Caught gf on sugar daddy website. she says she was just using it to meet old dudes and take their money, no sex

caught gf on sugar daddy website. she says she was just using it to meet old dudes and take their money, no sex.

obv she's a lying whore sucking old dudes nuts. What do you think?

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She could be telling you the truth it's really easy to farm those fellas for money without doing anything sexual

>no sex
Old dudes with money do not part with it unless they get what they want.

ur a beta cuck and she is an alpha. kys. only option.

so which is it?

ur a beta in a cuck's shadow, less than a cuck, in that wacky sub-cuckle" zone


>>q user posts aside, I am LIVING for the dubs these days

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then why hide it?

You mean ex gf

You have a moral advantage, go en ask her to do a threesome or whatever you like the most.

fucking trips are you KIDDING ME

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you sound like a fruit bat

I can only tell you what I would do if I found myself in your situation. I would dump her in a heartbeat. No arguments, no drama, I would just walk. But that's me user. What you decide is up to you.

i unironically thought about it. she's begging for forgiveness. will dump her regardless might as well

ALL women are whores. Get rid of her and move on.

Gotta agree that we are all looking down on you because its been so long since you got snatch that you are saying weird shit to spank to maybe. go get a massage from ladies down street.

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did you just write that to yourself?
wtf are you even like

idk what you are saying but im op and that aint me

hold on hold on. take advantage of this. let her get that money. upgrade your life a little . new computer. or upgrade. tv. new clothes. whatever. she used you. turn the table around on her. get what you want then get rid of her.

This is a picture of her. Look at that MOOSE KNUCKLE NIGGA

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You right OP, exactly as you said, when i read "for money, no sex" I instantly thought "she blowing them at least for shure"

that ur sister?

This is about right, be the Pimp you were born to be!

thats gonna be a yikes from me dog