced on them either let it happen because they lowkey want it to happen, or in some cases the dog is literally too big and is pinning them down with growling and even biting. Sounds like you got lucky and he wasn't too heavy and you were able to get away before he fully fucked ya.

I knew a guy from these threads that was messing around with his uncle's Doberman and that dog is a guard dog for his ranch, so long story short the guy was young and just curious and was letting him sniff/lick his dick and stuff and when he mounted he thought it was more of a playful thing but nah, that Doberman was growling and biting and the dude's neck/shoulders, there was no getting out and especially since the user was like 16ish at the time. That's probably an example of someone who was sexually attracted to him, just too scared to actually get fucked, so in the end he was pretty happy about it and glad it happened, but when it first started it was pretty scary and forceful

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rest now, sweet thread.

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You guys have more stories of people submitting to their dogs?