Will someone please explain to me how Bernie Sanders version of socialism for the U.S...

Will someone please explain to me how Bernie Sanders version of socialism for the U.S. is going to be any different from those of previous failed attempts in the past from world history????


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When he gets elected, we'll find out...

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the more anti Bernie threads I see, the more I am committed to voting for him

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that's the best you got? sure, I guess

Entirely irrelevant. Bernie supporters are actually trump supporters who wish to inflate Bernie numbers in order to push Biden out of the nomination since Biden is the only real threat to trump.

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It'll be different because absolutely none of his radical reforms will ever be implemented. Same thing happens with most presidents with extreme views.

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Based Jill Biden fighting to put her husband in the White House so he’ll leave her alone.

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Melania! Hai!

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I don't get it. Which American city is that on the bottom? Baton Rouge?

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Every bernie supporters are Russian sleeper agents

Bernie is a tax and spend liberal on steroids

He will likely not control the govt so ons house of the legislature will stop him.

Be very careful on who his vp will be great chance they are president

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have these people ever heard of a fishing pole or a net?

damage control x9001

Bernie is a barely even a socialist, he is a social democrat at best.

what up Cred Forumsoomers

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Socialism in the US is called "Right leaning" in the rest of the developed world. Comparing things that Sanders proposes to Venezuela etc. makes as much sense as a direct comparison of Trump and Hitler.

Aka, no one was surprised.

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keep shilling for the rich, cuck

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Uh huh....

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that's pretty fucking cool actually

keep shilling for the rich, cuck

Those industries are nationalized, same as anything else. It's the property of the people, therefore taking it and using it for your own NEFARIOUS purposes is against the will of the people. You should properly donate said catchings to your local food distribution office so it can be recirculated PROPERLY by the INTELLIGENT government workers to the people.

it's canadianism, actually

Do you mind if I save this picture and post it later?

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lol, all that damage control

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Will someone please explain to me how Trump's record deficit is going to be any different from those the Republicans were crying about under Obama?

Milian told Congress three million coke bucks
Went to Felix Rodriguez CIA muck-a-muck
To give to the Contras only Hush Hush Hush
Except for Donald Gregg & his boss George Bush

It was buried in the papers only yesterday
When Bush was Drug Czar, USA

ikr - Bloomberg's shills are earning their shekels tonight.

you're going to get a helicopter ride you pinko fuck.

Bernie Sanders is my father and I can tell you first hand he is the epitome of a strong american man.

Every day he takes me into the shower and rinses out my butthole with his state-brand anus cleanser and makes sure I'm ready for a tough day at the state butt fucking factory. Once there I let hilary Clinton fuck my asshole until I bleed.

Enough about me, my father Berning asshole Sanders has took me and my mother to the whitehouse every labour day weekend of our lives. He likes to point and laugh about how the big corporations are all degenerates. After having a family jerk off into socialist brand hand towels, we walk home and prepare for another day.

Fuck all you trump incels who don't believe in Bernie Sanders. FEEL THE BERN

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If you weren’t completely politically ignorant you could put the pieces together.


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Thank you for for your kind words, son!
I'd vote for Trump if I wernt a fool.
-Bernie Sanders

The USA cant block the USA...

Social libertarianism and economic fascism (state corporate partnership) is the way to go.

missing context: sanders was asked about the bread lines of a place where people had no other access to food, e.g. without the breadlines people would be fucking dying.

thanks for letting me know you're not interested in a rational discussion before I made the mistake of replying

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Are you lost, nigger?