Drawthread: Something's Fishy... Edition

Drawthread: Something's Fishy... Edition

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Fuck off


Going to bed wanna wake to some Hitloli both lewds and non lewds

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digital bump

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Fuck off

Bowsette is old and busted

If drawing lewds, remember she has a swastika shaped pussy

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Howdy! Any good requests?

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>! Any good requests?
Here's a good request for ya. Give me 5 dollars.

I request the Annoying Orange getting goatsed.

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Fuck off

Requesting Re-draw this image of this hyena Girl and This Cheetah Girl in the drawing (art) style of joe murray / let's go luna! / Camp Lazlo / Rocko's Modern Life

hyena and cheetah: thebarchive.com/data/b/image/1577/37/1577376642823.jpg

console: live.staticflickr.com/4200/35067267711_f4f48e8993_b.jpg



Soda Can: cloud10.todocoleccion.online/coleccionismo-coca-cola/tc/2018/02/20/23/113029407.jpg

lay's: i.pinimg.com/originals/f8/aa/9b/f8aa9b277fe4d8da629e8eb9e887d74a.png

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Bacon, eggs, cheese, and just a touch of hot sauce.

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Requesting a Corona Chan version of the right pic.

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I would like Trixie Tang to sexually harass Luna as in the picture.

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Requesting Neko soup, her inside a cauldron with a wolf dude tasting her feet or swallowing her while licking her pussy.

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Kinda like this. Alternatively her getting fucked while licked, can be other species if you prefer.

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Requestin' this girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eatenn alive by a large snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snek voore references: imgbox.com/g/RkqJY4UaWl

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gimme something worthwhile

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oh no don't do that; you'll give me an erection
I have learned not to trust these kinds of super-specific requests

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Fuck off

Requesting Alice as futanari lifting her skirt as pic related (same pose and angle) showing off her flaccid circumcised penis.

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You know what to do

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Gee, thanks.

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Fuck off

Requesting Alice as futanari after got a blowjob from Anna from frozen. I'm going to try to describe an image of the scene I want:

-Alice as futanari with an already circumcised dick. Draw her with a shota dick, erect.
-Draw Alice in this same pose and angle(1)
-Draw Alice just with her skirt lifted and without panties
-Draw the tip of Alice's penis a bit red, irritated, you know, like when you get a hardcore blowjob, just a bit red(2) It would be great a tiny thread of semen-salive linking Alice's glans and Anna's mouth
-Anna in toplessness with her nipples erect(3), with a semen-saliva thread hanghing from her mouth. Draw her smilling. I would like Anna cropped like in reference(4) only showing her smile and part of her pigtails
-Draw Alice looking at the viewer with a disgust face(5)
-Draw Anna putting her whole weight over Alice's thighs(6) to keep Alice's legs open(in order to suck her dick) and have a direct access to Alice's genitals.

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Maybe her dancing with your oc?

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Your OC hittin' that yeet like Garfield.

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Gimme another one

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mm harder daddy

Fuck off

requesting alice as an already circumcised futanari girl(newborn circumcision) sitting with her spread legs as this star blutterfly pic, squeezing her dick to get out the last cum drop from her dick like in reference(see black dick). Draw her just lifting her skirt and with her panties down, and please, draw Alice on model. Thank you. It would be great if you draw alice sobbing for not being able to get the last cum drop

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For the Garf.

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Fuck off

Fuck off

Fuck on

Sweet moves. Thank you for doing my request.

Sorry I got lazy halfway. Hope you dig it anyway dude

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ur sweet.

np bb.

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Fuck off

just posting these doodles here cause im bored

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Greedy aren't we?

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Requesting Holli Would blowing a kiss.

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Fuck off

Damn, i watched that movie two hours ago.


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Fuck off

Requesting the proper colors for this Hippo Model from Legend of Zelda.

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Here are Her proper colors & include the polka dots on Her hairbow.

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Go sleep

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Fuck off

Is the thread alive? 1 r3eqeust?

For your consideration:

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Requesting a drawing of Ashleigh.

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But I don't wanna sleeeep... YOU go sleep dweeb. You need your beauty sleep

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I need an image of a salty old sailor on a fragment of his boat that's somehow still afloat going after that one fish that will win him the coveted trophy for the amateur local lake fishing derby.

