Trans regret thread

Trans regret thread

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Seriously if they wanna be traps at least keep the dick and just be gay, they really just volunteering to be some Frankenstein shit forever

This saddens me.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Later updated that no one else could smell anything so it "filling the room with poop smell" was probably in their head.
Temporary depression/regret isn't uncommon even after successful surgeries. I mean, women getting postpartum depression after giving birth doesn't mean birth is bad.

Anyway this will be a short thread since regret is very rare. Heck that's why people endlessly repost the op pic, because it's one of the best examples they can find to agree with their few over statistical reality.

Any trans should keep the cock. Without it no one really cares

Trans is an internet meme. It used to be gays with body issues wearing a dress, and it was funny / fine. When did they start letting people mutilate themself?

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Pathetic attempt at normalization of this mental illness

I swear my fake pussy doesn’t even smell like waste matter anymore it’s fine guys

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Shut up with this pseudo intellectual attempt at mitigating this issue in the trans gender retardation

Good, now he can not breed, and can thus kill himself without negativity effecting the human race

Just fuck fuck fuck.

I can name like 5 guys that look exactly like that, but not a girl similar to this

why would anyone think recreating a sexual organ that you do not have naturally would give them the satisfaction of actually having it?...

Jesus. Look people can be how they like I don't care. I'd never date a trans but that's just me but goddammit if I ever looked down and saw a gaping wound like this I'd have to off myself

Regret is rare

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5% of normal people attempt suicide?
seems like bullshit

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who would have guessed being fired or being forced to work underground would cause people to commit suicide more often

16,472,500 is 5% of the US's total population — 329.45 million (roughly). Looks like a good number to me.

source that 16 million people in america attempted suicide?

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So much racism on this thread.

lol what? you faggot cuck hahaha

I'm neither but I am a trans supporter. All I see on here are a bunch of ignorant racist who don't know what they are talking about and posting false statistics.

No one gives a shit

Well I do.

I like to go into trans threads on places like Discord and post pics of real women's vaginas and tell them it's my new post surgery vagina giving them false hope.
The sooner they get their junk chopped off the better for humanity.

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So genital mutilation is an ethnicity now?

Doing the lords work user

oh God I regret being alive oh fuck

that's a fucking nightmare. fucking jew doctors

Whonwoukd have thought that mental instability makes it difficult to get and keep employment

Shoutout Halo 2

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>Later updated that no one else could smell anything
>can you smell my shit scented neo-vag?
>N-no... No, I can't. Honest...

How do we know this isn't just fake news? Oh, that's right, fake news only applies to think that Trump cucks don't agree with. Everything else is legit.

Gr8 b8

are you a jew?

Dont forget women "attempt suicide" at drastically higher rates than men.

Women don't usually attempt suicide
They perform attentioncide

Hence the quotation marks.

Tranny breaks from raid to lay down reddit based reply. Fuck off and kys already, she-boy.

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You are a nobody on Cred Forums that cares about retarded nobodies. Know your place trash.

Came to this thread for this.

Leaves regretting it...

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The fucked up part about all this is that he's been tricked into this by everyone, the well-meaning liberals that accidentally brainwashed him into the surgery, the greedy Jewish doctors, and then all the people that refuse to believe how he's been turned into a medical abomination. His entire life is destroyed now, the only course of action is literal suicide for these people.

I fucking hate transsexuals. It's totally out of character for me to hate someone for their orientation. I'm fine with gays,
lesbians, blacks, Chinese, Jews, Mexicans, but god damnit! There's just something about these mentally ill, delusional faggots that's makes me furious.

Hello? Based department?

When I think about them I'm usually left seething. I don't understand this mindset.

Anyone got more? Getting a huge schadenfreude boner here.

I can't help but feel sorry for these people. Look how happy he was before reality downed on him.


>Trans regret

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Looks like Miss Piggy oh my god kek

Idiots don't realize the government is behind it. Think about it, overpopulation is a major problem, supporting "sexual reassignment" means there are fewer weak minded people, the kind of people that are most likely going to depend on welfare. Their plan is very carefully constructed to make people actual be defensive about the whole thing by creating the idea of transphobia.