Would you fuck her?

would you fuck her?

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yea I don't care if she has a dick either

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if i never had to look at her face

No. She looks like she smokes shitty weed and complains a lot. Also would get make up on my sheets.

Nah no dick
yeah face is turn off
How did you know??

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>Nah no dick

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You would suck it if she had dick

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Push her down on the bed. Rip open her top. Kiss her and suck those perky little nipples. Hand into the panties. Get her nice and wet. Have her pull my cock out and use her mouth like a dirty little slut. Turn her around, admire that ass for 3.8 seconds and then proceed to destroy her for 40 or so minutes. Creampie compulsory.

Good enough?

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Yeah that sounds like a plan

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Fuck. You have to give me the sauce my dude.

same whore?


Her asshole needs eating thats for sure. Also her dick if she has one. Gobble gobble.


certainly looks like it

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It was a joke you fucking degenerate Mexican.

Cheers. Followed that slut anyway. Dime a dozen whores.

I posted this pic

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looks like it

>I posted this pic

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ohh sorry

as you should be sailor.

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Choose. Ass, Throat, Pussy

1.pussy 4.throat fuck 5.anal

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do any of them have dicks?

i wouldn't fuck her bc it looks like she's trying to be something she isn't. she's not a hotty gym thotty. it's a no from me.