Its already 4am fam
Some of us are early birds
Now go to slumber

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AGH thank u for drawing them!! do u have a character that i could draw for you, and do u have a discord or twitter so that i could send it to ya?

Anyone interested?

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Fuck off


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Fuck off

Not bad. But can you do either the Mexican Taco Nigger version or a Master Roshi version?

Fuck on


Last thread I asked for the girl with the traffic cone on her head, but it got pruned before I saw result. Still have it?

drawfags bailed because of fuckoff fag. you're fucked

Didn't you go to bed like... 2 hours ago... Wurm please. It's only 11 for me goober. I'm feelin too icky to sleep anyway. I'll probably crash in a couple hours.
omg you don't have to do that!! My twitter is @ Slime_Police though! I just had to doodle cute cat bois
Excuse me but that's unsanitary I'm going to have to revoke your business license.
Ding dong

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Hey Rider! Would to this one please:

This girl, playing with a worm on a string

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I'll take a non-lewd req

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Fuck off


Hey, thats epic gamer win ma

Sorry but i cant sleep so you need to go to bed so i can leech out the rest from you

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okay, gimme a few minuites

did y'all lose some notable drawfags recently? i've noticed the quality of drawthreads turned from dog shit on the sidewalk to dog diarrhea on the carpet starting about 5 months ago

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Requesting vorefag hanging himself

My guy, what program and brushes do you use??

Requesting her giving birth, what she births is up to you

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Fuck off

Checked out your twitter, really good shit. Keep it up man

You can't make me you aren't my dad!! I'm gonna stay up past bedtime and u cant do shit!!!!!
I use Clip Studio Paint EX and I use the default calligraphy brush!
Aw thanks user! I really appreciate it!

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Fuck off

Man you succ
You should giv up
I will personally choke you til u fall asleep
Now, we doing this the easy or hard way?

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Fuck off

Requesting Ruri getting lovingly knotted and impregnated by a dog

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oop forgot to post this wip here

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I farted so hard;
But in the end;
It didn't even splatter.

Kinky. I'm afraid if you brought something that kinky to bed, neither of us would get any sleep.
Sorry I'll pass. Her design doesn't really hit me rn.
Dude what's your Twitter? I like your style, it's real cute

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pweeze officer no OWO
sorri ill pass
>wurm with ugly old wrinkly oldman
hmmm i got an idea

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You laugh. But you're not the one who has to live with these things ripping out your asshole every fifteen minutes or so.

>sorri ill pass

That's okay. Is there anyone else who would like to draw Corona Chan?

So... Master Roshi AS a Mexican Taco nigger....
Very nice.
Well played.
Much Doge.

yeah sure alright
too complicated for my microbrain

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Sorry master..... But i muat go all out on this one...

P-please no i beg you

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Pea brained eh? I hear ya. I get ya. I understand. okay. How about this. A horse. But not an ordinary horse. A horse that's pretending to NOT be a horse. But he's actually a horse.

actually, i just made an account! my handle is @zacc_attack if u wanna follow me

Requesting Monster Musume's Liz (left) riding the cock of a lizardman monster guy (like what Liz is) shota and getting impregnated by him.
Front ref if it's needed: imgur.com/qvYnfL1

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Followed ya!
You are sentenced to death for OWO crimes.

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ull never catch me alive
no no not in that way

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I will sap u from the energy later
Now sleep

I mean in the context we doin makes sense
Fukin hell REEEEEEE

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Fuck off

>avatarfags instead of actual drawfags
this is bullshit

Greetings, gents. I hope you are all doing well.

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Fuck off

It's kind of cute.

Hey man! You weren't here to tell me to fuck off yesterday. What happened?

K E K. I give you one get out of jail free card for that good time

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Fuck off

Requesting the addition of a pussy.

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Ugh. Avatarfags. Am I rite, my user boys? What a waste of image space.

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Sith you make my boyhood tremble.

Fuck off

What do you mean? Am I giving you erectile girth, mate?

No safe word you fool
Its already too late
Pick a god and pray

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Good. Kill him.

Every time you enter a thread that I'm in, I think about you doing unholy things to me.

