If you guys have images you'd like to get in high-resolution, I can do it for you

If you guys have images you'd like to get in high-resolution, I can do it for you.
Just post a picture below 1000x1000 and I'll resize it 4x.

This is not a lame blow-up resize, it's much more clever than that.
Pic related.

No rekt, no gore.

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Can you make this one clearer and sharper please

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I don't think it's going to do much for that, the pic is blurry to start with.
You'll just get a higher resolution blurry pic...
Let me try something else

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pls user

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it's above the resolution, but still...

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Work your magic on this one

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Sorry because it's furry but if you don't mind I'd appreciate it, thanks

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Plz user?

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Love you work bro, can you do your magic on this?

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Not sure it's much of an improvement... original lighting sucks

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Is this AI?

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damn, thanks

>not wanting to fuck a cute anthro bunny girl

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It's Topaz Gigapixel. And yes it AI. You can get it on 1337x.

I think I can almost make out a nipple, but maybe you can shine some light OP

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really blurry picture will result in a blurry photo...

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Close enough lol

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pls op

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If you can please.

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your image is really poor quality, too much resampling, resizing it doesn't improve that.

Darn, this one may work better then.

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possible OP?

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how bout her?

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just tried to improve the sharpness a bit but original is really poor

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Original too bad, the software just gets confused

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thank you

hope the software can make out her sexy toes

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this one as well, if u don't mind OP

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I'm just imagining how good that pussy smells.

Do you have anymore of that pic OP?

This is really impressive, what software do you use?

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Sorry no improvement, original is too low quality and already blown up

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Any luck with this?

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Wow that’s amazing, thanks user.

Sweet, thanks user.


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Op Please

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that was the original

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Pls OP

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literally anybody can set nearest neighbour

get fucked OP

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Please OP this is important

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it's already high res. if I upsize it to 4x I won't be able to upload it

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The resized version

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I challenge you with your weak ass resampling.

OP, what software are you using, this is amazing

Give this one a try...

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thx broskii

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ffs will you retards stop posting for a minute so op can tell us what he uses to make these? You fucking zoomer faggots are so short sighted.

OP can you please tell me what software you use to upscale and enhance these?

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Lighting is shit, need another soft to correct that.

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ffs will u read the thread? he's literally posted it already, and where u can download it from

the fucking name of the program is literally in the file name of each of the pictures he reposts

kill yourself you worthless retard, literally need to be spoonfed the answer or you don't shut the fuck up

Gigapixel AI
Does really well for all the old low res tumblr porn I downloaded before it went to shit



Pls wizard

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Thanks bro, I'm gonna check it out. Now all you fucking retards that were frothing at the mouth to get an enhanced version of you sisters high school grad pics can make your own. Teach a man to fish....

Guys, you need to give me some stuff that's low res but better quality if you want good results.

for instance

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Give her the college try lol

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This pretty please.

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original 640x480 potato cam resolution

4x resize plz

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could this be sharpened

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Here we are my friend

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Any help clearing this up a little?

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Very important

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based. please do this one

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Holy shit. Thx.

original is too poor or already damaged by filters, not much improvement in resizing.

For the love of god people, make sure your lenses are clean when you take picture...


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Would appreciate it

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Attached: f31.png (547x514, 270K)

too poor quality. It's not going to magically fix that.

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I just wanna say, this is some CSI "Enhance!" shit right here.

Mind doing this one, OP?

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very important, OP. I need this for a school project.

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Thanks dude

This is great! Can you hook this one up?

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God damn now those are some hips

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Attached: 5933_217013500366_573728_n.jpg (604x453, 32K)

Attached: 011.jpg (1280x960, 283K)

So how tiny is too tiny for useful results?

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Got more of her feet?

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Attached: 1582958641546-gigapixel.jpg (4000x2668, 1.39M)

c'mon OP don't let me down! I'm doing a school project on elephants, I rly need this!

pls help:

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Attached: 1582958559050-gigapixel.jpg (2560x2560, 326K)

Attached: 1582958565932-gigapixel.jpg (2416x1812, 205K)

Attached: mirandaaaloves_83947108_201266254326100_6540702788856973502_n.jpg (1024x1024, 149K)

Not much luck, original is quite degraded

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nice. who are the cuties? the girl on the right is a total slut. that nipple showing and dick sucking black belt...

can anyone fix this so u can see the titties in the reflection better?

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Attached: m12798.jpg (1024x1024, 117K)

Much improved

Attached: oom5fkoewU1wns1hlo1_1280-gigapixe2l.jpg (3644x2052, 1.12M)

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Attached: 1582958729365-gigapixel.jpg (2416x1812, 265K)

bump please

Attached: 1582958750597-gigapixel.jpg (2416x1812, 206K)

not funny! I'm gonna fail this anthropology class if I don't get that pic from

Look at these faces... stuff of nightmares!

Attached: 1582958806703-gigapixel.jpg (1200x900, 115K)

very nice, thanks!

Got a ton of that girl on the right. Old friend. Kik me buttstyff



Nothing real, but fakes yes

I tried but unfortunately the original is too damaged by jpg artefacts so the result is pretty crap

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Attached: 1582958969730-gigapixel.jpg (1256x2880, 335K)

right's face is fucking hilarious, but the bodies look good. thanks user

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Attached: 1582959087253-gigapixel.jpg (744x1416, 108K)


twould be based

Attached: device-2013-10-29-010324.png (1920x1080, 1.78M)

You should really have that looked at by a professional user.

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Attached: 1582959280055-gigapixel.jpg (4096x4096, 993K)

Shit guy, sorry but limit reached.

Weeeeelllll fuck


just continue the thread

new bread?

I'll come back later and start another thread.
If I haven't posted your resized picture it's probably because your original is too poor and there was no benefit in resizing it.

If you look closely, some pictures didn't really come out much better while other really got a marked improvement.
If your original is small but already of good quality, then you'll get pretty good results.

nice, thanks user


jesus, that didn't work too well, did it?