Just voted for Bloomberg earlier today

Just voted for Bloomberg earlier today

Ask me anything

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Nothing required to ask. We now know you're a retard.

how did you already vote?

who cares....

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I bet you want to eat judge judys ass

Now we know OP is a retard and a faggot.

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voted in what?

How much did you get?
His campaign head in my area offered me $2,500 for every Bernie supporter I kill.

go back to highschool

go back to highschool

go back to your Vodka Boris

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got called out for not knowing anything about election primaries

damage control

Ohhh so your jumping from Don's dick onto Mike's dick? KYS you Israli Russia fuck. That faggot is worse then Tronald Droomph.

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south carolina doesnt do early voting
are you talking about another state primary?

Didnt vote in 2016
Voted Obama in 2012

I dont even know what this means but ok

Yeah the ads are a bit overkill but honestly once you actually look into everyone's platforms, Bloomberg is better than all of them

damage control x2

I too love NDAs to coverup corporate sexual assault

Bloom for prez

Mike bloomberg makes my cock fully erect tbh