God I miss when drawthreads were just horny avatarfags. Now we have faggots that don’t even do nsfw, what the fuck is up with that? I wanna go back

>Cred Forums drawfags
don't kid yourself

Draw it yourself.

requesting aron

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I would tuck you into bed and read you a bedtime story before giving a goodnight kiss on the forehead. That's how I roll.
This is good. THese threads need to be more wholesome and less smutty.

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h-hahaa.... B-Bro I-I think this kink play is goin too far.. M-Mind letting up a little there..? Haha... Ha........
>Road will remember this
Be the change you wanna see

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Fuck off

I can’t draw

What a gentlemen. I would love to introduce you to my mother.

Ah well...

Stupid idea, but I want to see Mulan (1998 Disney version) arguing with Lou Costello about Who: Mulan says Who "is that girl I see", and Lou Costello says Who "is the guy on First".

Optional: Bud Abbot trying to calm down Lou Costello.

Learn instead of complaining.


I bet your mother is a really sweet lady. Would love to meet her!

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Fuck off

Ah, i see you are an user of culture as well

Im sorry gamer
But i got a (you) to finish you
Nothing personal
Wish we still cash money

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Fuck off

asdfghjkl; im dead bro omg wtf what are you gonna tell mom
>go tO SLEEP

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Fuck off

Sorry road but some user wanted lewds

Also i will only if u do too

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Alright lads let's get those wholesome requests going.

Fuck off

Pic related getting hugged by a proud user

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Requesting her getting spanked

Attached: 1582093717428.png (2894x2039, 710K)

Any of these two lolis getting sodomized as this anime girl please

Attached: 1580414117543.jpg (1516x1032, 422K)

That but with this woman instead

Attached: 1570476422115.jpg (4819x3434, 1.08M)

I'm not gonna go to bed but I'll dip from thread you dEMON

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nice lewd shit, your name be?


See ya

But check road's
Thats one hella good one

that too, but thread doesn't show much stuff, any of you got gallery or some shit?

I'm still drawin tho I'm on a spicy killstreak right now and I can't stop
>hella good
I'mma bap u
aaa Thanks user! I don't do a lot of NSFW, but my Twitter is Slime_Police! My NSFW is Futa_Police, but I don't post there often.

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maid user here, i hit you with a quick follow on your twitters i liked your style a lot

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Fuck off

I got a twitter if u interested
@TheWurmer if u wanna but shhh dont tell the other anons

U fukin-
Do i hav to cum.bacc?

>several hours of circlejerk
>absolutely nothing accomplished
i don't pity you at all because i'm too busy laughing

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Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!!
I-I'M GOIN I'M GOIN!!! Put your dick back in your pants you heathen!!

Night night thread! Been fun! :D Sweet dreams and all that jazz

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Fuck you

Wurm is doing good job uploading lots of stuff I see, but you are slacking off! gib me these shitscribbles bby

TFW people died all at the same time

it was only one person retard

There were 3 active drawfags retard


Avatarfags are pathetic samefags

>43 posters
Delusional much?

>damage control


/R/ draw a rule 63 miko

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Requesting lynn loud jr getting blacked


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bump for all those art lovers in the thread!

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Attached: r63miko.png (461x776, 202K)

Previous thread died before I could post this.

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Requesting a drawing of my OC Neaux Yu

Attached: Screenshot_20200229-044947_Gallery.jpg (708x1084, 224K)

I don't think you draw this.

I'm up can someone draw some more Hitloli

No u

/r/ draw this in the loud house style

Attached: FB0FE909-EBFD-48B8-8153-3A5E18A480D7.png (1530x2040, 1.76M)

Gay req


>reeee y wont u draw for me

What do u want to see


Requesting polt groping her big tits

Attached: 3417956 - Monster_Musume__Everyday_Life_With_Monster_Girls edit polt.png (848x1200, 808K)

How about you combine you pictures into one reference?

Hello again all.

You should sub to my youtube.

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Requesting Ronal and Alibert from the danish animated movie "Ronal the Barbarian" wearing those loincloths/ jockstraps/ g-strings like the ones in the movie (the ones that show off a bulge in the front and expose the butt a little in the back). Keep it safe, and no trolling please.

Attached: Ronal the Barbarian Request.png (1371x893, 1.8M)

Do you take request?

