What triggers you, Cred Forumstards?

What triggers you, Cred Forumstards?

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Getting kind of tired of people that think literally any random weather event is climate change.

pro medication people
rap culture
pot smokers
pro immigration people
bleeding hearts


Damn it fuck you.

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Memories of better times that I'll never have back because of the misplaced trust I gave to the wrong people, poor/ill-informed decisions, and the fact that my former-friends and "family" are all moving forward with their lives as they want, while I'm stuck and getting ready for another day of work in 20ºF weather in a warehouse.

Also the fact that NPCs 'love anime' now that it's mainstream, and every bit of my childhood and teen years has been turned into a commodity for people who really wouldn't give two shits about any of it if it weren't (mainstream).

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climate science denial
animal cruelty

pedophilia isn't a choice


This isn't reddit, sodomite.

>when people spit indoors
>when people litter
>public displays of affection that are beyond a hug
>religious zealots
>people who talk out of their ass about politics by literally parroting what they heard on the evening news
>people who speak boastfully of finances
>people who turn everything into a competition
>weebs doing weeb shit, especially overnight-fans
>K-pop sasaengs

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I should have said child molesters

suck my ball sack

lol gtfo centrist normie

eat a dick

Better, but the age of consent is the result of two irrational and widely held beliefs: 1. Sex is nasty 2. Think of the children!!!

Consensual sex does not hurt anyone, however forceful sex and society convincing you that you should be traumatized will.

Quick 180 on that double think buddy?

adults grooming teenagers who still live with their parents is a big nope.

I've no issue with you sucking on my metaphorical ball sack.

You are assuming sex is dirty. And once again you are exclaiming "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!".

It's an ethical fallacy used to inhibit rationality and cease debate. For example, many kids have been killed or seriously injured in contact sports which is purely recreational. If applied equally, the "think of the children" fallacy would also outlaw youth sports.

Your presumptions about what I think are clouded by you trying to justify what seems to be your own innate impulses. What to you might sound like rational thinking to another may sound like argle bargle attempting to draw false equivalencies between wholly unrelated situations. Sometimes its better to stay in with your own tribe than try to persuade someone more resolute in their thinking that what you might posit is somehow acceptable.


So if I'm wrong then you don't think sex is dirty nor do you feel the appeal to pity of "think of the children".

Why then can minors not have consensual sex with adults?

I've nothing more to add to this back and forth. If you're so interested in the subject of this conversation, I recommend you take it up with the parents of teenagers in your local community.

>I've nothing more to add to this back and forth.
You've only stated your biased opinion and said I was wrong when I guessed why you had the opinion. I then directly asked why and you've said nothing to support your claim.

The lack of supporting evidence makes it clear you have not decided for yourself.

jannies and mods killed Cred Forums