We all hate this fool. Hopefully he will follow Limbaugh into the grave soon

We all hate this fool. Hopefully he will follow Limbaugh into the grave soon.

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Nobody cares, Mike.

YOU hate this fool. Get the fuck out of here faggot and take your faggy hate Trump posts to /r/politics and /r/worldnews

Dubs checked and based.
Trump 2020 FTW.
Fuck libtards.

Trumpski will steal your bike like the nigger he is.

Get ready for 5 more years of ass pain

Trump is ignorant, and a liar.

It's amazing trumptards thought he could fix trade deals when he didn't even know what a trade deficit is!

It's amazing trumptards thought he could fix healthcare when he thinks health insurance premiums are only 15 dollars a month.

Trump is corrupt, he lies to the American public constantly, and he has repeatedly tried to undermine all the institutions of the united states (judiciary, intel agencies, congress, etc...) while he drives a wedge between our allies and NATO.

He's the exact kind of president that Putin wants.

True he is the new Dindu nuffi'n

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Speak for yourself, I'm not a psychotic fucking minion of the media machine

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shut the fuck burnie commie

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I hope he gets BTFO

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lol look at all those freaks. They'd die in the first wave. I can't wait for the boogaloo.

Limbaugh is faking his illness.
May God show him what suffering really is.

cope more you deep state faggot

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Why do you care about Rush? He’s been irrelevant for years and will continue to be. Just like Bernie will be soon.

>trumptards thought he could fix healthcare
He's a celebrity con man and I didn't vote for the entitled lying piece of shit, but I was really hoping he'd pull this one off, even if it Mexico wasn't paying for it either.

But no.

HOWEVER... uneducated rednecks get their daily fill of liberal tears, and isn't that what really matters?

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Just sayin....

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You got a mouse in your pocket?

And Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.

Neither one fucking matters. Muricans still got their golden calf.

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go back to Cred Forums faggot

stop same fagging faggot

are you fucking retarded? there is no bOoGaLoO

i can only hope.. that self riotous cunt deserves nothing less

We should be so lucky!


Because he can't read.

its gunnah be sweet ... watching all the Trumptard tears will fill lake Havasu

Sho nuff

The GOP God has spoken
Praise Jebus

lol, okay then, buddy.

Kek Drumpf has a pussy neck

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choina gonna fuck him up, the whole world wants to kill ugly fat ass americans let him win again so he takes it up the ass when america gets raped

Hahahahaha that’s where putin shoves his dick

Fucken hell thats gross.


Jesus butt-fucking Christ man. Nobody is this handicapped

Cock holster. :-)

Internet tough guy everyone...look intimidated