Can someone draw a shota with goggles sucking dick at a glory hole that reads "the house with a cock in it's walls"

Attached: 81UPGRqmwlL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1057x1500, 311K)

Do this request and I will

Go watch whichever OVA has her

Let’s see a fusion

Attached: 254434EA-7994-48E8-ABA0-D6335496EF2D.jpg (4000x3000, 1.11M)

Well now I just wanna see dog shego taking a fucking knot

/R/ draw shego this version in the loud house style

Attached: 2FC2FE1A-9733-4E5E-87A5-4D889D491A7E.jpg (2500x1932, 1.08M)

Well fuck now I wanna see both of those bitches taking knots while eating Kim's ass

Draw a buff Assad standing on the Turkish flag, please.

Attached: bashar.jpg (640x480, 64K)

this is the ultimate trio from my childhood.
shego was the start of all my "types"

Hey thanks for the delivery!

Cringy ass avatar

/R/ Miko cosplaying as Overwatch’s Mei

Attached: 72851000-29EC-4316-AA18-674274CF3B91.png (417x781, 128K)

Are you circumcised?

Co m m it su ic id e ab us efa g

I don't want to watch the episode everytime I wanna see her grope her tits, it's easier seeing an image

Screenshot the episode?

Just take a screenshot

Attached: HitlerGirl03.png (682x1212, 93K)

Fuck off you cringy fetishfag

Thanks! Can someone color this.

I never said it isn't. What was this comment made to accomplish? Make me feel bad or do you just like hearing your thoughts written on an anonymous board?

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I need a ref of that goat chick, she cute.

Draw Miko and Lexi kissing

Attached: AEEE2E74-C040-4976-B456-17152B8F6BF2.jpg (341x192, 20K)


Attached: xdfghcvbn.png (400x400, 3K)

draw him jacking off

Attached: z3d7hl3u9vj41-1-1.png (906x866, 713K)

Burn the hat

Fuck we get it, you like the purple hair girl

He's a /trash/ and /aco/ reject

Hello Frankie, it is very dead in the thread

Attached: 666BD18D-6A1E-48A5-B283-EF946C7EBF53.jpg (472x480, 25K)

theyve been dying for years

I pick the worst times..

Attached: xdfhgxcvb.png (400x400, 3K)

Attached: Burn-The-Hat.png (873x600, 106K)

It really seems that way, wonder what the cause is
I do the same do not worry

Attached: 2F68A0A2-C548-4A24-8BA0-177B2BF64044.jpg (472x480, 29K)

its sad to see xvcbf

Attached: xdfhjcfgjg.png (400x400, 12K)

Requesting a kobold girl

Is this a fusion or did you mean swap heads or something?

Attached: 4546546984657548.jpg (2966x2971, 340K)


Attached: xdfhjcfghj.png (300x300, 6K)

Attached: Kissing01.png (593x448, 50K)


haha funny cat makea that funny food

Attached: tendies from grandma.jpg (878x839, 74K)

Hey can I get some loli hitler from

what animal are you?

Draw your ideal partner.

Attached: oof.jpg (807x873, 26K)

Attached: avatarfags arecancer.png (4720x3000, 649K)

Jesus. What a fucking loser.

Requesting vore particularly butt first vore (pic for reference) or webbed spider victims being bit and drained

Attached: 474195-36207-preview.jpg (900x809, 62K)

Attached: Ideal-Partner.png (1396x880, 99K)

No arms?

Hi Guyzzzz

Attached: GhostyGhost.png (497x522, 41K)


Attached: 15433614417600885.png (645x773, 11K)

>thread has been up for 14 hours

Attached: Fuck off.jpg (1024x736, 51K)

Requesting her doing pole dance

So uh, thread's still up huh? That's cool that's cool.

Forget to draw arms.

Really is I would watch avatars interact with one another to learn how to socialize
I know not really, I followed the advice of Popopoka on becoming an animal to appeal to the furry types but it stuck, I have been referenced as a fox sometimes though I would personally consider myself generic

Attached: 67935282-BB9A-4675-A83E-F4B03EAFAF64.jpg (472x480, 37K)

Thanks for the reply. Was thinking fox as well.
>to appeal to the furry types
It worked, kinda wanna lewd you.
Can I have a ref if it's okay with you?

