Cali thread join up

Cali thread join up

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949 kristen

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Shout out to the 760 coachella guy he made our day this morning!! Lol

Still looking for lopez 661 where u at?

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Any 909ers out tonight??

559 ayo

How so?

Any 626?

Need that 650 hoes


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Show them tities!!!

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510 sluts?

Yes, please show her

Please show this sexy slut


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More 818?

Any nudes she fine

Elham first name 818

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Any more?

anything on this hippy cum dumpster Nikki? orig 951 and now in humboldt i think

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Why what’s up

any coachella hoes?


562 checking in
lookin 4 anythin on this long beach hoe

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Post more

More please

Fat ass nice

That would work for me


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initials are GB

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More por favor

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209 manteca

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whos the chick in your pic tho lol

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Any nudes she fine as hell

Dude that guy was a legend .
Something told me go check Cred Forums
Now i have another for my collection!

First name?

Always the same chicks, i got aaliyah f (somewhat confirmed), Jessica g (confirmed), Angie o (i can confirm)

What did he post

Kik? Rickrocket666

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April 805

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Any nudes?

Anyone know Jenny from Simi?

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Post em would love to see coachella hoes

Alison santa Barbara

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Going to need a name

Got any more

Im looking for the guy who posted this pic just hoping


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Any more?

Any tit pics

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thas what im hopin for chief

Aaliyah f birthmark on cheek gives it away

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Angie o

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Natalie san jose

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Yes!!! Nice boobies more

more sj

I likie nice more please

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Tit shot?

So far thats all i got on her looking for more

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Kik me at lolistien

Natatile san jose

Post more 760!! They both beautiful

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To trade for her photos

Mmm yes please

Know her?

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760 high desert?

Cali sucks

I don’t but she’s sexy as hell

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San diego?

kik jimmyrustleyou for more 949 girls

Do you know a Marybeth in San Diego?


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chribbleys on ig

pretty sure i know her. raver?

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Anyone got stephanie g from 209? I think salida


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yeah man she is. got anything good on her tho?

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God damn she has nice tits! Any of her bare tits?

and i just want the finer thangs in life i feel like polo T

nah, we fucked a couple of times but didn't get any pics

whack. Anything on any other rave hoes?

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Any nudes?

giess the highschool and maybe


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Damn! Any nudes

a homie said this hoes nudes got leaked any1 seen em?

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Indio high?

postin with doubt but any nudes of Erica manage to leak out?

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>Mfw LBJ's special c

Any 559

Is her name Tammy

super wrong



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Lets see them she looks hot

like this/

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nah its jen or gen i went to school with her way back lol

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Anyone near Buena Park wanna fuck my gf or watch me fuck her? Hit me up on kik: jessiecali619

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Christine sawyer 714

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916 Roseville

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Definitely not tired of seeing this tub of lard posted daily


Nacy vargas

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moar 916 pls

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We NEED some Bako girls in this thread 661 WYA

Sierra college girls are so fine.

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Gonna need some Downey, bell gardens, South Gate willing to trade

Does she still work at Disneyland?


Moar 916 my dudes

Your wife?

Last time I remembered she was near Santa Monica.


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Gotta love valley sluts

Fuck keep going

Drop k.ik for 714 stuff.

619 reporting in

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Know Acacia? Kik alathenia.

San Diego. Casey/Marie.

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Post more

hardly any 619 in these're a god amongst men

619 girls are a whole different level, I feel like I gotta rep California right

thanks man

post more if you got em

Anyone got nudes?

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i have a handful of different girls, drop kik if you're in 619 and want more

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any girls who start with N or initials NH?

Ho’s name?

Gmaxr Kik


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562 checking in

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Looking to share more with anyone from 559 Visalia area. Kik is anonrandom2020

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Where the 916 at

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where all the BAY AREA bitches at?

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anyone knows mika the piano slut? 911

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any video?

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Yes message my Kik anonrandom2020