No MBB thread..?

No MBB thread..?

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IKR. Just doesn't seem like a night on Cred Forums.

How many cocks you guys think she’s gagged on ?

Probably just the first two or three.

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Id say at least 6 or 7.

need to fuck her ass, she can probably gape by now

You saying Drake wasn't the only bbc she cuddled up with?

She’s a young horny girl with all the resources she wants. I think she probably has her managers bring her all kinds of guys all with big cocks for her to have fun with

Do you think she's been made airtight yet?

>>implying drake has a big cock

what about this producer? do you thing she fucked him?

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awwww... is cute u think mbb is a virgin.. OF COURSE SHE FUCKED HIM or at least took his load in her mouth..

no.. why would u even share her.. maybe trade her for other girls but share her.. fuck that shit.

No, I think she probably prefers muscular 18-20 guys with big dicks

henry cavill will help her see 6 or 7 inches.. she will know why hes called the man of steel.. kek

why is his hand on her knee? seems very familiar.

cause having it on her ass be a dead giveawayl ... kek

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she's got some nice tits developing

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I love her so much

Got Kik?

i love her perky tits and smooth pussy and accent so much

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love it when she goes braless and she shows off the outline of those underage tits

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Shes the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

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what I wouldn't give to have this little minx bouncing on my cock...


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feeling nice enough to send the other 26 mbb files prior to this one?

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Had a dream where I French kissed a girl and after I see little this goblin in front of me, I'm not attracted to her how the fuck see get in my dream?

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Nothing like a good ol Millie thread to cure my morning wood

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