>imagine trying to appeal to people

Attached: dasadsdasd.png (451x400, 167K)

Fuck off

yo. yall heard of marapets?!?
it's like Neopets but not dead.

also wuzzup?

Attached: Untitled-1.png (800x800, 146K)

Fuck off

Hello goblina. If you're taking requests, could I see what Trinket would look like if she ascended to godhood?

people are weird. no matter what you do someone somewhere is going to get off to it.

Attached: Untitled-1.png (800x800, 145K)

Fuck off



If you’re taking requests Trinket

could I request you and the mom from the movie Onward wearing matching sweater outfits please

Afternoon, drawthread. How're you folks doin?

Attached: mobile henlo.png (980x751, 125K)

really good , just about to eat something how about you?

Attached: WhatsApp Image 2019-02-27 at 8.03.23 PM.jpg (960x1280, 175K)

Good afternoon, I'm lonely and bored. How are you?

Attached: Untitled-1.png (718x782, 145K)



that staggering amount of links makes me warry.
this is posable.

Kinda good. If you are taking requests could you do this?

Requesting a lewd draw of my fanmade AC character

Attached: IMG-20200220-WA0002.jpg (1280x768, 76K)

I'm alright, winding down after a bit of spring cleaning.
Ooh, nice. What would goddess Trinket's worshipers do to pay tribute to her?

Attached: Maid Mobile.png (1417x1331, 210K)

Requesting her in a lewd bikini

Attached: 20200121_060149.png (724x1196, 847K)

y'know I was trying to think of an exception but it just made me lose faith in humanity, I genuinely can't

Attached: adssadsa.png (330x325, 83K)

all are references links

give her cute clothes please dancing naked is weird


Despite being one of the older OCs of my creator I have never received a reference sheet, that is the reason for the delayed response, that and my little to no knowledge on making a sheet
I have watched 3 other (known) OCs made (by my same creator) to surpass my appeal over the course of 5+ years, I am just not appealing it would seem so I took a suggestion given to test things. It would appear I am just far too Dull
It seems like a good reference source for drawing furry I will keep an eye on it, good call Trinket

Attached: EE598D95-4396-4AB0-BFC4-C79BB9FE0AF1.jpg (472x480, 77K)

beer and orgys.
are they M or F? and wachu want them doing?
try not to think about it, don't look into the porn abyss, lest it looks into you and finds out you are into some weird shit.
I was so tempted to make a weird sex joke but I resisted

Attached: Untitled-1.png (944x800, 176K)

then why did you post a nude ref?
aw geez aw fuck.

wait, so her eyebrows constantly bleed?
ech, kinda feels too oc donut steel
but whatever, you still okay her being lewded?

Been a while taking requestos

Attached: a.png (491x532, 167K)

What I thought I was going to see was a bunch of artists and cartoonists drawing cool stuff or working on some hentai shit but this, this completes me sir! I've almost seen it all now and I'm a happier man because of. Kindest regards, user

I remember someone requested something along the lines of you spending time with the family from Onward a long time back

I feel bad I missed that

Fuck off

Keep it up dude. Your response got me to chuckle on this shitty thread. Blessings bro

He is a male, I want him with a thicc butt

Fuck yes

Legendary Status Acquired

Sorry my bad here its her with her maid cosplay and her regular clothes

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Can someone draw Exodia charging up his “Obliterate” attack please

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I do not know what this is a response to so I will return the (You)
Not constantly no, only after having any sort of facial movements which make use of eyebrows, it was not my idea blame the leaf wearing French man known as popopoka. I do not care either way

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Fuck on

Fuck off

Hi Trinket, you did a doodle of her last time, but if you feel like it, could I get my Satyr Giselle being knotted by a big dick while winking and kissing a small dick?

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+1 Only non garbage request in this thread.

Could you do this one?

well I think she's neat
I'll delve into the abyss, there's nothing it can take from me youtube.com/watch?v=a6BbvCC0VI0

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requesting a big tiddy knight girl abusing her rank to get at some peasant's fat cock

I think it was a picnic.
also, I think I shipped the skinny kid with trink

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New thread is a good idea

Fuck off

i love it! they look so happy