Will never be a supermassive black hole

>will never be a supermassive black hole
>why even live

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You can do anything if you try hard enough

>>will never be a supermassive black hole

ha!! never be a big crusher of space/time on the universe.

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We don't even know that black holes are real

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Yes we do.
From light hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of lightyears away.
Ever take a look through a telescope at betelgeuse lately?

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>black hole

We have zero evidence of 'black holes'

If that's the case how does Large Hardron Collider work?

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one more

This is even more hilarious now that we have an actual photo of one

Even super massive black holes maybe able to die:


created a "crater" 1.5 million light years across

>we dont even know that we aren't in a black hole right now

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You were once part of the Big Bang and you were once a star. Wait long enough any you might just be a black hole too.

>reads article
>"it'd be like setting off 20 billion, billion megaton TNT explosions every thousandth of a second for the entire 240 million years"
>"biggest explosion since the big bang"

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>Andromeda is going to get consumed before the Milky Way's core black hole explodes
Rest easy fren.

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we have zero evidence of you being right

They do die, dumbass.
Everything dies.

Hawking-radiation conserves the law of entropy.

The solar-system will likely survive Milkdromeda, but the sun would have gone supernova by then anyway.

will our species, if any other one, even live long enough to see that day?

everyone knows that, what's new is something potentially caused this one to explode in some way.

The Great Filter says probably not, but we'll see.

Haven't been keeping up to date on the News in general for the past few days.

Got a link?

No :)


No we don't. We have an radio inferometer image that was 'smoothed' from a pixel resolution of 6x8 pixels.

Think about that. Its like taking 60 blurry radio pixels and claiming it means anything. That team discovered nothing and deserve derision.

We haven't the faintest idea about black holes and certainly don't have any pictures of one.

Plenty more evidence that black holes can't possibly exist than proof that they do

Are you the new flat earth society or something?

Flat earthers are just trolls having lols.

I support genuine science. And genuine science on black holes is pretty thin tbh. There is zero evidence of much of anything regarding black holes... except for the requirement that we suspend the laws of physics so they can exist.

They are sci-fi fantasy until proven otherwise.

I guess you're right but want to see my blackhole?